DuPont Accelerates Growth in ASEAN


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This presentation was delivered by Hsing HO, ASEAN Sales & Marketing Director, at the DuPont ASEAN Media Forum held in Bangkok Feb. 16, 2011.

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DuPont Accelerates Growth in ASEAN

  1. 1. DuPont Accelerates Growth in ASEANHsing HO, ASEAN Sales & Marketing DirectorASEAN Media Forum, Bangkok, February 16, 2011DuPont – A Market Driven Science Company
  2. 2. 2DuPont -- 40 years in ASEANHistory and Presence • In 7 countries • Entered ASEAN countries (except Vietnam and Cambodia) in the early 1970s • Established presence in Vietnam in 1990s; Cambodia in 2008 • Major businesses • Titanium Technologies • Performance Polymers • Crop Protection • Packaging & Industrial Polymers • Electronics & Communication • ~ 2,700 employees • 12 manufacturing and packaging plants
  3. 3. 3DuPont in ASEAN 12 manufacturing facilities Country offices in Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
  4. 4. 4 ASEAN Linked to Global Megatrends…GlobalMegatrends Safety & Energy Environment Food • Reduce CarbonASEAN • Population • 15% from footprintRelevance* growth ~2%p.a. renewable sources by 2015 • Clean Water* AEC Report • Leading food producer by 2020 • Green environment • FoodProductivity • PV Manufacturing • Green BuildingDuPont and YieldDomain • Safety,CleanTech • Food Security & Handling
  5. 5. 5Rising Single Market in ASEANFROM TOCross-Border Barriers: AEC committed to a SINGLEASEAN 10 Countries vary in – market and production base by 2015Economic Key Initiatives -Social • Free flow of goods, capital &Cultural laborPolitical • Strengthen IP Rights • Harmonized System of WorldLegal Class Standards eg. Food Safety • Promote growth of SMEs • Prioritized integration: Agro- based, Automotive, Logistics, Electronics, Healthcare, Environment • Regional energy cooperation
  6. 6. 6 ASEAN: Growth Potential • 3rd largest population after China and India • Market Size & Growth potential is comparable to India • Dynamic inter- and intra- regional trade 40 30 Global Share of GDP Asean-6* % GDP Share 3.8% 3.5% India 20 15.6% China 10 5.4% Japan 0IMA Sept’2010*Asean10 > 4% 1990 2000 2010 2015
  7. 7. 7Global Focus on ASEAN FDI has steadily increased • Comparable to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) • Interwoven Asia-Pacific Value Chains Asean $ 40B Brazil $ 23B $126B China $ 41B Russia $ 34B India 2009 Total FDI Inflow in US$ UNCTAD report
  8. 8. 8 ASEAN -- Staying Competitive Hourly Wages in US$, 2010• Low Labor Rates 15• New Free Trade Agreements 10 US $/hour• Rising Currencies• Legal Standards Rising 5 0 a a d an HK a sia e am ia es di in re an or ys iw In ne pin Ch Ko ap etn ail ala Ta do ng ilip Th Vi M In Si Ph --- China IMA Asia, Asia’s Wage Outlook Oct 2010
  9. 9. 9 ASEAN Domestic Market: Rising ConsumerismASEAN rapidly approaching $5000 per capita GDP, signaling rise ofConsumer economy (evident by China’s trend) ASEAN Countries: 2008 Per Capita GDP in US$ China India ASEAN Avg Vietnam Thailand Emerging markets Philippines <$5000 per capita Malaysia Indonesia - $5000 10,000 US$ per capita‘In 20 years Emerging Markets GDP per capita growth rate will be 4X that of Developed Markets’- Sep’2010 Goldman Sachs Global Economics Report
  10. 10. 10DuPont Industry Focus and StrategyDuPont Industry Focus • Energy • Agriculture / Food • Electronics / Automotive • InfrastructureDuPont Strategy • Build on science and innovation powerhouse • Sustainable growth • Megatrends • Inclusive innovation and collaboration
  11. 11. 11Science and Innovation Powerhouse • DuPont is a market-driven science company and has a history of over 209 years in science innovation • Products like Corian ®, Kevlar ®, Nomex ® and Tyvek ® are well-known brands in the industries • In 2009, achieved 39% of total revenue from products launched in 2005- 2009 • In 2010, on a global basis, we introduced more than 1,700 new products; 8 R&D expansion • One R&D expansion is the DuPont Knowledge Centre in India (which will support ASEAN innovation) for advanced protective materials, automotive lightweighting, bio-based materials and agriculture
  12. 12. 12 Sustainable Growth Sustainability is a Business Opportunity Customers want: Better Products • Safer materials Better Processes • Reduced Waste • Reduced water and air pollution • Lower energy content Smaller Environmental Footprint • Recyclability • Better Land Use • Less Impact on Biodiversity…Sustainability is a driving force highly relevant to customers
  13. 13. 13Megatrends OpportunitiesMega Trends DuPont Solutions Seeds, crop protection products, food & Increasing Food Production nutrition products, and food packaging materials Photovoltaics, fuel cell components, energy Decreasing Dependence efficient Tyvek® materials, light weight on Fossil Fuels polymer composites for transportation, biofuels Kevlar®, Nomex® and Tyvek® for worker Protecting Lives protection, SentryGlas®, safety services, environmental protection material solutions Megatrends drive opportunities for tailored, differentiated offerings
  14. 14. 14 Inclusive Innovation and Collaboration• The scale and scope of world challenges cannot be solved by one single country or company, it can only be tackled through science and collaboration.• Working with customers and listening to customers’ needs, and through DuPont Knowledge Cetnre as the Innovation Hub for ASEAN, we introduce products that are for ASEAN with the right product attributes at the right price point• At DuPont we treasure collaboration with customers, governments and academia. We are eager to design and enter new business models with ASEAN companies and governments that result in win-win solutions to these challenging opportunities.• To cite one example, our Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Tom Connelly, sits on the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council (RIEC) of the Singapore government, chaired by the Prime Minister of Singapore
  15. 15. 15 DuPont ApproachIdentify Find Partners Design newTrends and and businessNeeds Collaborators models DuPont
  16. 16. 16For further informationPlease communicate withRicky Law, DuPont ASEAN PA
  17. 17. 17© 2009 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. All Rights Reserved.