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We are all constantly striving to build better Magento stores in order to make our customers more successful. This will be an opportunity to share our experiences in managing companies that have grown with the eCommerce platform. We expect discussion topics to range from project management tools to technical processes e.g. phpunit.

Tom Robertshaw founded Meanbee in 2006 as a side project together with Nick Jones. After graduation, Meanbee got 100% focus and they’re now one of the best know Magento partners from the UK. At Meet Magento, Tom will share with you what they did to get where they are, what their future plans are and how you might learn from their experience.

Target audience: anyone building a (Magento) webagency

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Tom Robertshaw

  1. 1. How to Build aMagento AgencyTom RobertshawDarren Belding  Meanbee@bobbyshaw @darrenbelding1 @meanbee
  2. 2. Meanbee•  Comp Science - University of Bath, UK•  First Magento Build in 2008•  Graduated in 2011
  3. 3. Meanbee•  Over 30 Magento builds•  Also custom extension development•  Certified•  Doubling the team size in 2013
  4. 4. eCommerce Survey
  5. 5. Workshop Aims•  Confession: I don’t run the perfect agency•  Sharing experiences helps us to growtogether
  6. 6. Workshop Topics•  Business Development•  Requirements Gathering•  Financials•  Development•  Testing•  Deployment•  Continuous Integration
  7. 7. Workshop Topics•  Logs & Exceptions•  Project Management•  Maintenance•  Hiring•  Community Involvement•  Company Development
  8. 8. Business Development•  Email/Phone Requests•  Questionnaire•  Proposals•  Contract
  9. 9. Requirements Gathering•  Balance between completeness andeffort.•  Ideal is to be paid for scoping after initialproposal
  10. 10. Requirements Gathering•  Specific and unambiguous•  Living Document
  11. 11. Financials•  Billing Systems– Xero– Freeagent•  Payment Milestones•  Track Time
  12. 12. Development•  Use an IDE– Code Type Hints– phpdoc•  Code Review
  13. 13. Development•  Version Control– Gitflow•  Add static content to DB migrations
  14. 14. Development•  Keep profiler on•  Add profile statements to your code
  15. 15. Testing•  PHPUnit– Clarifies requirements•  MageSpec•  Cross-browser– SauceLabs– VMs
  16. 16. Deployment•  Don’t allow deployed code editable•  Auto-deploy to staging•  Auto clear cache and re-index
  17. 17. Continuous Integration•  Automatic Code Checking– Lint– Mess Detection•  Deploys if build passes
  18. 18. Logs & Exceptions•  Easily search logs with services––•  Exception handling with•  Avoid touching the production server
  19. 19. Project Management•  Ticketing System– Codebase– Jira•  Client-focused staff members•  Tell client early when project is delayed
  20. 20. Project Management•  Gantt Charts•  Internal and Client Deadlines•  Be realistic with estimates
  21. 21. Maintenance•  Regular Money•  Needs to be factored when managing time•  Maintained clients are happy clients
  22. 22. Hiring•  Don’t hire too soon•  Don’t hire too late•  Surround yourself with people that arebetter than you.
  23. 23. Hiring•  Make work place attractive•  Perceived value of work benefits•  Internal/Personal Development Fridays
  24. 24. Community Involvement•  Help others, in turn they’ll help you•  You’ll develop your own skills•  It helps build your reputation
  25. 25. Company Development•  Monthly review•  Get Feedback•  Be honest
  26. 26. Company Development•  Focus on your strengths•  Delegation•  Don’t work, lead.
  27. 27. How to Build aMagento AgencyTom