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John howie John howie Presentation Transcript

  • Cycling Scotland Conference Love Cycling – GO DutchThe National Implementation Plan for Physical Activity November 2012
  • Background•  The Case for Physical Activity ü•  Levels of PA required ü(Start Active Stay Active 2011)•  National 2022 Target ü•  Actions required to achieve these levels ü•  Lets Make Scotland More Active 2003 (reviewed Feb 09 & Feb 10)•  Toronto Charter (May 2010)•  Seven Investments that Work for PA (Feb 2011) ü •  Whole School, Transport, Urban Design, Primary Care, Media, Settings and Sport•  Partnership Call for Partnership Actions - Scottish Charter (November 2011)•  National Implementation Plan for Physical Activity
  • Current Position – The Plan•  Appraisal of Policy, Strategic and Delivery Papers•  Outcomes Framework•  5 Delivery Areas: - •  Environment (Transport, Planning, Natural & Built Environments) ü •  NHS ü & Care Settings •  Education Settings ü •  Workplace Settings •  Sport & Active Recreation ü•  Actions Across Life-stage & Population Groups•  Support Strands: - •  Communications & Media •  Evaluation, Dissemination & Improvement •  Learning & Workforce Development•  Consider Local Delivery Mechanisms through Local Government•  Consider On-going Advocacy Arrangements
  • Current Position – The Framework•  Final Structure, Terms of Reference & Membership remains under development: - •  3 Levels – National Board, Steering Group & Thematic Groups •  Thematic Groups – Draft Plans (Scottish Charter/Sub- Group Working) •  Potential standalone working groups – Walking & Youth PA & Sports Strategies•  Decision on stand alone support groups and advocacy•  Steering Group – collate, finalise drafts into single plan and present to Board.•  Board will review, amend if necessary and sign off.•  Publication in May 2013 latest
  • Broader Drivers in 2012 ….•  Scottish Parliament Debate on Meeting the Challenge, Physical Activity and its Contribution to Tackling Obesity – May 2012 •  Walking Strategy•  London Olympics – July/August 2012•  Newly Formed National Community Planning Group – August 2012 •  Early Years •  Physical Activity •  Youth Offending•  Health & Sport Committee Inquiry into Community Sport & Volunteering – September 2012 •  Youth Sport & Physical Activity Strategy•  Quality Strategy – Improving Population Health Action Group (IPHAG) Programme 2012/14 - October 2012•  Commonwealth Games Legacy Launch - 23rd October 2012•  Health Promoting Health Service CEL Monitoring Framework – November 2012•  Active Communities Fund - £10m
  • Observations & Questions
  • Group WorkDoes the plan cover the key themes and delivery structures to ensure improvements for cycling – if not what’s missing?What areas will generate the biggest improvements and therefore what would you prioritise as a means to generate increased cycle usage (Media, Staff Training, Workplace Initiatives, Environmental Change/Legislation, School Travel Initiatives, etc?Highlight a case study (ies) of work that successfully bring cycling, the environment and the education, NHS/care or workplace setting together that would merit wider roll-out.