Symbius Financial Wellness Overview


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Highlights of Symbius’ groundbreaking Financial Wellness portal for employers and their employees.

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Symbius Financial Wellness Overview

  1. 1. Financial Wellness - Voluntary Employee Benefit In this Economy, Your Employees Need Help…
  2. 2. Widespread Demand: Employees From These Companies Have Received Financial Wellness Benefits from Symbius
  3. 3. 25%-30% of US Employees are Seriously Financially-Stressed
  4. 4. *MetLife 8th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends 2010 Financial Stress Impacts Employees Across All Income Levels The Disconnect: Majority of financial advice/guidance is around retirement planning The Missing Piece: Providing employees with financial tools for their needs today.
  5. 5. Why Employers are Interested in Financial Wellness Financial issues affect corporate performance “A financially-stressed employee spends 20 work-hours per month fixing their personal financial problems” (PFEEF)
  6. 6. Why Employers are Interested in Financial Wellness Financial Wellness is the next critical piece in corporate wellness initiatives “Employer’s health care cost for a financially-distressed employee = $300 per year” (MetLife)
  7. 7. What’s at Stake for Employers “57% of high level managers and 58% of skilled workers blame the cost of living, bills and debt repayments for their worsening stress over the last year. Significant symptoms suffered overall include anxiety (41%), weight gain (25%), depression (23%), alcohol abuse (20%), loss of concentration (22%), insomnia (21%) and loss of sense of humor/joy (16%).”
  8. 8. Solution: Symbius FinancialGuard 360 Financial Guard FinancialGuard 360 is the only online financial wellness portal that provides an end-to-end suite of financial tools to the employee 24/7/365
  9. 9. FinancialGuard 360 includes: 1. Online Financial Health Assessment with Employer Dashboard & Reporting • Provides a detailed assessment of an employee’s financial health • Identifies areas of potential problems and guides a learning path for the employee • Dashboard for employer to view overall financial health across the company, problem areas 2. On-Demand Financial Education with 50+ video lessons • Independent financial guidance covering key financial life topics • 50+ video lessons, interactive tools, blogs and newsletters • Media-rich, online learning experience ideal for today’s employees 3. EmergencyAdvance - FDIC-compliant • When a financial emergency strikes, employees receive an advance from us (up to $500) • No liability or risk for the Employer 4. DebtGoal – The "Weight Watchers for Reducing Debt“ • Do-it-yourself online tool optimizes payments to accelerate debt pay-down progress • Better alternative to debt settlement, debt relief, bankruptcy, credit counseling, etc. • Average employee saves $35K and becomes debt-free 16 years sooner, no extra costs 5. Proactive ID Theft Protection – ID Theft: the fastest growing crime in U.S. (per FBI) • 15% of incidents originate from the workplace • Similar solution to LifeLock, but better. Patented analytics detects fraud up to 90 days sooner
  10. 10. Financial Wellness for Everyone Want to Learn More? Contact Us Today at: • 480-889-8941 •