Urban Turbine by Paul Vosbeek

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Presentation on Dutch urban wind technology by Paul Vosbeek, Real NewEnergy. The presentation was part of the Urban Wind Roundtable at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, March 16, 2011.

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Urban Turbine by Paul Vosbeek

  1. 1. “Urban Turbine” Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Technology Combined Darrieus and Savonius wind turbinePaul VosbeekFounding PartnerReal NewEnergyUrban Wind RoundtableNetherlands Consulate in San Francisco, March 16, 2011 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  2. 2. Energy Q&A: how important is it?• How much kerosene was burned to get  40 gallons per person in the me from DC to t e S US ( 500 mile)? e o C the SFUS (2500 e) plane• How long does a luggage handler  5 to 8 hours, as he is likely to have to load an unload bags before he use/produce between 125 Watt has spent 1 kW of physical energy? and 200 Watt• How many labor hours does a gallon  100 to 160 hours, or up to 4 of Kerosene represent if we assume a working weeks of physical labor 50% efficiency? ffi i ?• How many hours of energy “life  Every American has the support” does the average American equivalent of 275 “employees” get per year? t ? continuously working for him/her• What is the average energy efficiency  < 2% we reach in modern society? hi d i t ? 2
  3. 3. Objectives of Meeting• Introduction Real NewEnergy and Ecofys• Overview Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine technology• Development Plan• P t ti l for C lif i and San Francisco Potential f California d S F i © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  4. 4. Real NewEnergy Company• Real NewEnergy is an integrated sustainable energy company, built on 3 major offerings: – Sustainable Energy Consulting – Renewable Energy Technology Development – Renewable Energy Project Development © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  5. 5. Current Consulting Focus Areas• Energy Strategy & Demand Side – St t Strategy and Cli t Pl d Climate Planning i – Energy Vision and Master Planning• Supply Side – Wind (offshore), Solar, Biomass• Design and Engineering – Cost Effective Green Data centers – Green Building Engineering © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  6. 6. Current Technology Focus Areas• Go-to-market Strategy Development and Implementation• Current pipeline – Vertical Axle Wind Turbine – Small Hydro Turbine (50 kW – 500 kW) – Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  7. 7. Current Projects Focus Areas• Concentrated PV• Marine Hydrokinetic – River In-stream – Tidal• Offshore Wind Test Lab © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  8. 8. Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Cutting Edge & Smart Technology Military & Commercial Rural & Urban deploymentwww.realnewenergy.com
  9. 9. 9www.realnewenergy.com © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  10. 10. Development History UT Technology 2002 – concept ‘Neoga’ (Darrieus) 2004 – external p ototype development 00 e te a prototype de e op e t 2005 – prototype I 2006 – in-house redesign: » Initial idea: Savonius / Darrieus » Improve strength 2007 – prototype II 2008 – prototype tests 2008 – redesign: » Improve efficiency » Improve start-up 2008 – prototype III p yp 2008 – further tests 2008 – redesign: » Further improve efficiency » Improved construction2005-2009 2010 Q1, 2011 Q2, 2011 Q3, 2011 Q4, 2011 Q1, 2012 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  11. 11. Test Program Prototype III Key features K f t • 9 ft high rotor, 2.8m ø • Tests on 24 ft high mast • Local wind measurements • Grid connected • Remote operation and monitoring Tests: • Efficiency & Start-up • Control • No long term yield test2005-2009 2010 Q1, 2011 Q2, 2011 Q3, 2011 Q4, 2011 Q1, 2012 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  12. 12. 2010 Progress Here we provide an overview of the results of the activities taken place in 2010 between Ecofys, RNE and a large US aerospace companywww.realnewenergy.com
  13. 13. Revitalize the Opportunity • Regain momentum • RNE/Ecofys Technology Partnership Agreement • Research Agreement with large US aerospace company to explore poss b e technology enhancements possible tec o ogy e a ce e ts – Quick look assessment & Design review – Strategic market positioning & Demo program – Funding options & Prototype path forward2005-2009 2010 Q1, 2011 Q2, 2011 Q3, 2011 Q4, 2011 Q1, 2012 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy 13
  14. 14. Quick Look Assessment & Design Review • In-depth Assessment: – Aerodynamics – Accoustics – Radar Compatibility – Mechanical Strength / Manufacturability • D i Review Recommendations 4th generation Prototype: Design R i R d ti ti P t t – Material / Composite Selection – Structural Design Improvements – Aerodynamic Design Improvements – Generator and Bearing Design Improvements – Radar Compatible Design and Deployment Recommendations2005-2009 2010 Q1, 2011 Q2, 2011 Q3, 2011 Q4, 2011 Q1, 2012 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy 14
  15. 15. Strategic Market Positioning&Demo Program • Strategic Market Positioning: – Enabling Target Market: military deployment, fixed and forward operating – To obtain economies of scale e ab g co o obta eco o es o sca e enabling commerical dep oy e t e ca deployment – Parallel, we will develop well-positioned private sector opportunities • Demo Program: – Identified multiple strategic demo sites & partnerships – D Developed a preliminary test program l d li i t t2005-2009 2010 Q1, 2011 Q2, 2011 Q3, 2011 Q4, 2011 Q1, 2012 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy 15
  16. 16. Funding Options & Prototype Path Forward • Funding options: – Identified multiple European and US based funding sources – Initiated funding requests – Require $1 M for next Prototype Phase • Prototype path forward: – D Develop mutliple 4th generation prototypes l tli l ti t t – Development geared towards military market but deployable in private sector – Funding source will determine prototype manufacturing base – Perform extensive test-program in US and in Europe2005-2009 2010 Q1, 2011 Q2, 2011 Q3, 2011 Q4, 2011 Q1, 2012 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy 16
  17. 17. Small Wind in California Here we provide an overview of the specific relevance of small wind in California and how we can play a role..www.realnewenergy.com
  18. 18. Small Wind Potential• AWEA (2010): the market for small wind energy applications will continue to show robust growth for the next decade• US market is largely being served by US companies (95% share) a d t e bulk o t e $83M sales s being done and the bu of the $83 in sa es is be g do e by less t a 10 ess than 0 suppliers• Global small wind sales in 2009 were close to $200M• Global small wind market held up very well during the economic crises showing robust growth in 2008 and 2009• Smaller projects are easy to finance locally and have very limited stakeholder complexity © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  19. 19. Small Wind Potential Source: AWEA Small Wind Turbine Global Market Study 2010 © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  20. 20. Wind Resource is Key to Success in Wind, Big Bi or small ll• California has been leading US in renewable energy portfolio standards, programs and projects• Wind resources are reasonable so you need to be resourceful• Small wind has BIG potential in urban environment provided it is based at sites with good wind resources• And you start a program at good, clean wind resource sites• In SF at Treasure Island, Twin Peaks, etc before taking over the town, wind-pocket by wind-pocket.. © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy 20
  21. 21. Current incentives not effective..... Incentified Example Pure Market  Example Wind class:  2 or 3 Wind class:  2 or 3 Annual production of UT 1.5 Annual production of UT 1.5 2000 kWh Annual production of UT 1.5 Annual production of UT 1.5 2000 kWh life time 15 yrs life time 15 yrs Measurement campaign 1,000 Measurement campaign 1000 UT turn key systems costs 10,000 UT turn key systems costs 10,000 Federal tax credit 3000 Federal tax credit 0 Emerging Renewables Program 6000 Emerging Renewables Program 0 Net investment 2,000 Net investment 11,000 Simple kWh price 0.067 $/kWh Simple kWh price 0.367 $/kWh g Targets for UT 2015 hub  full load  turn key  kWh cost  Wind class:  2 or 3 height   hours  costs  aprox.  Annual production of UT 1.5 2200 kWh (ft) (hrs) ($/kW) (c/kWh) life time 20 yrs Utility scale turbine (2MW) 250 2200 1800 7 p g Measurement campaign 0 Skystream 3,7 (2.4 kW) 80 1500 6500 29 UT turn key systems costs 5,500 Air Breeze (200 W) 80 1500 5000 22 Federal tax credit 0 Goals to serve retail market 80 1500 3750 13 Emerging Renewables Program 0 Net investment 5,500 Simple kWh price 0.125 $/kWh.....stimulate only scale, not innovation www.realnewenergy.com 21
  22. 22. Small Wind Opportunity San Francisco• Although we are concerned with the Temporary Suspension of the Emerging R E bl Program, M h 4th 2011 i Renewables P March 2011..• We represent an opportunity to land a new, innovative Cleantech company in the area which will create high-level, green jobs, high level, launching a truly competitive product with strong local market potential• We i W aim at a dominant position i th 1 5 kW segment generating t d i t iti in the 1,5 t ti $12.5M in revenues in 2014• What would attract an initiative like this to come to the region: • Local initiatives to support and cluster Cleantech companies and academia • State and local economic development, incentive and R&D programs available to attract green technology ventures • Positive climate for Cleantech venture capital funding © 2011 copyright Real NewEnergy
  23. 23. WIMBY, Wind In My Back Yard• Turn opponents into supporters• Activate all necessary stakeholders• Link wind energy to sustainable living• Integrate success and “ownership” into local education plans
  24. 24. Profit stays inside community / region Evelop Evelop Ecowind Projects Project Mgt of Cooperative Sale of wind park to Development Mgt of Wind Park cooperative Triodos Green loan Green Utility Local Coop Bank Electricity Greenchoice Green Electricity Land lease Equity vs. dividends di id d Supply & maintenance of Turbines Local land local people & Nordex owners companies
  25. 25. For more information, please visit our website www.realnewenergy.com