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Traditional Tales Part 3
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Traditional Tales Part 3


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Part 3 of Traditional Tales with a Digital Twist

Part 3 of Traditional Tales with a Digital Twist

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Part 3 Traditional Tales with a Digital Twist
  • 2. Thinkers Keys 3 Little Pigs Alphabet Key: Write a Three Little Pigs alphabet. (From a little Pigs Perspective) Question Key : Write a set of questions you would like to ask the Wolf. The answer is the oldest pig. Write 5 sentences that would have this as the answer. Brain Storm Key: Write a story about a group of 3 other characters and their story. Construction Key: How would a house be built if all the pigs had were cardboard boxes, plastic bags and 2 old over coats. Which one would be the strongest? Give your reason for this. The Variations Key: Find at least 4 alternative ways to persuade the wolf that pigs aren’t always the best food source. The Prediction Key: Plan the life of the three Pigs if the wolf hadn't interfered in their lives The What If Key: What is all the houses were brick? ( What methods could the wolf used to get in?) The Inventions Key: Invent 3 ways to catch the wolf and justify what you will do with him.
  • 3. Drama: Mother Pig Receives an email letter from her son Patrick. Dear Mother Pig, Im writing to tell you that the big brown wolf you warned us about has been seen hanging around Tatuanui. I have not seen Paul for weeks and I think the big bad wolf must have got him. I’ve made lots of friends at school I’m very sad. Your loving son Patrick xxxx
  • 4. Dear Peter, Please say thank you to those lovely children at Tatuanui School for looking after you. I can not come and look after you. I’d come for a visit but, my back is hurting and I have a really bad flu. Can’t call on the phone as I’ve no money on my phone card. Did you kids take the piggy bank from under my bed to buy those smothees the day you left? I know you will be looking out for Paul. He is still such a baby. Has Percy returned from his visit to Granma? I do miss you all so much. If you get a chance Id love to hear from you Lots of Piggy kisses. Mother Marny Pig
  • 5. A wiki set up to track the wolf and engage the children in its capture.
  • 6. Father Pig has put out a poster with a $10,000 reward for information resulting in the capture of the wolf. ( Set up and email buddy/wiki who will foster email reports from the children who will report sights of the wolf to) The above Buddy calls in to say that the 3 pigs have just been seen being loaded into the “Three Pigs Butchery” who is offering bacon sandwiches at the school fair on Sunday. Mother pig arrives unexpectedly at school and is interview by the students on the life and future of her children. The local Police get involved ( They just happened to arrive) (dress up a parent!! Do a Round Robin creating ideas on how the pigs can be freed and the wolf captured. Write up a report for the local newspaper/ schoolnewsletter.
  • 7.