Mobility Leads Straight to the Cloud


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Mobile Devices Drive the Growth of the Personal Cloud:
Technology research on consumers’ use of computers and mobile devices continues to
point to the increasing demand for mobility and the explosive growth of the personal
cloud. The way people are interacting with technology is evolving rapidly, especially as
mobile devices become more capable, versatile and personalized to the user.

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Mobility Leads Straight to the Cloud

  1. 1. Mobility Leads Straight to theCloudMobile Devices Drive the Growth of the Personal CloudDUVON CORPORATIONThe information contained in the following marketing materials is proprietary and strictlyconfidential. It is solely intended to be reviewed by the party receiving the materials from DuvonCorporation, its agents, and/or affiliates, and should not be made available to any other person orentity without the written consent of Duvon Corporation or its affiliates.The information contained within these marketing materials is strictly for illustrative purposes, andthe figures herein are not guaranteed for accuracy. The information used in preparing thesematerials are from sources we believe to be accurate, or reasonably estimated, however DuvonCorporation has not made any investigation into the accuracy of these sources. Duvon Corporationdoes not intend for these marketing materials to be a substitute for appropriate due diligenceinvestigations. Duvon Corporation, or its agents, and/or affiliates make(s) no further warranties,express or implied, for any reason or purpose to any party in possession of these marketingmaterials.
  2. 2. Mobility Leads Straight to the CloudTechnology research on consumers’ use of computers and mobile devices continues topoint to the increasing demand for mobility and the explosive growth of the personalcloud. The way people are interacting with technology is evolving rapidly, especially asmobile devices become more capable, versatile and personalized to the user.Leading technology researchers at Gartner International point out that consumer demandfor instant access to their content from any device, at home or away, is driving the growthof the personal cloud. Gartner reports that consumers spend $2 trillion a year oncontent, devices and services to support this digital lifestyle.1 Meanwhile, a newgeneration of users is growing up with a dependence on mobile devices and theexpectation that their content and social connections will be available at all times.The Rise of Mobile DevicesIt is predicted that by 2015 application development projects for smartphones and tabletswill outnumber those designed for PCs by a ratio of 4:1.2 The impact of the consumer’sattachment to mobile devices is already being felt by PC manufacturers as consumers feelless need to purchase new or replace old PCs. Researchers from IHS iSuppli predict that2012 will be the first year that PC sales will decline since 2001.3Aside from the convenience of mobile devices, expanded functionality is playing a majorrole in their growing popularity. The tablet can essentially take on the role of the PC,offering anytime/anywhere access to personal digital content such as documents, music,books, photos and movies; as well as email, social connections, television, navigation andspecialized applications. According to Carolina Milanesi, Research VP in ConsumerDevices at Gartner International, the emphasis is now on each consumer having a highlypersonalized ecosystem available to them at all times.Ecosystems Hold the KeyMilanesi sums up consumer desire, saying, “I want ease of access to [my content] and Iwant to be able to share it…and not be limited by how many logins I have to do to get it.It’s almost like getting into the house – once I get past the front door, I want to be able togo wherever I want. I don’t want to have a different key for every door inside that house.1 Gartner, Inc., Gartner Consumer Research: Personal Cloud, 20122 Gartner, Inc., ‘Market Trends: Application Development Software, Worldwide, 2012-2016’, 20123 IHS iSuppli Research, October 2012 1
  3. 3. That’s pretty much the ecosystem, in my view, that consumers would be interested insigning up for.”4StoAmigo Cloud by Duvon is the mobile ecosystem that essentially offers users the“house key” to access and share their data across multiple platforms and devices withone login. It is designed to provide users with a personalized selection of applicationsthat enhance productivity and content management, combined with social networkingand communications applications to provide a seamless, multi-platform mediaexperience.Storage Problems SolvedClearly, a key component of any personal cloud ecosystem is the cloud storage itself. Theobvious benefit to consumers is saved hard drive space across multiple devices.Additionally, accessing and sharing content directly from the cloud reduces the dataredundancy that occurs when downloading files to various devices and emailingattachments. Because StoAmigo Cloud uses streaming rather than device syncing, usersare able transcend the limitations of individual devices and access one copy of storeddata easily and securely without downloading. Additionally, StoAmigo Cloud’s sharingmethodology offers customized permission settings that prevent unnecessary downloadsand file reproduction.Cloudy Days AheadAlthough only approximately 7% of personal data is stored on the cloud today,researchers at Gartner predict that number will grow to 36% by 2016, partially due toconsumers’ ability to capture more and more data using cameras and video recorders ontheir mobile devices.5 More data requires more storage space, and the cloud is thelogical place for consumers to turn.2012 is the year in which personal cloud storage subscriptions are expected to rise, withcontinued growth predicted through 2017. IHS iSuppli has projected personal cloudstorage subscriptions to grow from less than 300 million in 2011 to 500 million in 2012,and a further growth spurt in 2013 to 625 million. The company’s researchers predictthat by 2017, subscriptions will reach 1.3 billion.64 Gartner, Inc., ‘Talking Technology Series: Tablets and Personal Clouds’, 20125 Gartner, Inc., June 20126 IHS iSuppli Mobile and Wireless Communication Service, September 2012 2
  4. 4. Consumer Focus ShiftsResearchers at Forrester Consulting predict that over the next five years, consumers willactually identify more with the brand of their personal cloud service than their devices oroperating systems. Holistic personal cloud ecosystems like StoAmigo Cloud meshperfectly with the growing personal cloud trend, by integrating increased storagecapacity, ease of access to stored content from any device and social networkingcapabilities. Intuitive user interfaces and the ability to accomplish a variety of computingtasks within one system with complete mobility allow the device in the user’s hand at anygiven time to function as their main device. The result is complete flexibility within theconsumer’s digital lifestyle.About Duvon CorporationDuvon Corporation operates globally with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.Duvon is committed to being a leader in providing unique solutions for a changing world.Our passion is personal cloud innovation as it relates to human interaction – enhancingthe way that people interact with one another and with technology.The Duvon team is made up of a diverse group of computer scientists, networkingprofessionals, mathematicians and business professionals who are dedicated toconceiving, building and delivering advanced applications that merge social networkingwith the personal cloud, increasing productivity and enriching our lives.Our mission is to anticipate and meet consumer demand for a complete digital lifestylethat provides storage, file synchronization, streaming and social interaction. As thepersonal cloud becomes central to our everyday life, our goal is to provide anunparalleled ecosystem that enhances the human experience and is secure, enjoyable,and consistent across multiple screens and multiple environments.Duvon Corporation5538 S. Eastern AvenueLas Vegas, NV 89119702.948.9770info@duvon.comWant to learn more? Please visit us online at © 2012 Duvon Corporation. All rights reserved. 3