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9-10-13 Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora Presentation Slides
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9-10-13 Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora Presentation Slides


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DuraSpace Solutions Webinar: "Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora" …

DuraSpace Solutions Webinar: "Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora"
September 10, 2013 Presented by: Mark Leggott, University Librarian, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), President of Discovery Garden Inc. and founder of the open source Islandora project.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora Mark Leggott, University of PEI/Islandora Foundation/ discoverygarden DuraSpace Webinar - September 10, 2013
  • 2. Evolution •Developed @ UPEI (2007) •Core team at DGI/UPEI •For diverse needs of digital asset management in all areas •Assumes will need to change all or some components over time a key requirement •Integration with other systems also a critical design aspect
  • 3. Conceptualizing Initializing Creating/ Analyzing Reporting Formalizing Popularizing Research Institutes Libraries & Archives Museums Media Organizations Health Centres Government Agencies Private Companies Universities & Colleges NGOs & Non- Profits Other Access Collaboration Preservation E-Mail, Letters, Published Research, Requirements Meeting Minutes, Grants, Data Collection, Acquisitions Forms, Data, Cataloguing, Findings, Discussion Reports, Theses, Datasets, Visualizations Articles, Curricular Content, Policies, Exhibits Blogs, Twitter, Newspapers, iTunesU, Flickr Information Life Cycle
  • 4. Object Space User Space Individual Group Department Museum University External Private Shared Open Collaborate Publish Re-Use Create Preservation, Migration,Transformation
  • 5. Basics • Drupal+Fedora+Other OS = ecosystem • Flexible UI on top of Fedora + other apps • Support for 180+ languages via Drupal • Focus on robust preservation features and services + flexibility in data models and UI • VM/code, documentation, lists, Camps
  • 6. imagined:208361 (PID) Object Properties Relations (RELS-EXT) Dublin Core (DC) Audit Trail (AUDIT) JP2K Web (JP2) JP2K Archival (LOSSLES_JP2) Low Res JPEG (JPG) Thumbnail (TN) Descriptive Metadata (MODS) Object Model - IslandImagined/Large Image Digital Object Identifier System Properties Manage & Track Object Reserved Datastreams Key Object Metadata Datastreams Aggregates Content Items Content Models • Flexibility supports any data model • Atomistic and compound objects • Support for RDF allows integration of specific ontologies
  • 7. Solution Packs • Image, Large Image,Audio, Video, Book, PDF, Newspaper, WARC • Includes MODS form, DC mapping, sample data, viewer(s),TechMD extraction, etc. • Solution Pack module makes it easier to create new ones, modify existing
  • 8. Form Builder • Create a rich form for any XML schema • Multiple forms for specific schemas - present different forms to different users • Multiple schemas in a single form • Add advanced functions, such as look-up fields using indexes for other objects • Apply security policies
  • 9. Editorial Workflows • Simple approach to Editorial Workflow • Provides “human” nodes in the services framework • Upcoming version support more granular controls and workflow states/actions
  • 10. Preservation Services • Fedora provides robust service framework • TechDS+DescDS+RightsDS +AuditDSs to a Dynamic PREMIS record coming soon • Adding DuraCloud support via “Vault” • Archivematica integration
  • 11. Tools Modules • FITS Extractor, creates technical metadata • Batch Import (RIS, EndNote, PubMed, DOI, OAI) • OCR,Tesseract with OCR/ HOCR • MARCXML, ingest and view MARC data • Others: OAI, Bookmark
  • 12. Taverna Integration
  • 13. Taverna Integration
  • 14. Community • Estimate 150+ Islandora sites worldwide in production or development • 550+ people on Google Groups List • Some projects starting to contribute back • Libraries bulk of use now, but includes museums, archives, private companies
  • 15. • Non-profit Islandora Foundation: help maintain code, documentation, training, community participation and more • Membership model (12+ members as of Sep) • Partner - $10K, Board, Resources, Camps • Collaborator - $4K, Roadmap, Resources • Member - $2K, Discounts • Melissa Anez Project & Community Manager
  • 16. discoverygarden • Commercial UPEI spin-off - full service • Installation, Configuration, Customization • Support, System Audit, Consulting • Hosting, Platforms,Vendor partnerships • Primary codebase contributor
  • 17. Research Data
  • 18. Physical Data Model • UPEI/DGI developing a generic data tool to work with systems researchers use now • Provide a range of filesystem sync tools • Minimal service - store data in repository • Enhance with metadata, transform services • Project metadata CASRAI/VIVO/CERIF +
  • 19. Fedora Repository DescMD TechMD AdminMD Assets Local File System DropBox DataStage Google Drive Private Cloud Storage Generic Research Data SP (+ Standard SPs, Viewers) Sync Extract Transform Enrich Check Mint Taverna DataCite FITS + Authority Islandora Generic Research Data Architecture Islandora Framework Islandora VRE (Virtual Research Environment) Islandora IR (Research Articles) Backups Regional & National TDRs
  • 20. DropBox • Alpha module provides sync between DropBox and Islandora • Creates Collection objects for each folder and a separate file object for each contained file with all relationships • Provides basic DC record for metadata • Upcoming for Google Drive, DataFlow ++
  • 21. Intellectual Data Model • Smithsonian/DGI developing Sidora system to respond to specific research data needs • Custom interface, Content Models and Forms, adding Taverna/R integration • Camera trap images, archaeological data, carbon sequestration data • File browse interface for all operations
  • 22. Intellectual Data Model Physical Data Model
  • 23. Examples
  • 24. Institutional Repository
  • 25. UPEIVRE • Rich implementation of Islandora • Used for digital stewardship of research, administrative and learning assets of UPEI • Over 150VREs with wide range of features • VRE Management Team with 4 librarians • Standard no cost, extra features charged
  • 26. Links •General:,,,,, •Code:,, islandora/pull_requests,, •Institutional Repositories:,,, •Digital Library Collections:,,,,,,,, •Research Data:,,,,,,, •Consortia:, Note: some of these sites require authentication access - contact Mark for more information.
  • 27. Questions? Mark Leggott - University of PEI