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Busara Leadership Partners Profile


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Busara Leadership Partners is a boutique strategic advisory and consulting firm that was established in 2009. Busara means “wisdom, prudence and intelligence” in Swahili. …

Busara Leadership Partners is a boutique strategic advisory and consulting firm that was established in 2009. Busara means “wisdom, prudence and intelligence” in Swahili.

We are a new generation of individuals steeped in qualifications, experience and capabilities that are driven by performing, achieving measurable results and making a difference in everything we do. That we are black woman owned and managed with a credible black economic empowerment status is the cherry on the top.

The business is headquartered in South Africa, but services can be offered anywhere in the world – virtually and face-to-face. Busara is passionate about the future of Africa and will enthusiastically work with South African and multinational clients and with African companies within and outside the continent. We aim to be “Globally niche, locally relevant” by focusing on niche decision makers (boards and management)partnering leaders to make quality decisions to drive sustainable growth, through a four pronged service approach – through next practice integrated governance; through strategic business process excellence; through strategic resourcing and through strategy development and communications.

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  • 1. Trans-disciplinary talent with multi- sectoral experience, thinking and approaches for competitive and comparative advantage
  • 2. Contents Our focus ….. who we are Our passion ….. why we do it Our approach and competencies ….. what we do and how we do it Our team 12/6/2010 2
  • 3. Vision To be the leading partners to leaders to make quality decisions that drive sustainable growth Mission To be the most sought after strategic advisory andconsulting firm working with leaders to make decisions that have a positive impact in a sustainable manner
  • 4. MotivationsSelf-accountability:Our personal ethics are the foundations to our professional ethics. We are responsible for own actions andattitudes. We do what we do because we want to and we love what we do. Thus we hold ourselves to thehighest standards and responsibility. It is only in our capacity to be accountable for everything we do. Asclients, you can hold us accountable for the commitments we jointly agree to.Creativity:Creativity is a vital business skill in generating solutions and retaining a competitive edge. Uncertainty andchange energise us. We are driven to constantly look for fresh approaches and new ideas in everything we do,anchored in the knowledge, experience and capabilities in our diverse fields of expertise.Innovation:We are restlessly driven to always infuse and introduce something new in everything that we do. We do notjust think about new ways of doing things, we bring them to life by implementing them.Passion:We get immense fulfilment and joy in what we have chosen to do with our lives, which is the best motivationwe need to achieve what we set out to do and to meet the commitments we make. We are constantlyrejuvenated to find solutions for ourselves and for the people we work with.Enjoyment:We love what we do and always make a conscious choice to do what we love to do. Thus clients are assured toget the best thinking and execution for the task at hand. 12/6/2010 4
  • 5. Contents Our focus ….. who we are Our passion ….. why we do it Our approach and competencies ….. what we do and how we do it Our team 12/6/2010 5
  • 6. Our passion ….. why we do it• To inspire and share knowledge, practices and attitudes that build a culture of effective boards that have accountability for the strategy, performance, risk management and internal control of the organisation as a result of being composed by adequate, balanced, competent individuals.• To provide ‘break with’, impactful strategic advice and consulting services across critical management disciplines and functions to leaders and managers in the private and public sectors.• To turn vision into reality by implementing projects skillfully and efficiently.• To develop powerful brands and businesses for companies that are forward thinking.• To help you to connect your business to your strategy and your strategy to your customers and stakeholders in the best possible way. 12/6/2010 6
  • 7. Contents Our focus ….. who we are Our passion ….. why we do it Our approach and competencies ….. what we do and how we do it Our team 12/6/2010 7
  • 8. How we do it Through trans-disciplinary thinking and approaches, partner leaders to make quality decisions to drive sustainable growth Busara Busara Public Busara Busara Intel Integrated Strategic Governance Projects Partner leaders, Creating market Turning strategy Capacitating the bringing trans- driven growth into leadership – business with disciplinary strategies that business process the right skills to thinking & drive and excellence, deliver on the knowledge so sustain programme & vision and the that they competitive change strategy achieve their advantage management goals We are leading partners to leaders providing expertise and capabilities that are innovative, creative, contextually relevant, personalised and tailor-made. 12/6/2010 8
  • 9. Busara Integrated Governance 12/6/2010 9
  • 10. We partner leaders, bringing trans-disciplinary thinking &knowledge so that they achieve their goals.
  • 11. Busara Integrated Governance• Board Dynamics Advisory• Board Evaluations;• Board Member Search;• Board & Committee Inductions;• One-2-one & Tailor-made Director Coaching ,Executive Coaching & Mentorship;• Tailored one-2-one and small group training on King 3, Companies Act 2008, expanded Audit Committee responsibilities using a case study method; ICT Strategy & IT Governance• Developing and updating corporate governance frameworks to comply with Companies Act 2008 and relevant sector/industry legislation;• Independent strategic capability assessment of leadership teams and the people they lead in organisations.• Service audit of functions, divisions and/or organisation• Strategic thought leadership surveys 12/6/2010 11
  • 12. Why we are the partners for you?• Where individuals are specialist, technically proficient and experts in their fields, we develop them into strategic, well-rounded directors so that they are able to translate their knowledge into their new roles as board members for a more effective board since varied perspectives improve discussion, creativity and decision-making .• Where individuals have the skills and knowledge to be effective board members, we develop a programme to get them visibility in the right markets.• Where individuals are appointed for their business, personal or political ties, or else for their ability to add symbolic lustre to a board, we develop a personalised coaching programme to supplement and complement their existing skills and knowledge so that they add real value in developing business strategy for the long-term sustainability of the company, to understand their responsibilities as board and/or committee members as detailed in the Companies Act 2008, King 3 and/or any other relevant corporate governance guidelines pertaining to your company’s jurisdiction.• We are practitioners that work with integrity and confidentiality with all our clients, individuals and groups. 12/6/2010 12
  • 13. Why we are the partners for you?• We are qualified practitioners that are not bringing off the shelf solutions, but the appropriate capabilities, skills and expertise that can respond and add value in the existing situation.• We tailor–make programmes for individual’s and groups who want to increase their knowledge in a specific field of interest, beyond corporate governance, working with the most appropriate experts and partners, where required.• We work with investment companies and groups, trustees, directors joining boards in new industries or sectors, directors that want to update their corporate governance and/ or industry knowledge, international and local investment missions, business, civic and government leaders, amongst others.• We are available to present in seminars (in-house and in the public arena) and to provide one-to-one coaching and to small groups on King 3, Companies Act 2008, Audit Committees’ role & responsibilities, ICT Strategy & IT Governance and general board member induction. We are knowledgeable of UK governance developments as well.• We are available for public speaking on ‘Fit for the Boardroom’, ‘A Women’s Place is in the Boardroom’, ‘Diversity as a tool for Effective Boards’ or any Corporate Governance and Boards of Directors issue.• We have the capabilities to assist you in shaping your organisation and building the right capabilities to best achieve your goals in the present and into the future. 12/6/2010 13
  • 14. Why work with us• We have executive and management experience and capabilities in diverse sectors.• We have board expertise and capabilities which contribute to vibrant discussions guided by the case study method of coaching that we use.• We have equivalent and divergent skills, experience and knowledge as executive managers and board members thus are practical and experienced to advise and engage on issues to the benefit of the client.• We offer excellent value for money and ongoing partnerships with a strong performance measurement mindset.• We will ensure that we know, understand and do in the best interest of the organisation and/or individual in executing the brief.• We have the capabilities to provide innovative contributions to existing strategic concepts and plans and to develop new ones, as the assignment necessitates because of our experience-based starting point in everything we do.• We have the proficiency to work with, provide independent analysis and advice leadership team members with as much passion, interest in your success, self- accountability and mindset as you would get from the equivalent expertise thought be only found in full-time resources.• We offer services through a channel at a time and in the place that suits the client. Personalised and tailor-made services. 12/6/2010 14
  • 15. Busara Strategic Projects 12/6/2010 15
  • 16. We are leading partners in Business Process Excellence, Project, Programme and Change Management
  • 17. “Strategy gets you on the playing field, but execution pays the bills”.(Gordon Eubanks, industry pioneer) 12/6/2010 17
  • 18. What we can do for you?• We are experienced practitioners that work on medium to large projects across all industries• Business Process Excellence (Business Maturity Assessment; Business Process Engineering & Optimisation; Business Process Capability Development) & IT Strategy and Organisation (with project, programme and change management)• We work on a minimum of 6 months project consulting – preferably > 1 year• We can take full project ownership or be part of programme resource augmentation• We employ the PMBOK Methodology• We have Project Auditing capability 12/6/2010 18
  • 19. Why we are the partners for you• We, as project managers, seek to understand business constraints and use them to develop project solutions together with the client• We take the time to understand fully the impact of the implementation on the business and we focus on minimising them while delivering on our targets• We utilise effective stakeholder management processes and communication instruments to ensure support to those directly impacted• We implement effective quality management processes and ensure timely and effective reporting to designated key stakeholders across all levels of the organisation• We employ rigorous time, cost and scope management processes and we, at the same, remain sensitive to the changing objectives of the business• We incorporate milestone gates to minimise risk and to ensure continuous alignment to objectives 12/6/2010 19
  • 20. Busara Public 12/6/2010 20
  • 21. Helping leaders develop and drive market driven strategies that transform businesses and move them forward
  • 22. What we can do for you Critical issues you may be dealing with that we can help address • We aren’t growing as fast as we’d like... • Our business is not as innovative as it should be... • Senior management does not know how to drive brand management... • We are losing share to (new) competitors... • It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate and cut through the clutter... • We need to deliver a more consistent customer experience... • We don’t know who are customers are or who we should be targeting anymore... • We don’t know how to measure how effective our marketing is... • Where is our new source of growth going to come from? • We need to do more with less... • We need to find effective and meaningful ways to engage with our customers and stakeholders 12/6/2010 22
  • 23. What we can do for you Helping You Think Thinking With You • Strategy Facilitation • Brand Strategy • Strategy Coaching • Marketing Strategy • Strategy Mentoring • Communication Strategy Busara • Media Strategy Public • Brand Audit • Public Relations (Individuals & Organisations) • Public Speaking (In-house & public arenas) Engaging With Stakeholders 12/6/2010 23
  • 24. Helping You ThinkCoaching and MentoringAs your strategic partner we will add ongoing value to the strategic thinking of your managementteam by: – Advisory capacity with respect to marketing strategy and related impacts to business strategy – Sharing of ideas of the related industries, global and local trends, marketing and strategy processes, marketing operations and controlling – Identify brand and growth opportunities within the business – Working in collaboration with your other strategic partners ensuring that brand strategy is brought to life through the appropriate communication channelsStrategy FacilitationWe will facilitate “strategic conversations” that will help you : – Rethink the way you do business – Generate innovative solutions to business problems – Become “unstuck” and identify prioritised market opportunities – Create a common vision – Mobilise the business towards action 12/6/2010 24
  • 25. Thinking With You • “The job of brand building belongs to the entire Brand organization, not just the marketing department. To truly unite your entire enterprise around this goal requires a Strategy unique, powerful, and relevant brand promise, and a plan for delivering it consistently” • There’s a lot more to a brand than a logo and tagline. “Any damn Our brand services: fool can put - Brand Strategy on a deal, - Market definition and Brand positioning but it takes - Brand portfolio genius, faith - Brand architecture and naming - Corporate Reputation and • Brand Activation (bringing the strategy to life) perseveranc - Employee engagement e to create a - Customer experience brand” • Brand Management David Ogilvy - Organizational capabilities and competencies • Brand Performance - Brand metrics/measurement 12/6/2010 25
  • 26. Thinking With You • A holistic approach to achieve superior growth in increasingly competitive markets. Marketing • Strategy development involves: Strategy - Market analysis - transforming a deep understanding of customer benefits, needs and buying processes into marketing programs that deliver customer value. - Market sizing and demand assessment – delivering a realistic Finding picture of which opportunities to pursue and – equally important opportunities. – which to avoid. - Competitive analysis – identifying sources of strength and areas of weakness relative to competitors as a foundation for developing Delivering competitive advantage. - Product positioning and differentiation – finding untapped results customer segments, locate gaps in your offerings, determine your degree of differentiation, and assess your positioning. - Channel management and optimization – ensuring that your channel strategy delivers maximum value, and that sales and marketing are working together to deliver the best results. • Marketing accountability and effectiveness - Investment allocation - Marketing mix optimization 12/6/2010 26
  • 27. Thinking With You Communication • Marketing communications strategy – developing effective and Media strategies for your newest products or services or evaluate your current marketing communications efforts. Strategy • Communication Strategies include: - Developing the key communication content (internal and Applying external communication) based on the brand promise tools, (value proposition) creativity and - Identifying the marketing (consumer) and media target groups (based on media analysis) innovative - Outlining the communication vehicles (ATL, BTL, Through thinking. the line) that will best suit the brand promise and engage the target market For greatest - Developing the timing schedule (e.g. publications, effectiveness. ATL/BTL flight times) to maximise spend effectiveness - Defining the communication budget and the allocation of optimal resourcing - Developing the metrics against which to measure the efficacy of the strategy (e.g. Brand awareness, image, consideration etc) 12/6/2010 27
  • 28. Why we are the partners for you• Because our sweet spot is the marriage of strategy and execution, we don’t just offer insight. We help make it happen, whether that means a clean handoff to your team or taking work off your shoulders to ensure you meet aggressive deadlines.• We are not merely strategic developers, we work with clients throughout the company, product and customer lifecycles, from helping to identify, evaluate and exploit new market opportunities to refining and re-energizing existing businesses, brands, and strategies• We have proven tools and methodologies as well as experience to deliver practical strategies that are implementable• We see ourselves as the “objective outsiders” who sound the wake-up call, challenge entrenched ideas, asks the tough questions, and provoke fresh thinking about the challenges you face• Our strategy development focuses on market research informed brand positioning, strategy development and implementation. As business owners we understand why you are in business in the first place and our methodologies are strongly rooted in the pursuit of commercial gain. 12/6/2010 28
  • 29. Contents Our focus ….. who we are Our passion ….. why we do it Our team 12/6/2010 29
  • 30. Our Team Leading partners Multi-Sectoral Experience to leaders providing expertise and Thought capabilities that Leadership are innovative, creative, contextually relevant, personalised and tailor-made 12/6/2010 30
  • 31. Our Team Dudu Msomi Tumi Mphahlele Lebo Biko Chief Executive Officer Managing Director of Managing Director of Head : Busara Integrated Busara Strategic Projects Busara Public Governance 12/6/2010 31
  • 32. Dudu MsomiDudu Msomi is the founder and CEO of Busara Leadership Partners offering tailor-made and personalised advisory andstrategic services to leadership teams and individuals, boards and executives in the private and public sectorthroughout the continent. Dudu heads up the division, Busara Integrated Governance, which develops leaders to growinvestments and their organisations in a sustainable manner by making decisions that ensure positive long-termbenefits for the organisation and their communities. Interventions include strategic advice, developing and executingstrategy, coaching and mentoring individuals to access and use the appropriate knowledge, to apply critical analysis,thinking and reasoning in performing their duties and responsibilities amongst others.Msomi has expertise and experience in strategy formulation and implementation; designing and implementingtransformation programmes in companies and industry bodies; marketing; advertising; communications; humanresources leadership and corporate governance. Dudu’s experience also spans diverse industries such as retail,advertising, financial services, Information, Communications & Technology consulting and professional, membershipservices.Msomi also writes for publishing in diverse media and academic journals on leadership, corporate governance, boardsand entrepreneurship, is commissioned by companies to write case studies for journal and mass publications on theirleaders, company and/or brands and also does public speaking. She holds several board directorships in theinformation technology, financial services industries and the Agricultural Research Council.Dudu Msomi has qualifications in B.A. Hons (University of Natal, Durban, 1992); Postgraduate Diploma in Advertisingand Marketing (AAA School of Advertising, Jhb, 1995); Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance (Rand AfrikaansUniversiteit, 1998); Programme for Management Development and a Masters in Business Administration (GIBS,University of Pretoria; 2001 & 2007). She read towards Corporate Law (King 3 and Company Act 1973 & 2008) at theUniversity of Johannesburg in 2009. 12/6/2010 32
  • 33. Tumi MphahleleTumi Mphahlele is the Managing Director of Busara Strategic Projects, a division of Busara Leadership Partners.Tumi is highly experienced in financial services as a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Consulting Manager.Having good conceptual skills makes it possible for her to grasp complex business problems within a short spaceof time. Her analytical and conceptual skills come naturally to her as a science undergraduate which has beenshown in a range of academic achievements that she has attained, including “Top Academic Student” atStellenbosch Business School and Deans Merit List at UCT. This aids her strong ability to make careful andbalanced decisions and which she is able to do quickly when required. This ability to practice objectivity, evenunder intense pressure and to see a macro view of issues has earned her respect.Tumi is highly experienced in financial services as a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Consulting Manager.Having good conceptual skills makes it possible for her to grasp complex business problems within a short spaceof time. Her analytical and conceptual skills come naturally to her as a science undergraduate which has beenshown in a range of academic achievements that she has attained, including “Top Academic Student” atStellenbosch Business School and Deans Merit List at UCT. This aids her strong ability to make careful andbalanced decisions and which she is able to do quickly when required. This ability to practice objectivity, evenunder intense pressure and to see a macro view of issues has earned her respect.Tumi Mphahlele has B.Sc (Chemistry), University of Cape Town, completed in 1994; Postgraduate Diploma inMarketing Management, University of South Africa, completed in 1997; Diploma in Datametrics (InformationSystem major), University of South Africa, completed 2000 and Master of Business Administration (MBA),Graduate Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, completed in 2006. 12/6/2010 33
  • 34. Lebo BikoRelebogile Biko, better known as Lebo is the Managing Director of Busara Public, a division of Busara LeadershipPartners.Biko is a seasoned marketing and business growth strategist, with nearly 12 years of strategy development andimplementation experience. Her experience spans across the business value chain – from operational involvementthrough to strategy development, ensuring the crafting of practical, implementable strategies. Lebo is anexperienced problem solver, working with executives to (re)innovate or (re)define the next phase of their “s-curve” – from strategy refinement and focus through to business restructuring and market propositiondevelopment. Through the years she has had exposure to numerous industries and markets, giving her the uniqueability to successfully apply best practice lessons to develop creative solutions.Past assignments have included developing market driven growth strategies, market entry strategies, includingopportunity identification in other African countries as well as distribution channels for new and existing products.Lebo has strong a personality with superior communication skills and an ability to connect at all levels of anorganisation.Lebo Biko is the President of the Gauteng region of Business Women’s Association of South Africa (BWASA).Lebo has a B.Com (in Economics and Finance), Management Advancement Programme Certificate and an MBA, allfrom the University of the Witwatersrand. 12/6/2010 34
  • 35. Contact Us Dudu Msomi Chief Executive Officer Busara Leadership Partners Contact Details Office: 0861 000 741 Cell: +27 82 9200 751 Fax: 0866 55 8850 E-mail: 12/6/2010 35