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    Lion And The Mouse03 Lion And The Mouse03 Presentation Transcript

    • The Lion and the Mouse By Nikita, Dani and Kahu
    • In a land far away, there lived a hairy lion who was so proud of himself.
    • Along came a little white mouse called Flora. Flora had been searching for somewhere to rest.
    • She discovered a shady spot among some leaves. “This is the perfect place to rest,” said Flora.
    • She was just about to curl up among the leaves when she saw a furry object lying in the grass. “I wonder what that is?”
    • Flora jumped back with fright when she saw the fur was the mane of a lion.
    • “ How dare you wake me up!” roared the Lion.
    • Flora wanted to play, she clambered onto the Lion’s back. The Lion was not amused!
    • “ Please don’t be angry,” pleaded Flora. “One day I may help you.” The Lion just laughed. “You’re too small to help me.”
    • “ Very well, I’m feeling kind today, off you go then,” chuckled the Lion.
    • The next day the Lion was strolling through the jungle when all of a sudden he became trapped in a net. “Help me, help me!” he roared.
    • Flora heard the Lion’s roars and came to rescue him.
    • Flora began to climb up a nearby vine to rescue the trapped Lion.
    • Flora clambered up onto the net and began to gnaw at the net with her razor-sharp teeth.
    • She gnawed and gnawed and finally the Lion was free.
    • The net fell to the ground, the Lion was left dangling.
    • The Lion fell to the ground with a thud!
    • The Lion was sore and bruised from his fall but he was so happy to be free. “Thankyou Flora, for rescuing me from that terrible net.”
    • “ You are welcome Mr Lion, you see a little creature like me can help a big animal like you.” Flora scurried off to search for food.