Blogging and Second Life


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More at: Presentation from the Second Life Community Convention on blogging.

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Blogging and Second Life

  1. 1. BloggingSecond Life
  2. 2. First Post (Or: Good lord, what was I thinking)Id like to examine the Metaverse as an agent of profound change(coupled with my scizophrenic talent for being my own devils advocateId also examine it as an agent of profound spectacle alone) - but preferthe idea of change for the better, the idea that the Metaverse may offer asignificant platform for the kinds of deep change we associate withrevolutions or (at least) the societal shifts that arrive with revolutionarytechnology.So: exploration - what is the Metaverse and where does it take us?Search for creativity and its meaning. And the personal adventures in anew reality. Not too much to cover off in one blog.
  3. 3. Second Life as a Story BoxWe hold fast to a social identity that we believe lends us aname and a face, but equally fast we move from one definitionof a society to another, alternating again and again thatpresumed identity. Like characters in a story that keepschanging, we find ourselves playing roles that others appear tohave invented for us, in plots whose roots and consequencesescape us. .Even when declaring allegiance to one place, weseem to be always moving away from it, toward a nostalgicimage of what we believe that place once was or might one daybe….and yet, partly because of our nomad nature and partlydue to fluctuations of history, our geography is less groundedin a physical than in a phantom landscape. Home is always animaginary place.
  4. 4. Tips for BloggersTell your story in the first sentence or two. Hookyour readers. Tell them what you’re going to tellthem and then go ahead and tell them.Examples:“You hit the west coast and all of a sudden you’re surroundedby Starbucks. ““I’d never heard of ARC Nazis before. I guess I’m notfashionable enough.”
  5. 5. Tips for BloggersReaders are surfers. They want information in bite-sized chunks. Keep it concise.Examples:“Can Second Life Become a Great Brand” - 2,673 words“Story Box” - 2,410 wordsTotals - 1,000 posts, roughly 1,000 word average, equals1,000,000 wordsWar and Peace - um, 560,000 (in translation)
  6. 6. Tips for Bloggers Topics that guarantee traffic (summer 2009 edition)• Rezzable• Open spaces (still!)• Real/virtual identity• Michael Jackson (hide it in an alt tag or something)• Philip Linden’s hair (timeless)• Creativity