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Hannes astok policy development


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  • 1. e-Government Centre Moldova Digital security for better governance and public services Digital information security trainings 2013 ChisinauPresentation Title 12.03.2013
  • 2. e-Government Centre Moldova Policy and legal framework development for Digital Security Hannes Astok Senior Expert eGovernmance AcademyPresentation Title 12.03.2013
  • 3. Why policy framework? Growing threats and security concerns Vulnerability of the critical information systems Need for coordinated activities Clear roles and responsibilities between the institutions Better protection of information systems and critical infrastructure Estonian Cyber Security Strategy 2008-2013
  • 4. Goals of the strategyEstablishment of a multilevel system of security measuresExpanding Estonia’s expertise in and awareness of information securityAdopting an appropriate regulatory framework to support the secure and extensive use of information systems
  • 5. Goals of the strategy: more specifically1. Development and implementation of a system of security measures 1. Protection of the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) 2. Development and Implementation of a System of Security Measures 3. Strengthening of Organisational Co-operation
  • 6. Goals of the strategy: more specifically2. Increasing competence in information security 1. Organisation of Training in Cyber Security 2. Enhancing Research and Development3. Development of a legal framework for cybersecurity4. Development of international co-operation5. Raising awareness of cyber security
  • 7. Relations to the other nationaldevelopment plansInformation Security Interoperability Framework (2007)Information Society Strategy 2013Knowledge-Based Estonia: R&D Development Strategy 2007-2013Criminal policy development strategyEducation and health development plans
  • 8. Legal framework -International lawCouncil of EuropeConvention on Cybercrime 2004
  • 9. EU legal frameworkAttacks against information systems: Council Framework Decision 222/2005/JHAProtection of personal data (95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC);Electronic communications (2002/58/EC);Retention of data (2006/24/EC);Re-use of public sector information (2003/98/EC; under revision) ;Information society services (2000/31/EC).
  • 10. National legal frameworkPenal Code: responsibility and penalties about various types of crime and attacksElectronic Communications Act: requirements for publicly available electronic communications networks and communications services
  • 11. National legal framework 2Personal Data Protection Act: clear legal basis for processing any kind of personal dataPublic Information Act: regulates the basis and procedures for the accessing of public information
  • 12. National legal framework 3Information Society Services Act: limits the liability of Internet service providers for the content of their service, spam related issues and general requirements for the provision of information society services.
  • 13. International CooperationUnited Nations: issues of cyber security are addressed by a high-level expert group of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • 14. International Cooperation: EUEuropean CommissionThe European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) provides support to EU member states, institutions and entrepreneurs in the prevention and management of breaches in information security.
  • 15. International Cooperation: EU 2European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection – EU reseach network realted to cyber security
  • 16. Q&A Thank You! Hannes Astok || +372 5091366 | hannesastok E-Governance Academy | Tõnismägi 2, 10112 Tallinn, EstoniaPresentation Title 12.03.2013