Wellness training services slideshow, who it's for


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Wellness training services slideshow, who it's for

  1. 1. Wellness Training Services:The Wholistic Life Coach& Mentor Skills Training Walking the Professional Tightrope.....A Personal Balancing Act
  2. 2. Who are your clients?Anyone who wishes to gain more objectivity or tokeep on track and focused, whether a staff member,a current client, colleague, friend, or family member,at whatever age or stage in life they are, can benefitfinancially as well as personally from this training.
  3. 3. What are you getting? This 220 hour comprehensive training system takes 8 months to complete consists of: 30 hours of in-class interactive, powerful training processes 1 hour of pre-work insightful assessments to get you started on your own goals 120 hours of case study work to build your experience and confidence 48 hours of weekly peer coaching partner telephone sessions to work on your goals 8 hours of monthly reflective written assignments 10 hours of coaching support as required 3 hours of online written exam and a video-taped practical exam Cutting-edge intellectual materials/manual
  4. 4. What is taught?Coaching and mentoring skills, applied with theunderstanding of personality dynamics, are used tomotivate, inspire and engage others to achieve theirhighest possible expression in their lives, whetherpersonally or professionally, that they might not havethought possible. These skills, when applied in acoaching context, help to increase your staff or clientretention dramatically by demonstrating a deepinterest in their outcomes.
  5. 5. Who is this for? This course is for participants who already help others to improve their personal and professional productivity or who wish to assist others in setting and achieving goals. This certification course can be applied to any personal development field, whether in the health-related field or in a corporate setting where managers or team players wish to get better results on the job. This training provides the skill-set to assist others in their careers, in their lives to improve their wellness factors, or for managers who wish to improve the well-being factors in their departments. This training can be easily applied by those who are in health-related fields such as EAP practitioners, Dieticians, Personal Trainers or in any field related to the natural healing therapies such as yoga teachers, reflexology practitioners or massage therapists, for example, where an additional service can be provided to their clients. This training can also help individuals in moving their own lives forward whether or not they wish to use this training to work with others.
  6. 6. Bottom LineLearn powerful personality frameworks, skills, andinsights for dealing with the 4 different types of clientswho express different needs when identifying andworking with life changes. Help release personalblocks and assist in achieving the highest possibleexpression in their personal and professional lives. Nowis the time to continue to build and diversify yourbusiness and grow financially!
  7. 7. BONUS #1:Lackner McLennan Insurance has approvedcoverage to include Wholistic Life Coaches with theircomplementary healthcare program.
  8. 8. BONUS #2:If you have a residential address in the US and withmembership in NAMASTA, this life coaching training isavailable for liability insurance coverage with theirinsurer.