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  • 1. Irish culture
  • 2. Contents
    • Irish culture
    • Festivals
    • 3. St Patrick
    • 4. Irish mythological creatures
  • 5. Irish Culture
    • Irish symbol:
    • 6. The shamrock with 3 leaves representing the Holy trinity.
    • 7. The celtic harp too. We can see this harp on Euro coins.
    • 8. The leprechaun and the sheep
  • 9. Irish traditional music I f you go to a pub you can hear Irish music. Irish musicians meet in pubs . They play folk music, and they dance . Popular folk instruments are the tin whistle (a small flute), the violin, and a large drum called “bodhram”
  • 10. Irish gaelic
    • I rish gaelic is a celtic language belonging to the same family as Welsh,breton and Scottish Gaelic.
    • 11. T he republic of Ireland is bilingual: Documents and roads signs are in the both languages.
  • 12. Irish Festivals 17 March : it’s St Patrick’s day ! The Irish national festival ! A pril : poetry and literature festival in Galway. M ay : Galway Early Music Festival which lasts three days in Galway/ which is taking place during three days in Galway. Mussel Murphys festival in Bantry : come and spend a weekend with crazy mussels
  • 13. Irish festivals
    • June : it's Bloomsday in Dublin, on June 16th. There is a music festival of the big recording labels too.
    • 14. July : Annual peregrinate of Croagh Patrick the last sunday of July. There's also Galway races (running horses)
    • 15. August : Folk and traditional music festival of Ballyshannon. All the Irish Fleadhn are to be seen there. Tralee festival (or the Rose festival) and the puck fair, one of the oldest celtic festivals of I reland.
  • 16. Irish festivals September : Oyster Festival of Galway during the third weekend of September. October : Cork Jazz Festival Opera festival in Wexford during three weeks. In Ireland, there are many festivals all year long. They are called “Fleadhtha”. And there are some Gaelic football matches and competitions too. And there are some Gaelic football matches and competitions too.
  • 17. St Patrick's day S t patrick's day, the national Irish festival, is a christian celebration which celebrates St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, that's why the 17 th of March is a holy day.
  • 18. St Patrick's day S t patrick's day is celebrated with green clothes because green is a part of Irish culture M ost people walk in the streets dressed in green, eat a traditional meal, drink Irish drinks like guinness. All around the world, English speaking countries, people celebrete St Patrick, in New-York, London,Montreal.. .
  • 19. St Patrick But St patrick's day is also a christian festival, celebrated by the Church. Many people leave in pilgrimage on this holy day. St Patrick is considered as the founder of Irish christianity. He has passed 12 tests, that's why, he is a Saint.
  • 20. I rish M ythological C reature
    • He is a little creature ( always a male ). He looks like a gremlin.
    • 21. The legend says that Leprechaun hides many gold cauldrons. He lives at the foot of rainbows. He wears green clothes, he is bearded and red-haired. He carries a shamrock. He is kind but a bit sly.
    • 22. In french, « Leprechaun » means « farfadet ».
  • 23. I rish M ythological C reature The Banshee: She is a legendary creature that we can hear in Ireland. Her howls, called keenings, announce a near death... She is an old woman dressed in a white dress. She is very pale and terrifying.
  • 24. I rish M ythological C reature The Legend of the Alastyn: Alastyn is an aquatic horse who can change into a human with horse's ears. He incites people to ride him, he takes them in the water and he devours them.
  • 25. The Fear Deargs:
    • They are gremlins. They have a tendency to force inhabitants of houses to welcome them in their cottage.
    • 26. The Fear Deargs take the best seats, in front of the chimney. If inhabitants don't accept their behaviour, Fear Deargs take their revenge and pester them.
    • 27. These creatures look like Leprechauns but they often wear red clothes.
    • 28. In Irish, «  Fear Dearg » means « homme rouge ».
  • 29. Thanks for your attention!