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Use this presentation from the Career Center for advice and tips on how to ace that interview you have coming up!

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Interviewing Presentation

  1. 1. Interviewing Career Center
  2. 2. Agenda • Types of Interviews • Components of the Interview • Prepara8on • Follow-­‐up
  3. 3. Types of Interviews • Behavioral • Situa8onal • Case • Technical
  4. 4. Components of a Behavioral Interview • Opening – Introduc8on of Interviewer & Interviewee • Informa8on Exchange – Ques8ons Asked by Interviewer • Opportunity for You to Ask Ques8ons – Informed ques8ons that show forethought • Closing – Discussion of 8meline for hiring of the posi8on
  5. 5. Prepara8on • Tell Your Story • Research • Reflec8ng on Experience • Presenta8on
  6. 6. Tell Your Story Example From the beginning I have loved numbers and I understand that people may think that is cliché for an Economics major, but that is why I am an Economics major. And it’s not just numbers, it is the stories that these numbers tell and how they can impact the way an organiza8on makes decisions. They tell stories about our personal lives too and impact the way we make personal decisions every day. When I first came to Duke, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to incorporate this interest into what I would like to pursue long term, but a class project in my second Economics class let me know I was on the right track. I furthered this interest by comple8ng internships with the Department of Commerce and also with Bloomberg. I wanted to have internships that I could compare and contrast so I would know whether I wanted to pursue a government job or the private sector. With the DOC, I assisted a professional staff member within the Bureau of Economic analysis in gathering primary and secondary research which was then used in a preliminary interpre8ve report for making decisions regarding monetary policy. With Bloomberg I sourced and qualified data which I then used in upda8ng the Bloomberg Database. Like the DOC, this data was used to make decisions. I have really enjoyed these opportuni8es to gather data, and am now wan8ng to use these skills to not only gather data, but directly impact decision-­‐making. I hope it is with your company that I will be able to do this. Example I am a senior here at Duke majoring in Economics and also pursuing the Markets & Management Cer8ficate. I’ve held two internships during my 8me at Duke, one with Bloomberg and another with the US Department of Commerce. I think these have provided me with a great set of skills to implement at your company.
  7. 7. Research • Resources – – OneSource/Hoovers (available through Career Beam) – Company’s Website – Company’s Facebook Page/LinkedIn Acct./Twi]er Handle – Google Search – Current Employees of the Company – Your Board of Advisors – News Sites
  8. 8. Research • Resources – – OneSource/Hoovers (available through Career Beam) – Company’s Website – Company’s Facebook Page/LinkedIn Acct./Twi]er Handle – Google Search – Current Employees of the Company – Your Board of Advisors – News Sites
  9. 9. Reflec8ng On Your Experience • Situa8on • Task (Goal, Challenge, or Problem) • Ac8on • Result
  10. 10. Reflec8ng On Your Experience • Situa8on **Note: Insert graphic • Task (Goal, Challenge, or Problem) • Ac8on • Result
  11. 11. Business Casual Business Professional
  12. 12. Business Casual Business Professional
  13. 13. Ques8ons for Employer • What are some of the goals for the organiza8on in the short and long term? • How would my performance be measured in this posi8on? • In doing my research, I saw that you have been with the company for 5 years. What mo8vates you to stay?
  14. 14. Follow-­‐up Dear Mr. Duke, Thank you for the opportunity to interview today for the Research Intern posi8on. I appreciated the 8me you provided to discuss my skills developed through experiences in both lab and office sedngs and how each could contribute to your overall goal this summer of becoming more sustainable. I hope to specifically bring what I learned regarding sustainable prac8ces from the Nicholas Ins8tute to your organiza8on resul8ng in a more efficient business with less of an impact on the Earth. Best Regards, Sample Student
  15. 15. Career Center Contact Us (919) 660-­‐1050 h]p:// Twi]
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