Closed Loop Recycling


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Duo provide an outstanding range of polythene packaging solutions to the retail, mail order and ecommerce sectors. Call 0161 203 5767 and discover the Duo difference.

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Closed Loop Recycling

  1. 2. Polythene is a valuable and finite resource

  2. 3. Closed Loop Recycling At Duo we invested in closed loop recycling because believe the optimum use for most polythene after its first use, is to be recycled and preferably into a product that can be recycled again.
  3. 4. Recycling Polythene The process of recycling plastics is a sustainable and future proof plan for an on-going solution. At Duo we offer a closed loop recycling system which is the leading recycling technology available.
  4. 5. Recycled Polythene The closed loop recycling system returns waste polythene back into its raw pellet form.
  5. 6. Recycled Products The recycled pellets are then fed directly back into the extrusion process to increases the percentage of recycled material in the product. At Duo we have proudly manufactured 95% recycled content retail carrier bags and 25% recycled content mailing bags without affecting the performance of the product.
  6. 7. Closed Loop Recycling Recycling polythene in this way is a real step on the road to sustainability. Closed loop recycling offers major environmental benefits including: Less waste going to landfill Less oil used for plastic production Reduced dependence on natural polythene Less energy overall consumed
  7. 8. Closed Loop Logo Duo are proud to offer polythene packaging with the inclusion of recycled content from our in house recycling machine. To celebrate the success of the closed loop recycling system Duo commissioned a unique logo to identify products with the inclusion of recycled polythene material that has been saved from a destiny in landfill. The closed loop logo consists of the Duo D as a continuous loop, which interlinks to highlight the never ending cycle. At Duo we encourage our customers to celebrate and promote their choice to include material that has been recycled responsibly in the UK and has saved valuable polythene from landfill by printing this logo on their polythene packaging product.
  8. 9. Vickers Street Manchester, M40 8PU T: 0161 203 5767 F: 0161 203 5663 E: [email_address] W: Find out more about recycling waste packaging and how it can improve your brand, contact Duo today.