Digital Transformation by Richard Baird


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Digital Transformation by Richard Baird

  1. 1. Richard Baird IBM, Vice President, WW WebSphere Technical Sales and Competitive Initiatives Capabilities for efficient & effective Government digital transformation February 26, 2014 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Our integration needs are expanding and growing… Systems of Interaction Systems of Record 2 Systems of Engagement
  3. 3. What  are  Systems  of  Engagement?   Focus on getting closer to citizens, empowering Government Deaprtments to deliver superior service, and leveraging intraGovernment relationships to create more value Gov’t Dept Citizens Intra-Gov’t Social data Web apps Cloud SaaS apps Location based apps 3 Mobile apps Internet of Things
  4. 4. When  Systems  of  Engagement  are  unplugged   they’re  not  very  engaging…   Example: Customer uses Mobile app to interact with Government Services ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  4 Can  see  my  tax  return   Can  find  my  address   Can  see  passport  form   Can  check  flight  status   Can  see  car  speeding  fine   û  û  û  û  û  Can’t  change  my  tax  return   Can’t  change  my  address   Can’t  submit  passport  form   Can’t  change  flight   Can’t  pay  car  speeding  fine    
  5. 5. Systems  of  Interac=on   §  Bridge tomorrow’s innovations with those powering the businesses today §  Bring together Systems of Record, of Engagement and Internet of things §  Shift toward ‘as a service’ approach for IT to deliver value to the business §  Transform insight into rich, pattern-based interactions, transactions, processes Systems of Interaction 5
  6. 6. “Simply good design” principles §  Service orientation at the core §  Process integrity at internet scale §  Integration with enterprise capabilities and back-end systems §  Based on industry standards §  Leveraging and extending open source technologies §  Providing the platform for a growing ecosystem “The beauty of SOA…is that we can change our components as needed, seamlessly…it might be a business process or a whole new business model.” -Phil Mumford, CEO, Queensland Motorways “Make SOA a prerequisite architecture. It's time to breathe new life into your SOA initiative, this time by focusing on architecture instead of technology.” -Gartner Application and Integration Platforms Key Initiative Overview July 22, 2011 6
  7. 7. IBM Systems of Interaction Portfolio Industry  PaEerns   Decisions  &  Analy=cs   Rules   Situa=ons   Internet  of   Things   Analy=cs   Business  Process   Human  Tasks   Workflow   Service   Dev  Ops     Build     Service   Service   Collaborate   Service   Integra=on  Bus   Transform   Route   Choreograph   Manage   Govern   Mobile   Integra=on   Gateway     Secure     Cloud   Scale   Connect   Messaging   Deliver   APIs   Social  &     Web   Partners   Hos=ng   Applica=on  Founda=on   Systems  of  Record   7 Data   Systems  of   Engagement  
  8. 8. Delivering  Systems  of  Interac=on   Integra(ng  Systems  of  Engagement  and  Record     Control and manage services Systems of Interaction Scalable and robust applications Build, run and test Mobile applications Integrate virtually any applications Expose APIs to drive innovation Synch SaaS and On Premise data 8 Integrate and secure across boundaries Real-time awareness from Mobile & Internet of Things
  9. 9. Major  US  Police  Department   improves  responsiveness  of     911  Emergency  Services  Unit   Need   •  Get  the  latest  informaCon  to  officers  in   real-­‐Cme  to  improve  responsiveness  and   safety   •  ExisCng  HTTP-­‐based  soluCon  was  slow  and   did  not  push  informaCon  to  officers   Benefits   •  New  Mobile  applicaCon  deployed  in  vehicle   built  with  IBM  WorkLight   •  High  speed,  Low  latency  noCficaCon   delivered  over  MQTT  via  IBM  MessageSight   •  Ensures  Cmely  delivery  of  relevant  data  to   officers   9 9
  10. 10. St  Jude  Medical,  improved   pa=ent  care  with  real-­‐=me   medical  device  analy=cs     Need   •  Physicians  needed  beNer  monitoring  of   cardiac  paCents   •  Improve  efficiency  of  checkups   •  Meet  healthcare  data  capture  standards   Benefits   •  Enables  higher  level  of  paCent  care,  early   diagnosis  of  problems     and  peace  of  mind   •  Improves  administraCve  efficiency  and   maintenance   •  Helps  conform  to  standards  and  ease   integraCon  of  data   10 10
  11. 11. IBM MobileFirst offering portfolio Industry Solutions" Insurance" Retail" Transport" Telecom" Government" Automotive" IBM & Partner Applications" Application Services" Application Platform and Data & Data Platform" " " Management" " Security" Analytics" " Devices" Network" Cloud & Managed Services" 11 Healthcare" Servers" Development & Integration Services ! Strategy & Design Services " Banking"
  12. 12. Rapid multi-platform development using a single shared codebase To the simplicity of one From the complexity of many… •  Multiple sets of tools & frameworks •  Four codebases to develop and maintain Apple 12 Android Blackberry • One development environment • One codebase to develop and maintain Windows Apple Android Blackberry Windows
  13. 13. Mobile services simplify how developers build apps using the breadth of MobileFirst Provide a platform experience for MobileFirst content §  Enable developers to glue together services that span the breadth of the MobileFirst portfolio via APIs §  Support for mobile applications on-device or hosted mobile web scenarios §  Common cloud-based on-boarding of mobile applications and solutions Systems of Interaction Composition Differentiate with mobile access to data through deep backend integration §  Simplify mobile integration with enterprise systems of record §  Mobile-optimized API access to System Z, WebSphere, business process, and enterprise data WebSphere Application Server Cloud-based Services Business Process Manager Mobile-Optimized APIs Enterprise Data Cloud APIs On-Premise Enterprise APIs 13 Mobile-Optimized Systems of Record Integration Relational, Big Data, etc. System Z ZConnect
  14. 14. Municipality of Venice Enabling smarter tourism The Need: The city of Venice, Italy, wanted to improve the experience of its many tourists, while enhancing the lives of its citizens. It wanted to find a cost-effective way to use existing technology to guide tourists throughout the city, and into less trafficked areas to stimulate business there, and better manage the flow of tourists in the city. The Solution: IBM launched a pilot of a solution called The TagMyLagoon. It is based on IBM Human Centric Solutions open architecture framework that allows users anywhere, anytime to access information about tourist destinations, traffic, accommodations etc., using their own wireless devices, and on the city’s existing WiFi network. The Passive sensors were placed on select locations around the city, denoting points of interest. A user simply takes a picture of a place of interest using his or her mobile phone and the system automatically pushes contextual information and prompts to the user. “We anticipate that the solution will help the Municipality propel tourism and improve the quality of life for both citizens and tourists of Venice.” — Michele Vianello, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Venice Solution components: What Makes it Smarter: §  IBM Business Analytics Optimization §  TagMyLagoon solution allows users to interact with sensors and devices, helping §  IBM MobileFirst the city to locate and guide tourists, as well as measure, control and eventually predict and optimize tourist flows and routes §  Uses the existing network, the mobiles owned by the users, and a simple localization system resulting in low maintenance and high mass market diffusion 14 §  IBM BPM §  IBM System X
  15. 15. Social business begins with the industry-leading platform Smarter Workforce Smarter Commerce Exceptional Customer Experience IBM Employee Experience Suite Kenexa Talent Management Suite Social Networking IBM Connections IBM Notes & Domino Social Edition IBM Sametime IBM Customer Experience Suite Social Analytics Social Content IBM Social Analytics Suite IBM Enterprise Content Management Social Integration IBM WebSphere Portal IBM Web Content Manager Deployment Options IBM SmartCloud for Social Business 15 Dedicated Private Cloud On Premises Hybrid
  16. 16. An Association of Municipal Governments" What if local governments could share knowledge and best practices to create smarter cities? ! A Canadian association representing municipal governments is modeling the business of government, enabling multiple cities and city departments to exchange leading methods for delivering services efficiently and effectively within shrinking budgets. " The Opportunity! With close to 75% of Canadians living in cities, an association representing municipal agencies and local governments needed a solution to help metropolitan areas gain insights and share ideas on operating more efficiently and spending more wisely. " What Makes It Smarter! Cities, like people, can improve the way they operate, simply by talking to ! each other. An association of municipal governments is using a modeling toolset to foster collaboration between cities using a common structure and terminology that makes it easy to compare the costs of services. Exchanging information on best practices points out which processes are the most effective and efficient. This gives cities the insight they need to take action that can improve service quality while cutting costs. The cities can then map services to business applications for faster, simpler implementation. " Real Business Results! –  Cut costs by eliminating duplication of services" –  Created greater integration and collaboration of services, enabling smarter allocation of resources" –  Determined common performance measurement across municipalities to discover best practices in service delivery" Solution Components! •  IBM Connections" •  IBM Rational System Architecture" •  IBM Government Industry Framework" 16 “A smart city makes well-informed decisions in order to provide services to residents in the most efficient and costeffective way possible. We create smart cities by allowing departments to freely share information, ideas and best practices.”!
  17. 17. Typical Process Challenges without BPM Customer! Service! Account! Administration! Executive! Management! 1 3 6 1 1.  Unstructured Tasks and Communication (ex Paper or email)" 2 2.  Inefficient Working Environment Spans Systems" 3 3.  Inconsistent Prioritization" Invoice! Reconciliation! Teams! 4 4.  Incomplete or Inaccurate Data Flow Between Systems" 2 4 5 Finance and Ops! 5 5.  Lack of Control Over System and Business Events (Exceptions)" 6 6.  Poor Visibility Into Process Performance" " 17
  18. 18. BPM Brings Order to the Chaos Finance! and Ops! Executive! Management! Reduce errors and improve consistency" 3.  3 Standardize resolution across geographies" Leverage existing systems and data" Monitor for business events and initiate actions" 6.  6 Customer! Service! 2.  2 5.  5 Risk Management
 Teams! Automate workflow & decision making" 4.  4 Account 
 Administration! 1 1.  Real-time visibility and process control" Customer Benefits:" ü  Huge Reduction in Manual Work, Errors" ü  Faster, More Consistent Issue Resolution" ü  Easier to Manage the Business" 18
  19. 19. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance What if we could use analytics and process improvements to prevent questionable refunds and optimize tax collection?! Using data, improved processes and analytics is the best way to keep taxpayers doing the right thing. The Opportunity! Because the process to detect questionable refunds was mostly manual, without the necessary case information available for auditors and a limited ability to detect fraud schemes, New York State Tax was losing millions of dollars every year in tax refunds. Once refunds were issued, efforts to recover “pay and chase” refunds often proved fruitless. Likewise, the State was losing millions of dollars in delinquent tax collection because other credit collectors were applying technology to their collection efforts, allowing them to reach available funds first (whoever gets to available funds first usually has the best chance of being paid). " Solution Components! What Makes It Smarter! New on analytics: one ! York State Tax created two new systems based collections. On theto detect questionable returns, and one to optimize delinquent questionable returns, predictive analytics are now built directly into the case processing stream so they can preemptively identify questionable tax returns. They can now identify questionable refund requests with a high degree of accuracy, stopping checks before they go out the door. The collections solution also applies the power of analytics to help determine optimal actions for cases, while providing the right case information and tools to the appropriate teams. The system also takes into account expected rewards, account resource mix and the costs associated with possible actions, thereby optimizing the agency's resources as well as its delinquent tax collection. Real Business Results! §  Reduced questionable refunds $1.2 billion by detecting problems before they issued refunds; an additional $400 million is projected for 2011." §  Using optimization algorithms, they increased delinquent tax collection by $100 million." §  Increased criminal tax fraud investigations by over 350%." §  Reduced mailing costs associated with recovering refunds by 30%; the time to process exceptions by 60%. " §  Fostered a stream of new ideas for improvements through predictive modeling." •  IBM Tax Audit and Compliance System (TACS), IBM Tax Collection Optimization System (TACOS)" •  IBM DB2® 9 for Linux®, IBM WebSphere® MQ Workflow, IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM InfoSphere® Identity Insight, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM WebSphere Business Monitor" •  IBM Global Business Services® – Business Analytics and Optimization, IBM Research" 19 Leadership is… Providing a new perspective! “My experience with data and developing audit applications made it obvious to me that our future was in analyzing data to identify noncompliance and pushing the results to the staff with the necessary skills to work the case.”! Nonie Manion, Director of Tax Audits!
  20. 20. IBM BPM provides social intelligent dashboards ü  Incidents  Reported,  Gather  and   correlate  process  metrics  and   business  data  for  con(nuous   improvement   1.  Single  BPMN  model  drives          monitoring  as  well  as  execuCon     2.  Data  analysis  performed          conCnuously  on-­‐the-­‐fly   3.  Real-­‐Cme  visibility  to  tasks,            SLAs  that  may  be  in  jeopardy   20 §  Social,  Ac=onable  Coach-­‐Based   Dashboards    provide  visibility  into   work-­‐in-­‐progress  and  the  ability  to   take  correcCve  acCon  when   necessary    
  21. 21. Advanced Business Monitoring Identify trends, forecast events, make smart choices Understand up-tominute business performance by monitoring KPIs Detect, respond rapidly to change Customize dashboards easily Continuously improve key business processes Rebalance human workload on the fly Leverage mobile devices 21 21
  22. 22. US Department of Justice (DOJ) Real-time financial management facilitates smarter government spending The Need: The financial management of the U.S. Department of Justice functions through core disparate, non-integrated systems, within each of the Department’s Component organizations. Lack of central visibility into the Department’s financials make it difficult to find and allocate funds for critical needs. For instance, in 2005, it took almost two months to identify available funding needed to support Hurricane Katrina-related initiatives. The Solution: The Unified Financial Management System (UFMS), implemented by IBM Global Business Services, will be the core standard financial and acquisitions solution for DOJ. IBM is helping DOJ Components build upon the UFMS core to develop Component-specific workflows, reports, interfaces, business processes and reference data to meet their business needs. As part of the UFMS solution suite, the UFMS Dashboard provides near real-time data and analytics and “at-a-glance” information to Department managers. What Makes it Smarter: §  Available Department funding will be quickly identified, analyzed and directed towards time-sensitive initiatives, such as hurricane relief efforts, replacing processes that currently takes weeks §  Enables DOJ to exercise near real-time, centralized financial management oversight, resulting in more accurate and timely responses to Congressional and White House requests §  Tailored reports on specific spending items will allow for instantaneous knowledge on information most critical to the Department, ultimately improving managerial decision-making 22 “UFMS will provide a single reporting system for decision making, enabling the Department and its Components to make smarter financial decisions.” — Ken Klaus,