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Customer Experience: The Key to Conversion

In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, improving the customer experience is a top priority of merchants. Learn how OroCRM is helping merchants with tools allow multi-channel merchants to achieve a single view of customer, creating complete customer segments and a better overall customer experience.

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  • Data Collection: ZenDesk,Magento, Email MarketingAnalysis: Reductions:Average customer lifetime valueAverage orders per customerAverage time to buy (sign-up to first purchase)Average time between ordersTop customer service issuesIndividual Engagement:Identify frequent purchasersIdentify high value customersIdentity idle customers who used to be activeIdentify customers who became idle after an interaction with customer serviceIdentity high-needs customers (i.e., lots of Zendesk tickets)Engagement
  • Jary Carter - MM14NL

    1. 1. CRM FOR ECOMMERCEOpen source CRM with built-in marketing tools for your ecommerce business.
    2. 2. AGENDA 1 Company 2 Market Needs 3 OroCRM Benefits 4 Case Study
    3. 3. No CRM for eCommerce Market Challenges Flexible, Reliable, Open Business Platform
    4. 4. CRM for Commerce Oro Solves the Problem Flexible, Reliable, Open Business Platform
    5. 5. 120,000+ Unique Site Visitors OroCRM Momentum 5,000+ Registered Users 15 Worldwide Partners 10,000+ Product Downloads 500+ Partner Requests
    6. 6. Single View of Customer – Across Channels Magento Purchases eBay Purchases In-Store Purchases Sales Calls Email Campaigns Support Requests
    7. 7. Commerce Integrations Magento Shopify ATG Oxid Prestashop Demandware Amazon eBay Microsoft
    8. 8. OroCRM Sales Marketing Created for Sales & Marketing
    9. 9. Oro is for Commerce Sales
    10. 10. Single View of Customer OroCRM
    11. 11. Shopping Cart Recovery
    12. 12. Customer Service and Support
    13. 13. Oro is for Marketing
    14. 14. Single View of Customer OroCRM Magento Purchases eBay Purchases In-Store Purchases Sales Calls Email Campaigns Support Requests
    15. 15. Personalized Marketing
    16. 16. Marketers Also Have Relevant Dashboards and Reports: Dashboards
    17. 17. Oro is for Developers
    18. 18. Customers powered by OroCRM Customer Stories
    19. 19. Pick Your Plum Case Study
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