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The Internet's Suite


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Is the Internet good for us?

Is the Internet good for us?

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  • 1. The Internet’s Suite
    an exploration of resistance to globalization
    by mackenzie brown
  • 2. Communication
    Communication has evolved from a humble beginning.
    Almost two hundred years ago, the electromagnet (the foundation of electricity) was invented.
    Only five years after that, Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph.
    Forty years after that, the invention of the telephone caused it to rapidly overtake the market on long distance communication.
    Only fifty years after that, TV is invented.
    (are we seeing an exponential pattern?)
    ’69- ARPANET
    ’83- Cell phones
    ’92- Miniaturization sets in
    a background
  • 3. What we see now
    Communication between people is almost instantaneous.
    Communication between countries is almost instantaneous.
    Is it pressuring us to make quicker decisions? To be foolhardy? Just how safe and anonymous is the Internet?
    Consider Julian Assange.
    a problem?
  • 4. What we see now
    He is WikiLeaks, right?
    Those people who hacked the Pentagon and stole plenty of classified files?
    You must think that they were very accomplished hackers. To hack the Pentagon, to hack the Department of Defense!
    Doesn’t the DOD have firewall? We have to keep the terrorists out, after all.
    So how long did it take for WikiLeaks to steal 251,287 documents from the Pentagon?
    a problem?
  • 5. Safety
    It took them less than an hour.
    And trust me, it would take mere seconds to get into your files, no matter how long and random your password is.
    What caused this? Why isn’t the Internet safer? Is there anything I can do to safeguard my files?
    Not anymore:
    Click it, I dare you.
    definitely a problem
  • 6. Safety
    Can we go any more wrong? Hacking with Google seems to defy the spirit behind it… one of selfless need to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
    So. Are there any ways out? China has found one.
    definitely a problem
  • 7. Resistance
    China, home to smog, factories, and that cool bubbly swimming-amphitheater thing, is almost completely cut off from the Internet.
    Told you.
    But back on topic, do the Chinese have the right idea? Should we disconnect from the World Wide Web?
    finally I get to the point
  • 8. Could WE Disconnect?
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  • 10. Interestingly enough, I experienced a few bug/hack problems while I was writing this illuminating PowerPoint. Thus, I wish to apologize for getting it in a few minutes late.