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E idea country presentation - korea

  1. 1. E-idea competition champions KoreaGree Agri-n venture
  2. 2. Good Thoughts for Nature. *Best way Leave nature just as it is. *Practical way Use nature Wisely in CDM.Good Thoughts for Nature. People Nature Harmonious Development With Innovative Technology
  3. 3. Wood- As fuel. Environmental Fuel - WoodWood- As fuel. Air pollution BUT Wood causes these problems Global Warming Asthma
  4. 4. Wood- As fuel. When wood burns, it emits Soot.Wood- As fuel. Daily Life of women in India. For 6 wander to collect wood 3 times a day hours in suffocating heat at 40℃
  5. 5. Wood- As fuel. 8 pack of The amount of sooty smoke they Cigarette breathe (inhale) when they make meal. 93% heating energy is disappeared into the air as sooty smoke.Wood- As fuel. Cooking stove Heating efficiency : Only 5~10% in Sooty smoke spread out easily. 3rd World it also causes global And warming
  6. 6. Green Agri-ventures’Technology Green Agri-venture’s Customized Technology for Wood High Control No Soot Heating wood emission Efficienc burning into air y Speed Complete CombustionGreen Agri-ventures’Technology When Wood burns, it makes soot ,smoke and heating gas. (First combustion)
  7. 7. Green Agri-ventures’Technology Second combustion by blowing air to heating gas made in first combustionGreen Agri-ventures’Technology *Expected effect of G.A.V Project 1. No soot emission Improving 3rd world people’s quality of life Ease Global Warming
  8. 8. Green Agri-ventures’Technology2.Maximize heating Efficiency : 95%7%→ 1)Saving Time for gathering wood *Required time for *G.A.V’s stove : gathering wood : increase heating 15H/ 6 hours a day * 30 efficiency 12 times = 1/12 of mon. days = 180 hours/mon. 180hours/mon →Change time for collecting wood to do work for a livingGreen Agri-ventures’Technology 2) Prevent Cutting down trees recklessly and Devastating forest and soil.
  9. 9. SUN orSUNNY Small Is Beautiful
  10. 10. Big Small
  11. 11. 8,000 pcs MoreIn recent 5years the number ofchildren who are damaged isgrowing 2 times (54,727) Under 5y-6y 7y-12y 13y-15y 5y
  12. 12. Re-birth project Seson 2 In-vest for the futureEnergizing Kerbside Bins
  13. 13. Enrich Energy EnvironmentWhat’s going on?
  14. 14. DilemmaMoney matters
  15. 15. Smoke pollution How?
  16. 16. Peter Power
  17. 17. Solar Energy
  18. 18. References1.http://www.freephotosbank.com2. http://wallpaper-on-wallpaper.blogspot.com
  19. 19. ‘ECO-Friendly Playground’수원주말환경놀이터 Market
  20. 20. Plays Eco systemTactics for cleaning up the garbage the Official Entrance Fees the Solar Energy Plant
  21. 21. Thank you!옷걸이 독서대 북스탠드업 업사이클링 프로젝트 Wire hanger bookstandUP UPcycling project
  22. 22. 옷걸이 세탁소 소비자 제작업체 친환경 옷 걸이 도서관 + + 아름다운 광고 가게 + & 학교 영국 문화원 Passion + Design LRQA현재 새로운 소재로 개발 중
  23. 23. Ready to spread IDEA? Let’s do it, together!Thanks!