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Mary Kay Ash

  1. 1. MARY KAY ASH By:Dulce Marquez((:
  2. 3. Mary Katelyn Wagner was born in the state of Texas in nineteen eighteen. For much of her childhood, she cared for her sick father while her mother worked long hours at a public eating place. Mary Kay married Ben Rogers when she was seventeen years old. They had three children before he left home to serve in World War Two. When he returned, their marriage ended. Mary Kay looked for a job so she could support her children.
  3. 4. What is the product or service? <ul><li>MARY KAY is a cosmetic product company. Lipstick, blush, eyeliner, make up remover pretty much everything. </li></ul>
  4. 5. How did she come up with the idea? Opportunity? She started studying as a doctor and selling part-time, but she proved so adept at selling that she soon did it full time. She sold products for Stanley Home products and went on to World Gift. At World Gift she eventually became a sales director, but was passed over for promotion so many times, that she decided to call it quits after 25 years of corporate sale's. She turned her attention to writing a book which turned out to be the plan for her business. On September 13, 1963, with $5,000 in savings, she opened her dream cosmetics business with her son Richard Rogers.
  5. 7. Who is the major market? Target audience? <ul><li>Mary Kay's target market is essential woman. Woman of all ages use there cosmetics products. there is really no age limit. </li></ul>
  6. 9. Who are their competitors and what is their competitive advantage? <ul><li>Mary Kay's top competitors are Alticor, Avon, and L'Oreal
  7. 10. Mary Kay's major advantage is there loyal women market. Every year Mary Kay cosmetics have a new line of Pink edition make-up for woman's breast cancer foundation. There competitors really don't pay as much attention to stuff like that. Therefore losing a lot more business and loyalty from women. </li></ul>
  8. 13. Where did they get the money to start their business? On September 13, 1963, with $5,000 in savings, she opened her dream cosmetics business with her son Richard Rogers. She had bought the formula for a skin-care cream and started operating from a small Dallas storefront. With nine salespeople, or beauty consultants as she called her team, they made nearly $200,000 profit in the first year of operation. By 2004 the company had sales of over $1.8 billion in 30 markets and had an independent sales force of 1.3 million.
  9. 15. Have did she benefited the community and how? Throughout her life, Mary Kay Ash showed others how to live and how to give. She gave hope to women who lacked opportunity, self-esteem and financial support. Now her legacy of love lives on through The Mary Kay Foundation, which she began in 1996. she started the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, a non-profit group that provides money to support research about cancers affecting women. In two thousand one, the company and foundation expanded their goals in an effort to help stop violence against women.
  10. 17. Life struggles, successes and failures? In school May Kay was an honors student and was very competitive. She did very well in public speaking and debates. After high school her family could not afford to send her to college. So instead of continuing her education she got married and started a family. Then she got a career in direct sales selling books. When she was 27, she made enough money by goal setting to go to college. She went to the University of Houston to become a doctor. But after her husband came home from the military he wanted a divorce. Mary Kay didn't want to go to college anymore and got a job selling Stanley Home Products.
  11. 18. Mary Kay Ash left the world a poorer place when she died on November 22, 2001. Her son, Richard Rogers, continues to build the company he helped to create with her. The Mary Kay Ash foundation also continues to make contributions to cancer research and preventing violence against women. She once said that, &quot;My goal is to live my life in such a way that when I die, someone can say, she cared&quot;. And Mary Kay Ash did.
  12. 19. R.I.P MARY KAY ASH.