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E idea country presentation -  korea E idea country presentation - korea Document Transcript

  • E-idea competition champions KoreaGree Agri-n venture
  • Good Thoughts for Nature. *Best way Leave nature just as it is. *Practical way Use nature Wisely in CDM.Good Thoughts for Nature. People Nature Harmonious Development With Innovative Technology
  • Wood- As fuel. Environmental Fuel - WoodWood- As fuel. Air pollution BUT Wood causes these problems Global Warming Asthma
  • Wood- As fuel. When wood burns, it emits Soot.Wood- As fuel. Daily Life of women in India. For 6 wander to collect wood 3 times a day hours in suffocating heat at 40℃
  • Wood- As fuel. 8 pack of The amount of sooty smoke they Cigarette breathe (inhale) when they make meal. 93% heating energy is disappeared into the air as sooty smoke.Wood- As fuel. Cooking stove Heating efficiency : Only 5~10% in Sooty smoke spread out easily. 3rd World it also causes global And warming
  • Green Agri-ventures’Technology Green Agri-venture’s Customized Technology for Wood High Control No Soot Heating wood emission Efficienc burning into air y Speed Complete CombustionGreen Agri-ventures’Technology When Wood burns, it makes soot ,smoke and heating gas. (First combustion)
  • Green Agri-ventures’Technology Second combustion by blowing air to heating gas made in first combustionGreen Agri-ventures’Technology *Expected effect of G.A.V Project 1. No soot emission Improving 3rd world people’s quality of life Ease Global Warming
  • Green Agri-ventures’Technology2.Maximize heating Efficiency : 95%7%→ 1)Saving Time for gathering wood *Required time for *G.A.V’s stove : gathering wood : increase heating 15H/ 6 hours a day * 30 efficiency 12 times = 1/12 of mon. days = 180 hours/mon. 180hours/mon →Change time for collecting wood to do work for a livingGreen Agri-ventures’Technology 2) Prevent Cutting down trees recklessly and Devastating forest and soil.
  • SUN orSUNNY Small Is Beautiful
  • Big Small
  • 8,000 pcs MoreIn recent 5years the number ofchildren who are damaged isgrowing 2 times (54,727) Under 5y-6y 7y-12y 13y-15y 5y
  • Re-birth project Seson 2 In-vest for the futureEnergizing Kerbside Bins
  • Enrich Energy EnvironmentWhat’s going on?
  • DilemmaMoney matters
  • Smoke pollution How?
  • Peter Power
  • Solar Energy
  • References1.http://www.freephotosbank.com2. http://wallpaper-on-wallpaper.blogspot.com
  • ‘ECO-Friendly Playground’수원주말환경놀이터 Market
  • Plays Eco systemTactics for cleaning up the garbage the Official Entrance Fees the Solar Energy Plant
  • Thank you!옷걸이 독서대 북스탠드업 업사이클링 프로젝트 Wire hanger bookstandUP UPcycling project
  • 옷걸이 세탁소 소비자 제작업체 친환경 옷 걸이 도서관 + + 아름다운 광고 가게 + & 학교 영국 문화원 Passion + Design LRQA현재 새로운 소재로 개발 중
  • Ready to spread IDEA? Let’s do it, together!Thanks!