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  • 1. As delicate as butterfly wings... the average person smells 10’000 aromas a day
  • 2. sensory marketing ... is marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their behaviors
  • 3. sensory marketing hear feel see smell taste 5d-experience
  • 4. sensory marketing the touch , taste, smell, sound, and look of the products, affect our emotions, memories, perceptions, preferences, choices, and consumption of these products
  • 5. interests aromas emotions smell perfume scent associations observe remember feelings state of mind stronger unconscious the memory memories sense of smell train memory anosm intenser impulse
  • 6. target group elderly in a rest-home
  • 7. focus on memories sense of smell scent state of mind the memory unaware train memory fear
  • 8. facts - problems °Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. °Aging produces physical changes throughout the body. °The sense of smell tends to diminish.
  • 9. case: scent air - fear
  • 10. facts - problems ° Bad smells can cause depressions. ° Memories help maintaining the mental status. ° Elderly have less appetite and are less vital.
  • 11. scent scent stimulates cognition, memory and the production of experience
  • 12. research question How can scents have a positive effect on the state of mind of elderly people?
  • 13. research question ° What are their exact fears? ° Could it have an effect on their mental state?
  • 14. methods ° Interview - elderly - staff ° Culture probes/experiments
  • 15. planning 1.Contact rest-home / company (scents) 2. Preparations + implementation methods 3. Co-design okt-nov dec-jan 4. co-design 5. prototyping feb-apr ... - jun 6. prototyping 7. paper
  • 16. design? The Wake N’ Bacon