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Ibm smart cloud solutions   m-cloud
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Ibm smart cloud solutions m-cloud


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  • 1. Sorin Visan – Director, IBM SoftwareIBM RomaniaIBM SmartCloud Solutions
  • 2. While there is no one answer, cloud computing offers a number of“game changing” enablers Cloud’s Business Enablers Business 2 ScalabilitySocial Media  Provides limitless, cost- Cost effective computing capacity Market 1 Flexibility to support growth 3 Exogenous Forces Adaptability  Shifts fixed to variable cost  Faster time to market Mobility  Pay as and when needed  Supports innovative ideas Eco-system Big Data 6 Connectivity  New value nets Masked  Potential new 4 Complexity businesses  Expand product sophistication Context-driven 5  Simpler for citizens/usersHyper- VariabilityConnectivity  User defined experiences  Increases relevance Source: IBV Analysis © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 3. To maximize the value of the cloud Governments will need to thinkdifferently about cloud workloads, citizen services and innovation Cloud Enablement Framework Many government cloud projects are Disruptors focused on consolidation, collaboration (i.e. email), and website operations Create Innovators To take full advantage of the cloud’s promise, core services must be placed in it Transform Value Chain New adoption strategies should be considered: Optimizers • States as CSP to municipalities and agencies Improve • Cloud collaboration with the private sector • Entrepreneurial business mandates within the state’s culture Enhance Extend Invent Citizen Value Proposition © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 4. Innovative solutions for Governments © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 5. IBM SmartCloud Solutions are one part of IBM’s broaderportfolio for private, public, and hybrid cloud computing Business Process as a Service Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Design Deploy Consume Private & Hybrid Clouds Managed Cloud Services Cloud Business Solutions Cloud Enablement Technologies Infrastructure and Platform as a Service Software and Business Process as a Service Expert Integrated Systems Commitment to open standards and a broad ecosystem © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 6. IBM SmartCloud Solutions portfolio uniquely combines threecapabilities needed to address today’s business challenges Accelerate Business Process Innovation Deliver Business Connect People with Analytics at Point of Collaborative Business Impact Networks © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 7. Cloud solutions accelerate business process innovation inthree ways Accelerate Business Process Innovation Mitigate budget challenges Reduce time to benefit Keep up with changing business needs © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 8. IBM SmartCloud Solutions enable organizations to accelerateinnovation across many business processes • Monitoring for city water systems • Targeted marketing campaign planning• E-commerce• Customer self-service• Public safety • eProcurement • B2B collaboration • Collaborative planning © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 9. IBM is investing in powerful cloud analytics capabilities Deliver Business Analytics at the Point of Impact Faster time to insight Resources to handle Big Data Collaborative & shared analytics Real-time integrated analytics Risk management © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 10. IBM SmartCloud Solutions leverages IBM’s $16B investment inanalytics to deliver business analytics at the point of impact Social Media Risk Management Digital Marketing Analytics Optimization Intelligent Web Analytics Operations Center for Cities Decision Management Customer Insights © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 11. Cloud technology enables people to connect with social andcollaborative business networks Connect People with Collaborative Business Networks The connected consumer Individuals The networked workforce The empowered citizen The connected enterprise Enterprises Complex business models Internal collaboration Virtual value chains Industries External collaboration B to B to C networks © 2013 IBM Corporation © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 12. Only IBM offers industry solution collaborative networks andsocial business solutions to build your own business networks Emptoris eProcurement Network DemandTec Sterling B2B SmartCloud Collaborative Collaboration for Social Planning Network Network Business © 2013 IBM Corporation © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 13. SmartCloud for Smarter Cities help cities of all sizes leverage information, anticipate problems and coordinate resources to deliver exceptional service to their citizens. Key offerings: IBM Intelligent Operations Center on IBM SmartCloud: Improve the delivery of services with visibility across city operations. IBM Intelligent Transportation onSmarter cities provide value to Key urban systems: IBM SmartCloud: Real-time communication andtheir citizens by: • Infrastructure Services: collaboration for traffic control.• Leveraging information to make Water, energy and transportation. better decisions. IBM Intelligent Water on IBM • Human services: SmartCloud• Coordinating resources to Healthcare, education and social services. Enables utilities to better manage operate effectively. their water, assets and customers• Anticipating problems and resolving • Governance services: them proactively. City strategy and administration and public safety. © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 14. © 2013 IBM Corporation