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Next12 Speaker Information

  1. 1. NEXT BerlinMay 8 & 9, 2012
  2. 2. influence the future of the digital industryBy bringing together entrepreneurs, creatives, business developers and investors from all over theinternational digital industry, NEXT Berlin offers deep insights into the future of the influential interactiveecosystem by presenting talks, workshops and networking opportunities.The interactive consumer is in our focus point. His behaviour determins what wins, what lasts, and whatwill be sold. NEXT Berlin will again be one of the highlights of Europeʼs largest festival of the digital scene, the BerlinWeb Week, starting on May 2.NEXT BERLIN 2
  3. 3. the programmeOn two conference days our participants will be able to learn everything about the interactive consumerand his next steps on the web.The participants can put together their individual schedule out of 50 hours of programme and over a 100speakers. Four parallel tracks will be taking place each day, and will be extended an open space stage(Arena) as well as with workshops and special presentations formats.This yearʼs conference is dedicated to the post-digital era. Why? Because the digital revolution is over,digital has won. It is no longer new and innovative, as today we take its use for granted.Be part of the conference and exhibition, and influence the future of the digital industry.NEXT BERLIN 3
  4. 4. the motto: post-digitalSo itʻs time to ask whatʻs next, whatʻs beyond digital? The most successful campaigns of the last decadewere those that managed to blur boundaries between the digital and real worlds.Today, digital has become more tangible, and is leaving its mark indelibly in real life situations. But is it stillvalid to think digital and non-digital, or do we need to come up with a whole new, all-embracing idea totake us boldly into the future?We invite you to be part of that discussion on the NEXT Berlin.NEXT BERLIN 4
  5. 5. programme overview Track May 8, 2012 Track May 9, 2012 1 International Keynote Track Host: Monique van Dusseldorp International Keynote Track (en) 1 International Keynote Track Programmdirektor MoniqueMonique van Dusseldorp Host: international: van Dusseldorp 1 2 Technology > Curator: Holger Blank, SinnerSchrader 2 Mobile > Curator: Laurent Burdin, SinnerSchrader Mobile 3 Creative > Curator: Elisabeth Stangl, 99Faces 3 Fashion > Curator: Anitra Eggler 4 Start-ups > Curator: Min-Kin Mak, Deutsche Telekom 4 Experience > Curator: Peter Bihr, Third Wave Arena > Curator: Igor Schwarzmann, Third Wave Arena > Curator: Igor Schwarzmann, Third Wave 4 Workshops 4 2 Workshops 3 4NEXT BERLIN 5
  6. 6. speaker‘s policySpeakers at NEXT Berlin are not paid to speak. They share their experience and insights, and come tomeet the NEXT community.Speakers are asked not to do any commercial pitch, and focus on ideas sharing.We ask speakers to be present during the two days of the conference. We try to avoid inviting speakerswho will only come for the duration of their speech as NEXT is first and foremost about creatingnetworking between all the participants.In the interest of all the participants, we are pretty strict with the time allotted to presentations and will assmoothly as possible cut a presentation that goes beyond the time limit.Speakers agree that their talk will be recorded and videos put online for free download and viewing.> We try to pay plane tickets and travel expenses to speakers who need it and do not work fororganisations that can cover the costs.NEXT BERLIN 6
  7. 7. at a glanceTwo-day conference on May 8 & 9, 2012Location STATION-BerlinMotto Post-Digital150+ international speakers & 50 hours of programme4 parallel tracks & an open space stage & workshops2.000+ participants from the Internet, technology, marketing and advertisement industriesCo-hosted by SinnerSchrader and STATION-BerlinNEXT BERLIN 7
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