Introducing Ekiti 3.0 - The Ekiti State Integrated Digital Media Channels - A Case Study of Digital Transformation in the Public Sector in Africa.

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This is a case study of how Dymore Vision Consulting executed the first phase of the digital media transformation programme for the Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria. This is the first of its kind in …

This is a case study of how Dymore Vision Consulting executed the first phase of the digital media transformation programme for the Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria. This is the first of its kind in the region. See

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  • 1. Introducing Ekiti 3.0 - The Ekiti State, Nigeria Integrated Digital Media Channels:A Case Study of Digital Transformation in the Public Sector in Africa By Dr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo, Digital Media Director, Ekiti State/CEO Dymore Vision Consulting Ltd On the Formal Commissioning of the Ekiti State Digital Media Channels Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria February 29, 2012
  • 2. Thought  Stopper        •  “If  you  don’t  brand  yourself,  Google  is  going  to  do  it   for  you!”    Anonymous  •  “We  have  not  created  a  website.  We  have  created   Eki?  3.0  -­‐  a  set  of  robust  integrated,  mul?media   digital  media  channels  -­‐  online,  social  media  and   mobile  media  -­‐  backed  by  a  strong  governance   strategy.  It  is  the  first  of  its  kind  within  the  public   sector  in  Nigeria”  Dr  Anderson  Uvie-­‐Emegbo      
  • 3. Introduc0on  •  Discerning  organisa?ons  that  desire  favourable  compe??ve  posi?oning   have  recognised  the  rapidly  growing  impact  of  digital  media  on  their   brands.  Within  the  last  3  years,  investments  in  digital  media  have   grown  rapidly  and  looks  set  to  con?nue  its  growth  unhindered.  •  Following  the  resolve  of  the  Government  of  Eki?  State,  Nigeria  to   revamp  its  digital  presence,  it  engaged  Dymore  Vision  Consul?ng  Ltd  in   December  2011  to  handle  the  project.  The  firm  is  a  leader  in   undertaking  digital  transforma?on  programmes  for  leading  brands  in   Africa.  •  The  new  Eki?  Digital  channels  are  comparable  to  the  best  of   government  digital  channels  anywhere  in  the  world.  These  channels   are  a  smart  mix  of  technology,  content,  engagement,  analy?cs,   usability,  func?onality  and  aesthe?cs.  
  • 4. Channel  Strategy  Shi6  (Africa)   Website  (Pre  2008)   Website     Web  Presence  (2008)   Website   Social  Media  (Facebook,  You  Tube,  TwiXer)   Digital  Presence  and  Cross  Media  Experiences  (2010  -­‐  )   Website,  Microsites  (including  digital  media  proper?es),  Social   Widget,    Mobile  (website,  applica?ons,  sms),    messaging   Media  (Facebook  canvas  page,  TwiXer,  Flickr,  Linkedin,  You  Tube),       solu?ons,  experien?al  videos,  etc      4  
  • 5. Why  (Digital)  Projects  Fail?    •  75  percent  of  all  digital  media  projects  fail  due  to  poor   planning  and  unrealis?c  expecta?ons  of  new   technology  (Gartner).    •  The  produc?vity  gains  and  cost  savings  promised  by   digital  solu?ons  are  o^en  lost  not  because  of  the   technology  itself  but  because  of  improper   management  of  their  implementa1on.    •  Failure  to  understand  the  scale  of  the  project,   oversimplifica1on  of  the  project,  inappropriate   expecta1ons  and  lack  of  resource  commitment  are  few   of  the  mistakes  made  by  management  that  debilitate   the  implementa?on  and  use  of  the  systems.    
  • 6. Digital  Channels  Golden  Rules  •  Get  the  Right  Audience  to  your  pla_orm  •  Make  it  easy  for  them  to  interact  with  you   securely  and  conveniently  
  • 7. Our  Approach:  Digital  Implementa0on  Framework    •  Diagnostics exercise –the digital media health check. - how effective is Ekiti State’s Digital Strategy? - Identify critical success factors (CSR) - determine strategic imperatives (8 Point agenda, inclusive governance/participatory democracy) - determine level of organisational maturity towards digital media - review processes, systems, policies, people, management of digital existing digital channels - review the competitive landscape – how well are other states doing?•  Visioning and Direction Setting – with clear roadmap (a transformation), deliverables, roles and responsibilities•  Requirements Gathering•  Content Collation•  Design & Development•  Data Entry•  User Acceptance Testing•  Go Live•  Management•  Maintenance & Support•  Capacity building (stakeholder buy in)
  • 8. Top  20  Most  Visited  State  Government  Websites  in  Nigeria,  February  2012   Position State Global Traffic Rank Local Traffic Rank 1 Lagos 200,857 790 2 Ekiti 339,141 1,083 3 Imo 694,923 3,761 4 Abia 876,614 5 Osun 933,807 3,665 6 Edo 1,083,205 6,192 7 Ogun 1,142,971 8 Ondo 1,364,138 9 Delta 1,411,622 10 Cross River 1,547,242 11 Akwa Ibom 1,843,722 12 Borno 2,433,739 13 Kwara 2,556,830 14 Enugu 2,735,586 15 Anambra 2,800,717 16 Rivers 2,948,321 17 Kogi 3,589,712 18 Oyo 3,700,246 19 Bayelsa 4,175,216 20 Niger 4,543,350 Nigeria 1,252,908(Source:
  • 9. Cri0cal  Success  Factors  for  Digital  Success     Cri?cal  success  factors  for  the  implementa?on  of  an  effec?ve  digital   media  strategy  include:  •  Execu?ve  support  •  Cross  func?onal  stakeholder  involvement  –  internal  and  externally  •  A  holis?c  approach  to  implementa?on  •  Development/realignment  of  related  processes,  systems,  policies/ frameworks,  etc  •  Stakeholder  focused  content  and  marke?ng  strategy  •  Strategic  alliances/partnerships  •  Digital  Marke?ng  •  Performance  Monitoring   9  
  • 10. Key  Areas  •  Strategy  (the  why,  how,  what,  where,  how,  when,  etc)  –  current   versus  future  state  analysis  (SWOT,  etc)    •  Channels  (choice,  design  &  development,  op?misa?on,  integra?on,   development,  op?misa?on,  etc)            •  Content  (type/category,  source,  planning,  alignment)    •  Digital  Marke?ng  (planning,  objec?ves,  people  psychology,  copy,   crea?ve,  repor?ng,  analy?cs,  etc)  •  Collabora?on  (what,  who,  when,  where,  how,  cost)  •  Governance  (governance  policy,  processes,  digital  ci?zen   engagement,  capacity  building,  etc)       10  
  • 11. ENGAGEMENT  OBJECTIVE     “To  transform  Eki1  State’s  digital  brand  into   becoming  a  top  5  government  digital  brand   in  Nigeria  within  3  months  and  a  top  3   digital  brand  services  digital  brand  within  6   months  of  engagement”  Start Date: December 15 2011Go Live Date: February 29, 2012 11  
  • 12. The main objective of a site is to move the visitors along the conversion funnel 12  
  • 13. Digital Media Strategic Imperatives 2012 •  Drive  inclusive  governance   •  Demonstrate  transparency  in  public  service   •  Build  Brand  –  thought  leadership   •  Promote  Eki?  as  a  des?na?on  of  choice  for   tourism  and  investments  
  • 14. Deliverables  •  Strategy     Develop  a  bespoke  digital  strategy  that  aligns  with  that  of  the  corporate   objec?ves  of  the  administra?on  •  Channels       Develop  and  integrate  the  required  digital  channels  (website,  mobile,   social  media,  etc)       -­‐  design  and  develop  the  Eki?  State  Government  website     -­‐  design  and  develop  the  Eki?  State  Government  mobile  website     -­‐  develop  mobile  apps  for  Eki?  State  Government         -­‐  design  and  develop  branded  Facebook  applica?ons  and  widgets     -­‐  design  and  develop  branded  You  Tube  Channel,  Slideshare  and  Flickr  pages     Focus was to make Ekiti the First “One Web State” in Nigeria
  • 15. Deliverables      •  Project  Leadership  •  Stakeholder  Management  •  Innova?on  &  Thought  Leadership  •  Digital  Marke?ng    •  Monitoring,  Measurement,  Repor?ng  &  Op?misa?on  •  Online  Reputa?on  Management    •  Governance  •  Digital  Influencer  Network  Crea?on  •  Digital  Content  Crea?on,  Cura?on  and  Op?misa?on    •  Capacity  Building  •  Compe?tor  Profiling        
  • 16. Governance:  Digital  Leadership  •  Project  Owner:  Governor  Kayode  Fayemi  •  Project  Director  (Accountable  Execu?ve):  Chief   Press  Secretary,  Special  Adviser  to  the   Governor,  infrastructure  and  Public  U?li?es.  •  Project  Managers:  Dymore  Vision  Consul?ng   Ltd  •  Project  Team:  Eki?  State  Digital  Media  Unit  •  Digital  Champion      
  • 17. Eki0  State’s  Integrated  Digital  Media  Channels           The  new  digital  channels  allow  for  par?cipa?ve  governance,  beXer  ci?zen  engagement,   greater  transparency  and  openness  using  media  that  can  be  veXed  by  any  ci?zen.    The  digital   channels  include  the  following:  •  A  revamped  www.eki?  -­‐  the  flagship  of  the  states  digital  brand.  •  Mobile  website  -­‐  well  op?mised  for  mobile  -­‐  one  of  the  first  within  the  public  sector  in   Nigeria.  •  Branded  Facebook  canvas  page  -­‐  with  a  unique  applica?on  that  is  integrated  seamlessly  with   various  aspects  of  the  website.  Become  a  fan  of  Eki?  State  on  hXp:// Eki?State    •  Branded  You  Tube  Channel  -­‐  with  over  120  videos  depic?ng  the  administra?ons   programmes,  projects  and  ini?a?ves  across  its  8-­‐point  agenda.  Watch  videos/Subscribe  to   the  channel  at  hXp://  •  Branded  TwiXer  handle  -­‐  hXps://  •  Branded  Slideshare  account  -­‐  with  over  110  official  documents  available  for  public  scru?ny.   View  documents  at  hXp://  
  • 18. Eki0  State’s  Integrated  Digital  Media  Channels    •  Branded  Flickr  account  -­‐  with  over  700  official  photos.  View  photos  at  hXp://  •  Google  +  Page.    See  hXps:// posts  •  Branded  email  newsleXer    •  Mobile  applica?ons  for  Android  and  Blackberry  devices  with  others  coming   soon.  •  Quick  Reference  (QR)  Codes  -­‐  These  are  2  dimensional  barcodes  (square  matrix   codes)  that  can  store  a  link,  plain  text,  SMS  text  message,  addresses,  URLs,  Geo   loca?on,  e-­‐mail,  phone  numbers,  contact  informa?on  and  it  is  used  for  quick   connec?ons  (response)  between  sta?c  and  online  content.    When  scanned   with  a  smart  phone  camera,  the  Eki?  State  QR  codes  lead  to  the  State’s  mobile   applica?ons  and  mobile  website.  This  is  another  first  in  the  public  sector.  
  • 19.  Features  &  Benefits     It  is  simple,  beau?ful  and  highly  func?onal.  Some  of  its  features  and  benefits  include:     1)  Web  Design  •  The  new  Eki?  takes  web  design  from  an  approach  of  not  just  crea?ng  a   website  but  crea?ng  what  users  actually  need  -­‐  usable/ac?onable  informa?on.   Aesthe?cally  pleasing  and  easy  to  the  eyes,  the  current  site  carries  aan  interna?onal   look  and  feel.  The  website  uses  predominantly  2  of  the  States  colours  within  a  lot  of   white  spaces.  This  is  in  keeping  with  global  standards  of  designing  brand  conscious   websites.  The  website  is  uncluXered.  Its  contents  are  well  laid  in  their  various  sec?ons.     2)  Content  Management  System  •  The  back  end  of  the  site  was  built  with  an  easy-­‐to-­‐use  yet  robust  and  scalable  open   source  content  management  system  (CMS).  This  is  a  beau?ful  feature  because  it  allows   the  website  administrators  to  easily  update  the  website  with  liXle  or  no  programming   experience.     3)  Content  •  Contents  on  the  website  are  centred  on  the  8  Point  agenda  of  the  present   administra?on.  Content  are  generated,  curated  and  op?mized  to  reflect  this  posi?oning.      
  • 20.  Features  &  Benefits     4)  Interac0vity  •  This  is  a  fully  mul?media,  highly  interac?ve  website.  The  prevalent  use  of   integrated  text,  photo  and  video  material  on  the  website  enables  users  to   interact  with  content  more  intui?vely.  This  guarantees  a  beXer  user  experience.    •  For  instance,  the  home  page  has  featured  news  with  different  images  in  the   sliders.  Naturally,  images  catch  the  human  eye.  This  sec?on  is  similar  to  that  of   main  new  headlines  with  photos  found  within  news  sites.  Very  few  websites   allow  cap?ons  to  be  placed  besides  slider  images.  This  is  another  outstanding   feature.     5)  Search  •  To  enable  users  easily  find  what  they  are  looking  for,  the  site  has  an  intui?ve   search  and  archiving  feature.  It  also  boasts  an  intelligent  tagging  system  that   enables  visitors  use  highlighted  tags/keywords  to  search  for  content  on  the   website.  This  invariably  enhances  user  experience,  increased  page  views/user   and  return  visits.  
  • 21.  Features  &  Benefits     6)  Search  Engine  Op0misa0on  (SEO)  •  One  of  the  hallmarks  of  a  great  website  is  the  ability  for  its  content  to  be  easily  found   on  popular  search  engines.  The  new  is  an  SEO  gold  mine.  Every  content   on  the  website  that  relates  to  the  administra?ons  8  point  agenda  (governance,  health,   educa?on,  tourism,  industrial  development,  infrastructural  development,  agriculture   and  women  empowerment)  has  been  carefully  op?mised  for  search  using  a  variety  of   well  tested  techniques.  It  is  certain  the  contents  of  this  website  would  achieve  a  high   ranking  in  results  from  search  engines  within  a  short  ?me.     7)  Freedom  of  and  Access  to  Informa0on  •  Ci?zens  can  monitor  the  state  governments  projects  and  plans  through  the  array  of  rich   mul?media  content  that  abound  throughout  these  channels.  With  over  700  official   photos,  over  120  videos  and  over  110  official  documents  that  are  available  on  these   channels,  Eki?  State  is  clearly  sesng  the  pace  for  inclusive  governance  in  Nigeria.  There   is  a  robust  and  aggressive  content  genera?on  process  and  strategy  in  place  to  ensure   that  past,  present  and  future  events,  programmes,  projects  and  ini?a?ves  are  curated   and  documented  for  the  records.  
  • 22.  Features  &  Benefits     8)  Contact  Your  Leader  •  The  contact  details  (official  email  addresses  and  mobile  phone   numbers)  of  all  members  of  the  State  Execu?ve  Council  are  on   the  website.  Users  can  send  messages  directly  to  the   blackberry  phones  of  each  member  of  the  State  Execu?ve   Council  via  the  website.  This  helps  to  dras?cally  reduce   instances  of  red  tape-­‐ism  and  bureaucra?c  boXlenecks  in  the   public  service  within  Eki?  State.  This  is  another  first  in  the   public  service  within  Nigeria.    
  • 23.  Features  &  Benefits     9)  Offline-­‐Online  Integra0on  •  The  strategy  behind  content  genera?on  and  op?misa?on  across  these  channels  is  to  ensure  that   the  state  posi?ons  itself  as  a  monolithic  brand.  It  takes  an  integrated  marke?ng  communica?ons   approach  and  provides  cross  pla_orm  integra?on  of  content  and  engagement.  What  is  available  in   tradi?onal  media  is  also  available  in  its  digital  form(s)  where  applicable.  in  its  print  publica?ons.   This  enables  content  to  be  used  and  reused.  For  instance,  the  Eki?  State  2012  Calendar  has  12   scenic  images  that  are  a  tourist  delight  as  well  as  12  Ambassadors,  one  for  each  month  of  the  year.   The  Ambassadors  is  a  human  angle  story  that  resonates  clearly  how  much  the  State  honours  its   ci?zens  who  have  excelled  in  different  aspects  of  society.    Online,  these  scenic  images  have  been   created  as  the  "Sights  of  Eki?"  -­‐  a  3D  rendi?on  of  these  images.  See  hXp://eki?­‐ eki?/sights-­‐of-­‐eki?-­‐state  •  A  dedicated  profile  page  -­‐  hXp://eki?­‐eki?/ambassadors/  -­‐  has  also  been   created  for  the  Eki?  Ambassadors  on  the  website.    •  The  beauty  of  this  website  is  that  because  it  is  built  on  a  scalable  pla_orm,  limitless  number  of   Ambassadors  as  well  as  more  tourism  imagery  be  added  on  an  ongoing  basis.  •  The  1  Year  in  Office  document  has  a  digital  edi?on  as  well  a  dedicated  microsite  for  its  contents  on   the  state  website.  
  • 24.  Features  &  Benefits     10)  Digital  Channel  Integra0on  •  All  the  digital  channels  are  seamlessly  integrated  into  each  other.  Content   inpuXed  into  one  channel  invariably  can  be  found  on  any  channel  without  the   content  being  inpuXed  again  on  all  the  different  channels.       11)  Social  Media  Engagement  •  With  the  launch  of  these  channels,  the  state  has  clearly  shown  its  inten?on  to   provide  digital  leadership  in  the  public  sector.  With  the  launch  of  these   channels,  the  states  digital  engagement  would  engage  in  meaningful  dialogue   with  the  States  ci?zens  and  stakeholders  on  social  media  pla_orms.  The  focus   would  be  to  listen,  learn,  contribute,  incorporate  lessons  from  construc?ve   cri?cisms  and  move  the  state  towards  a  healthy  social  interac?on  that   promotes  sustainable  peace,  progress,  jus?ce  and  development.  The  mandate   of  the  team  is  to  promote  a  brand  that  is  truly  authen?c,  believable  and   credible.  
  • 25.  Features  &  Benefits     12)  Analy0cs,  Repor0ng  &  Op0misa0on  •  The  beauty  of  digital  is  that  it  is  measurable.  The  launch  of  these  channels  is  just  the   beginning  of  the  roadmap  for  responsive  governance  based  on  construc?ve,  real  ?me   feedback.  These  digital  channels  have  in  built  analy?cs  capabili?es  to  enable  the  real  ?me   tracking  and  monitoring  of  user  interac?ons.    The  data  obtained  is  already  being  used  for   further  op?mize  the  channels  and  improve  the  state’s  Return  on  its  Digital  investments/ assets.       13)  Governance  •  The  State  has  put  in  place  a  robust  digital  governance  strategy  to  ensure  that  this   transforma?on  is  sustained  in  the  months  and  years  ahead.  It  has  created  the  States  digital   media  unit  becoming  one  of  the  very  first  in  Nigeria  to  have  such.  This  team  has  been   working  with  Dymore  Vision  Consul?ng  (the  project  consultants)  since  the  projects   incep?on.  The  team  had  several  bespoke  capacity  building  workshops  to  prepare  them  for   the  digital  transforma?on  exercise.  That  the  project  was  executed  in  less  than  11  weeks  is  a   strong  affirma?on  of  the  growing  competency  of  the  States  digital  media  team.  
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  • 45. Conclusion  •  As  we  launch  the  Eki1  State  Integrated  Digital   Media  Channels  today,  the  Land  of  Honour   makes  a  bold  statement  that  truly…a  Greater   Eki1  is  Possible…Even  Digitally!  •  Eki1  State  is  10/10  on  Digital  Media!  
  • 46. Dr  Anderson  Uvie-­‐Emegbo,  ITBMC,  MBChB  (Ife)  Adjunct  Faculty,  Digital  Media  School  of  Media  &  Communica?ons  Pan  African  University    President/CEO,  Dymore  Vision  Consul?ng  Ltd  Good  Homes  Estate,  Ajah  Lagos,  Nigeria    +234  803  941  0468  +234  808  1202  809     Business Strategy * Digital Strategy & Thought Leadership * E-Business Transformation * IT Business Management Outsourcing * Project Management