Building Automation Systems (BAS) Valves


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Building Automation Systems (BAS) Valves

  1. 1. Building Automation Systems (BAS) Valves The materials included in this compilation are for the use of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. potentialcustomers and current employees as a resource only. They may not be reproduced, published, ortransmitted electronically for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the Company’s name, likeness, product names, and logos, included within these compilations may not be used without specific, written prior permission from Dwyer Instruments, Inc. ©Copyright 2011 Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
  2. 2. Dwyer Valve Range for BASGV1 Globe valvesGV2 and 3 Globe valvesEVA1, 2 and 3 Electric actuators3ABV Ball valvesZV1 Zone valves3ZV1 Zone valves
  3. 3. GV1Globe Valve
  4. 4. GV1 Globe ValveLinear valve for liquids and gassesOn/off or modulating serviceBrass body with 1” to 2” NPT screwedends (BSPT option)Temperature limits: 2 to 94°C (35 to201°F)
  5. 5. GV1 Globe ValveEqual percentage flow characteristicFitted with Dwyer EVA1 electric actuatorPerfect for Building Automationapplications
  6. 6. GV2 and 3 Glove Valve
  7. 7. GV2 & 3 Globe ValveLinear valve for liquids and gasses onGV2 and for steam on GV3Brass body with 1” to 2-1/2 ” NPTscrewed ends (BSPT option)Temperature limits: GV2: 2 to 94°C (35 to 201°F) GV3: 2 to 180°C (35 to 356°F)
  8. 8. GV2 & 3 Globe ValveEqual percentage flow characteristicHigher Cv than GV1 above 1” sizeFitted with Dwyer EVA2 or EVA3electric actuator for increased forceOn/off or modulating service
  9. 9. EVA 1 Electric Actuator
  10. 10. EVA 2 & 3 Electric Actuator
  11. 11. EVA 1, 2 & 3Electric linear actuator for the GV seriesvalvesThree output forces depending on valvemodel24 Volt AC supply
  12. 12. EVA 1, 2 & 3Magnetic clutch to protect motor in stallManual overrideVisual position indicatorFireproof ABS housing
  13. 13. 3ABV Ball Valve
  14. 14. 3ABV Ball ValveStandard port 3-way ball valveMinimal pressure lossAll Brass constructionPTFE seats for tight shut off¼” to 2” NPT female connections
  15. 15. 3ABV Ball ValveMultiple flow path options (mixing /diverting etc)Modulating (control) or on/off dutyElectric or pneumatic actuators available
  16. 16. ZV1 Two-way Zone Valve
  17. 17. ZV1 Zone ValveLiquid (hot & cold) modulating serviceon HVAC systems c/w thermostatBrass body 2-way style½” to 1” Female NPT (BSPT and sweatoptions)
  18. 18. ZV1 Zone ValveTemperature limits: 94°C (201°F)process24 VAC supply. (220 VAC option)Manual override facility
  19. 19. 3ZV1Three-way Zone Valve
  20. 20. 3ZV1 Zone ValveLiquid service on/off applicationsBrass body 3-way style½” to 1” Female NPT (BSP and sweatoptions)Temperature limits: 94°C (201°F)process
  21. 21. 3ZV1 Zone ValveSupply 24 or 120 VAC (option 220V)Option for auxiliary switchesOpening 11 seconds, closing 5 seconds
  22. 22. Dwyer Valve Range for BASSummaryUsed on a variety of applications onHVAC heating and cooling systems Throttling control Flow isolation Mixing and diverting Zone management (room temperature control)
  23. 23. Dwyer Valve Range for BASSummaryPerfect complementary products to Dwyerpressure, flow, temperature and humidityproductsDirect replacement for competitorproductsFull distributor package availabilityDwyer brandHighly competitive pricing
  24. 24. QuestionsTo order a free catalog or for more information contact; Dwyer Instruments, Inc., P.O. Box 373, Michigan City, IN., 46361 Telephone: (800) 872-9141 or (219) 879-8000 Fax: (219) 872-9057 Internet address: E-mail: