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  • 1. Proximity PositionersThe materials included in this compilation are for the use of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. potentialcustomers and current employees as a resource only. They may not be reproduced, published, ortransmitted electronically for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the Company’s name, likeness,product names, and logos, included within these compilations may not be used without specific,written prior permission from Dwyer Instruments, Inc. ©Copyright 2013 Dwyer Instruments, Inc
  • 2. Series 165/265 Precisor® IIPneumatic and Electro-pneumaticPositionersSeries 275 Precisor® III Electro-pneumatic PositionersSeries 185/285 Smart PositionersSeries 195/295 Compact PositionersProduct List
  • 3. Series 165/265Precisor® II P/EP Positioner
  • 4. 165/265 SpecificationsInput Signal: Pneumatic: 3 to 15 psigElectro-pneumatic: 4 to 20 mA.Air Supply: 20 to 100 psig (1.4 to 6.9 bar).Conduit Connection: 1/2˝ NPTAir Consumption: 0.10 scfm (3 LPM) at 20 psig(1.4 bar) supply.Flow Capacity: 28 scfm (80 LPM) at 20 psig (1.4bar) supply.Stroke: 0.5 to 6 in (165); 0 to 90º degrees (265)Operating Temperature: Aluminum: -4 to 158°F316 SS: -40 to 158°F.
  • 5. 165/265 FeaturesReduces valve hysteresisEasy to adjust zero and spanField selectable cam for direct or reverse actingLow air consumption which reduces operationcost.Increases valve shut-off pressureIncludes hardware to mount positioner topneumatic actuators with NUMAR mountingconfiguration.
  • 6. Series 275PRECISOR® III Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
  • 7. SpecificationsInput Signal: 4 to 20 mA DC.Enclosure: AluminumAir Supply: 20 to 100 psi (1.4 to 6.9 bar).Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66).Ambient Temperature: Operating: -40 to 185°F(-40 to 85°C).Stroke: 0 to 90° degrees (295)Mounting: NAMUR
  • 8. FeaturesIntegral LCD for monitoring or programming.Mounting bracket is included for NAMUR actuatorsSelectable valve characteristics (Linear, Quick Open,Equal Percentage).User selectable single or double action for springreturn or double acting actuators.HART® communication available for configuringparameters or monitoring valve position.The positioner has the ability to let the operatormanual cycle the valve.
  • 9. Series 185/285Linear and Rotary Smart Positioner
  • 10. SpecificationsInput Signal: 4 to 20 mA DC.Enclosure: Aluminum or SS.Air Supply: 35 to 116 psi (2.4 to 9 bar).Flow Capacity: 2.1 scfm (60 LPM) at 20 psig(1.4 bar) supply.Stroke: 0.5 to 6” (185); 0 to 90° degrees (285).Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66).Temperature: Operating: -22 to 185°F (-30 to85°C).285 Mounting: NAMUR
  • 11. FeaturesLCD allows the user to directly check the positioner inthe field.Programmable split ranges such as 4 to 12mA and 12 to20mAOperates normally regardless of changes in supplypressure during operationLow air consumption reduces operating cost.HART® communication available for configuringparameters or monitoring valve position.PID Parameters can easily be adjusted withoutadditional communicator.
  • 12. Series 195/295Compact Linear and Rotary Smart Positioner
  • 13. SpecificationsInput Signal: 4 to 20 mA DC.Air Supply: 35 to 116 psi (2.4 to 8 bar).Flow Capacity: .32 scfm (9 LPM) at 20 psi (1.4bar) supply.Enclosure Rating: NEMA4X (IP66).Temperature: Operating: -22 to 185°F (-30 to85°C).Stroke: .39 to 1.57” (195); 0 to 90° degrees (295).295 Mounting: NAMUR
  • 14. FeaturesLCD allows user to directly check the positionercondition in the field.Operates normally regardless of changes in supplypressure during operation.Selectable valve characteristics (Linear, Quick Open,Equal Percentage).Analog feedback signal (4 to 20mA).PID parameters can easily be adjusted in the fieldwithout additional communicator.An air filter regulator can be attached directly to thepositioner with a single fitting without additionalpiping.
  • 15. Positioner Applications
  • 16. Pressure Control DamperA pressure control damper will regulate airvolume through ducts based on the demandsfrom a building management system. Apositioner is used in conjunction with apneumatic actuator to modulate the damperblades.
  • 17. Linear ValveElectro-pneumatic positioners are used to cycle alinear valve base on a 4 to 20mA input single. Apositioner is used to reduce valve hysteresis andto increase process pressure shut-off rating
  • 18. Rotary Valve Flow ControlElectro-Pneumatic positioners are used forflow control on quarter turn ball valves. A 4 to20mA signal to the positioner will modulatethe valve to maintain a desired flow rate
  • 19. Control and FeedbackThe Proximity series 285 Smart Positioneroffers 4 to 20mA position feedback allowing anoperator to monitor the position of their valvesfrom a central location.
  • 20. Questions