eGovernment in Israel


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Carmela Avner, CIO of Israel

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eGovernment in Israel

  1. 1. Israel eGov | Over View Ofir Ben-Avi – Director, eGov October 2012| Ministry of Finance | Government CIO
  2. 2. In this PresentationAbout Israeli eGov UnitIsrael in NumbersThe eGov Model & Israel Major Activities
  3. 3. About eGov unit
  4. 4. eGov ArrayEstablished in 1996, as part of the AccountantGeneral division, with the mission of meetinggrowing technological challenges.As of March, 2012 the eGov unit is a part of thenewly established Government CIO .
  5. 5. eGov Array• budget: 25 million US $• Employees: 210  Developers  System & Communication  Security information  Project managers  Content experts
  6. 6. eGov 2013 main goals• Mobility• Cross Ministers Processes (Doing Business)• Open government
  7. 7. Theministry’spoint of view The citizen and business point of view The wisdom of crowds
  8. 8. Improving Improving Raising government’s service government image Saving for money businesses production Better New service for online citizensservices Increasing efficiency Reducing bureaucracy Vision Raising productivity and Increasing Goals Providingtransparency better, efficient Managing platform for 24/7 online service Technological inter-ministries service processes advancements
  9. 9. ASP ISPApplication Service Provider Internet Service ProviderThe e-gov unit is responsible for both:• initiation and development of e-government services• Connection government offices to the Internet• Application hosting uptime guarantee• Warranty to information security
  10. 10. ASP ISPApplication Service Provider Internet Service ProviderBenefits:• Full responsibility for customer experience• Better collaboration between applications teams & hosting and maintenance teams• Ability to set standards for information security aspects
  11. 11. Israel in Numbers
  12. 12. Israel in NumbersIsraels population - 7.9 million (2012) Computer ownership 76% Daily connected to the internet 60% Average time spent on the net 3.3 hours a day Usage of social network 51 % from the connected (3.7 million) Mobile phones 120% Usage of mobile internet 64%
  13. 13. Social networks in Israel• Israelis spend an average of 11 hours a month surfing social networking sites• 4 million Israelis have a Facebook account, half login once a day (51% from the connected to the interment)
  14. 14. The eGov model &Israel major activities
  15. 15. United Nations eGov framework Connected Transactional Emerging (Interaction) Enhanced (Data services) 4 levels of Development
  16. 16. Israel’s Rating On the UN’s eGov Report 16 17 23 24 24 27 26 2003 2004 2005 2008 2009 2010 2011The report covered 190 countries
  17. 17. Portal & Governmental Service CatalogueA web portal for all online services and governmentinformation for citizens and businesses.Based on open source technology - Drupal• All Government services provided by all the different offices, collected into one smart and user friendly web site• Cutting edge technology – permanent streaming of information, allows for a constantly updated and dynamic site
  18. 18. e-Payment Service The eCommerce payment service Based on Microsofts technology: commerce server 2002 According to the work plan for 2013 we will establish a new infrastructure• Established in 2001• Contains 170 payments• Includes two payment options: credit card and credit transfer
  19. 19. Payment Service in Numbers30 Payment - billion NIS Number of transactions (Millions) 2525 3.5 3 202.9220 2.54 2.5 2.3152 13,63 1.5 1.310 1 0.8 6,33 6,97 0.47 5,31 5 0.5 1,37 2,29 0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  20. 20. eForms ServiceThe service based on Microsoft .Net technology and in-house development.The technology is based on installing an “add on” forweb browser• over 3000 government forms• more then 1800 digital forms• The ability to integrate with other systems
  21. 21. Form Service in Numbers 5 Total usage (million) 4.574.5 43.5 3.26 32.5 1.94 21.5 1.39 1 0.60.5 0
  22. 22. Gov AcceleratorMain technological infrastructure for buildinggovernment sites in a fast, simple and uniformmanner, tailored to ministry’s needs • Based on 2 technologies: Microsoft Shear Point, Drupal (Open Source) • Shared infrastructure for hosting • Support standards: • Languages • Security information • Accessibility
  23. 23. My.govA Personalized government portal that allows everycitizen to obtain personal information and performonline processes.Using SOA technology, based on IBMs infrastructure(Data Power)Strong sense of identification – Smart ID
  24. 24. Mobile Apps• Creating a developmentenvironment that will alloweach ministry to develop itsown apps• Forming an applicationdevelopment infrastructure thatwill allow ministries to developapps that include identificationand hardware access
  25. 25. M-Government Providing mobile based advanced servicesSmartphone and tablet applicationsfor Online Payment Services Status: under development
  26. 26. Standalone Service StationInteractive self service stations,no representative needed• Providing specific services• Making eGov services available for customers at peripheral areas• Handicap accessible
  27. 27. Open Government
  28. 28. Open Government PartnershipThe three principlesinfluence each other,overlap and resonate. TransparencyYou can not achieveone without theother two Public AccountabilityInnovative technology Participationserves as the foundationwhich enables the change
  29. 29. Transparency and comprehensive government report The Israeli government respects freedom of information policy and is obligated to promoting transparency and comprehensive government report principles• Previous approach – The government has exclusive ownership over information• Current approach – Information is a public resource Citizens should have free access to information The government is responsible for providing accessibility to information for the public
  30. 30. Accountability“ …The Israeli government will promote accountability as part of its strategy to allow the public to criticize governance performance, while examining elected representatives and public servants’ performance, according to clear standards…”
  31. 31. Public Participation“The Israeli government willform a public participationpolicy to enable citizens totake part in planning andexecution processes of thegovernment work and will usethe wisdom of crowds in orderto improve governmentpolicies’ execution andstrengthen public trust ingovernance systems”
  32. 32. Some statuses generate over facebook 1,000 comments ForumsGov 2.0 Twitter
  33. 33. Data.GovPublicly exposing government information:• Increase governmental transparency• Encourage the developers’ community to independently develop useful analytical tools for both business and research purposes
  34. 34. (Dialogue)Launched under minister Eitans directive.Giving the public the opportunity to voice their opinionon the government committee. 3,500 suggestions, 8,946 votes on various issues
  35. 35. Doing Business – Cross ministers Processes Doing Business is a World Bank report• The Doing Business report covers 10 indicator sets in 183 countries• In the last Doing Business report, Israel ranked 34th• The goal: to simplify and shorten inter-ministries bureaucratic processes• The concept: the citizen and/or the business at the focus of attention
  36. 36. More… Cross ministers Processes• Starting a business• Property Registration• A business license• Building permitUsing a central technological infrastructure
  37. 37. Israel imports processesOnline importer-customs communicationsystem. “MASLUL” allows importers andexporters to submit online forms, license andpermit requests to the authorities. Statusupdates are sent at every stage.Solution that combines a number of technology platforms:• Payments Service• Forms Service• Central infrastructure for work flow• Self Development Microsoft technology
  38. 38. G2B infrastructureConnecting the business sector through a securenetwork to the government network:• Banks• Insurance Companies• Large companiesBased on the messaging infrastructure (SOA)and security standards
  39. 39. Thank YouOfir Ben-Avi – Director, eGov
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