The uses of open data
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The uses of open data



Presentation held by Mr. Andrew Stott ...

Presentation held by Mr. Andrew Stott
(UK Transparency Board, formerly Director, & UK Deputy GCIO) within the final consultations held at Chisinau about the Open Government Partnership on March 12th 2012.



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The uses of open data The uses of open data Presentation Transcript

  • The Uses of Open DataAndrew StottUK Transparency Boardformerly Director, UK Deputy GCIO @dirdigengChisinau, Moldova [2a] andrew.stott@dirdigeng.com12 March 2012
  • Why Open Data? 2
  • UK Policy Drivers June 07 Feb 09 Mar 11New economic and social value Labour Coalition 3
  • UK Policy Drivers Mar 09 Jul 11 Improve public servicesNew economic and social value Labour Coalition 4
  • UK Policy Drivers Jun 09 May 10 Transparent & Accountable Government Improve public servicesNew economic and social value Labour Coalition 5
  • UK Policy Drivers Both political “sides” Transparent GovernmentTriple Objectives Improve public services New economic and social value Labour Coalition 6
  • Some Examples 7
  • New economic and social value 8
  • Cleansing and organising data Business Intelligence from item-level purchasing data 9
  • Information services to the public Weather, transport and public facilities among most downloaded Smartphone Apps 10
  • Data Mining  Prescription data  Patient outcome data  Longitudinal health records  Pupil-level education records 11
  • Operational efficiency/optimisationReal time info on road delays and roadworks allowslogistics efficiency 12
  • Financial Products  Weather Risk Management (US: $4bn annual contracts value)  Flood insurance on detailed topography and river records 13
  • Customer attraction and retention estate agents/ realtors Financial services builders and other local services Local house prices attract potential customers 14
  • Evidence for EU PSI review EU27 direct gains from completely open access to PSI could be ~ €40 Bn Direct market for PSI use less important than indirect benefits, spillovers and new uses. Overall economic impact could be ~€140 Bn Future innovations due to easier access add further economic and social benefits Costs and revenue foregone? ~ € 1 bnSource: Graham Vickery, Information Economics 15
  • Public Service data as a hub for civilengagement 16
  • Improving Public Services 17
  • Nation-wide Crime DataVision: CrimeArrestConvictionSentence 18
  • Crime Data to your mobile phone 19
  • Use data to compare and choose hospitalsPatient 12+ Weeksratings MRSA-freeBloodclots2 recentMRSA Good C-DiffLow recordMortality 20
  • Crowd-sourcing to improve official data 21
  • Government is a data user too 22
  • Transparent and Accountable Government 23
  • Transparent and Accountable Government 24
  • Transparent and Accountable Government 25
  • Pressure to justify and restrain costs 26
  • Transparency promoting sustainability 27
  • Public scrutiny of contracts 28
  • Data Journalism 29
  • Lessons learned 30
  • Top-level political support essential“Greater transparency “Public informationwill enable the public does not belong toto hold politicians and Government, itpublic bodies to belongs to theaccount” public.” 31
  • Strong civil society “demand-side” vital too 32
  • Passionate team important too! 33
  • Deliver incrementally 34
  • Ensure clear, common, licensing 35
  • Continuously engage with developersPhotos: @memespring, 36@MadLabUK, @paul_clarke
  • Open Government Data Re-Use Model Government Business/Civil Society Consumer Government should not do more than strictly necessary Improve Gov data Aggregation Processing, MarketingData Creation and editing and End Use and delivery Organisation packaging Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist Services Services Services Services 37
  • Summary Open Data has Triple Objectives: Transparency + Public Services + Economics Varied, innovative business/social models “Push” and “Pull” of data Business and Civil Society engagement is essential ‒ Important to grow open data “ecosystem” Data flow can be both ways 38
  • Questions? 39
  • End 40