Slides: The New DuraSpace Membership and Governance Models Webinar


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Presented by Jonathan Markow, CSO
May 20, 2014

Published in: Technology, Business
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Slides: The New DuraSpace Membership and Governance Models Webinar

  1. 1. The New DuraSpace Membership and Governance Models Jonathan Markow, CSO May 20, 2014
  2. 2. Why Membership? • Increase community participation in project work and decision-making • Membership is a term more widely understood in our community and aligns better with our goals
  3. 3. Recent Planning • Presented initial draft at DuraSpace Sponsor Summit • Got feedback post-Sponsor Summit • Met with joint committee of Project Steering reps and DuraSpace executive board • Did three iterations • Final version approved by project steering representatives and board
  4. 4. Goals • Consistent models across projects with room for customization • Keep administrative costs low • Roll out membership while governance evolves • Easy transition for current sponsors • Appeal to new members with benefits and opportunities for participation • Honor commitment, action, and merit!
  5. 5. Summary of Changes since Summit • Four levels (eliminate Diamond) • Consider consortium membership • Big discount for developing nations • Members receive overall DuraSpace benefits based on total contribution; project governance benefits based on allocation of fee • Role in governance for Gold members
  6. 6. Membership Levels Membership Level Annual Fee Bronze $2,500 Silver $5,000 Gold $10,000 Platinum $20,000+
  7. 7. Membership Levels • No more Diamond ($30k) Level, but some projects may seek additional annual funding for specific projects (e.g., Fedora) • Developing nations: Bronze membership for $250 (Using UN lists)
  8. 8. Bronze • Organizations will receive advanced news of project announcements and activities • Project Member logo for member use • Institution name and link on the DuraSpace and Project web sites • Eligible to vote on an at-large Member representative to the DuraSpace board • Annual membership summit / strategic forum for DuraSpace projects; presentations and networking with leaders from prominent institutions and community projects
  9. 9. Silver All the above benefits, plus: • Institution name, link, and logo on the DuraSpace and Project web sites • 10% discount to new members on first year of either DSpaceDirect or DuraCloud for 1st year of Membership • Discounted registration at project training events
  10. 10. Gold All the above benefits, plus: • Preferred access (advance registration) to DuraSpace professional development opportunities and annual DuraSpace Summit • Two seats at the annual membership summit / strategic forum for DuraSpace projects • Eligible to play a role in project governance, as defined by each project’s governance policy
  11. 11. Platinum All the above benefits, plus: • Eligible for one seat on Project Leadership Group
  12. 12. Two Levels of Benefits • Institutions receive DuraSpace benefits associated with their membership level. • If they choose to support a specific project with their membership fees, they also receive project-specific governance benefits appropriate to their level of commitment.
  13. 13. Ex. 1 • Institution A joins DuraSpace as a Gold Member @ $10,000 and allocates its fee to the VIVO project. • Institution A will receive all DuraSpace Gold benefits and all VIVO- specific governance benefits at the $10,000 contribution level
  14. 14. Ex. 2 • Institution B joins DuraSpace as a Gold Member @ $10,000 and allocates half its fee to support VIVO ($5,000) and the other half to DSpace ($5,000) • Institution B will receive all DuraSpace Gold benefits, VIVO-specific governance benefits tied to their level of investment in VIVO, and DSpace-specific governance benefits appropriate to their DSpace investment.
  15. 15. Ex. 3 • Institution C contributes 0.5 FTE developer to Fedora, without becoming a DuraSpace member • Institution C is eligible for a seat on the Fedora Leadership Group in addition to having a significant technology impact on the project • NOTE: FTE must work under direction of the project
  16. 16. Rule of Thumb • Projects are encouraged to lean towards inclusiveness
  17. 17. Leadership Group • The governance model for each project will include a Leadership Group representing institutions that have made significant commitments to the project, including level of membership contribution and amount of in-kind developer support (Recommendation: > 0.5 FTE/yr).
  18. 18. Leadership Group • The Leadership Group approves policy on key issues presented by Steering (e.g., changes to roadmap, annual budget allocations, etc.). • Platinum level Members will be guaranteed a seat in the Leadership Group.
  19. 19. Steering Group • A Project Steering Group will represent the leadership in the day-to-day oversight of the project, including budget and fund-raising goals, operations, deliverables, and roadmap • Project Staff (e.g., Technical Lead, Project Director, Product Manager) will be managed by DuraSpace and will take direction from the Steering Group.
  20. 20. Working Groups • Standing or temporary Working Groups may be formed at the discretion of the Steering Group. Projects will strive to be inclusive with respect to representation in these groups
  21. 21. DuraSpace Board • Every member institution may participate in the nomination and election of one at-large DuraSpace Board member. • The DuraSpace Board will make a Board seat available to each project. Each Project Steering Group may nominate representatives to serve on the Board.
  22. 22. Project Governance Policies • VIVO – In process of drafting a charter for their Leadership Group to discuss; already follow a “leadership/steering/ working group” model • Fedora – Have a current practice that includes Steering, Leadership (Advisors), working groups; is formalizing policies
  23. 23. Project Governance Benefits • DSpace – Steering has recently adopted inclusive policies: – Steering is elected by Leadership; any member can serve on Steering – Platinum and Gold members are guaranteed a seat on Leadership – Six total Leadership reps will be elected from Silver and Bronze too, one from UN group
  24. 24. It’s a Transition Year • Best practices will evolve • Projects will determine which governance practices are most effective • Policies will take effect over the course of the year
  25. 25. Should you become a DuraSpace Member? “You Bet Your Life!”
  26. 26. Questions