Digital Nervous System for your BUSINESS

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  • 1. Digital Nervous System for your BUSINESS
  • 2. Below are a list of few issues, questions, problems which if solved could help any business grow. 1. Want to convert leads into customers? 2. Want to manage your sales leads in a automated way? 3. Can you send automated email and sms reminders to your leads? 4. Want to keep a track of each lead? 5. Want to pull leads to you rather than making calls ? 6. Want to promote all your products / services on a regular basis to your leads and customers?
  • 3. Our solution to the above mentioned issues, questions, problems are the following modules. An in-house need to automate business processes led to creation of a simple but extremely useful Digital Nervous System to automated all our business processes and this would certainly help you. A. Lead Management Module B. Customer Management Module C. Billing Module D. Greetings Module E. SMS Module F. Support Module
  • 4. A. Lead Management Module 1. With Lead Management Module you can try and convert your every lead into customer. The Module is used to manage all the sales leads online. 2. You can send automated reminders to your leads. You can send SMS as well as customized & personalized email reminders. 3. You can keep track of your each and every sales leads online. 4. Lead Management Module is the best way to pull your leads without making call or following up personally.
  • 5. 5. Create multi-step nurturing sequences that automatically warm your leads so they buy from you when the time is right and not from your competitors 6. Follow up with every single lead without fail to ensure you don’t waste your advertising expenditure 7. Automate your workflow so you and your employees can do a lot more in less time 8. Track where every single lead and customer comes from and report on conversion rates and ROI so you can make informed decisions
  • 6. B. Customer Management Module 1. You can maintain PR with your client by sending them automated email greetings, birthday or festival wishes and reminders to your customers without bothering. 2. You can store contact details of all your customers online. 3. You can keep a track of how many products / services a particular customer has acquired from you. 4. You can promote all your products/ services on a regular basis to your customers in an automated way and generate more business.
  • 7. 5. You can keep track of number of Customers. 6. Tag contacts based on their activities & interests so you can send perfectly targeted marketing messages that convert at much higher percentages 7. Create multi-step nurturing sequences that automatically warm your customers so they buy from you when the time is right and not from your competitors 8. Imagine you can automatically send pre-defined e-mail and SMS messages to your clients without the need for any staff involvement.
  • 8. C. Billing Module 1. By this module you can manage your billing online. 2. Generate bill on the fly, logins for customers to check their billing status, they could pay online also. 3. You can also send automated reminders for the payment to customers. 4. After receiving the payment, you just have to click on Paid button. It will stop sending reminders for payment.
  • 9. 5. Automated Emails could be sent to customers for payment i.e. you could set the desired time span i.e. 7 days, 15 days,30 days after invoice is raised. 6. You can keep a track of every bill by Weekly monthly and yearly basis. 7. You can keep a track of Bills generated, Paid Bills, Pending Bills, Taxes etc.
  • 10. D. Greeting Module 1. It will help you to maintain good public relationship with your clients. 2. You can send automated greetings to your clients as well as you can schedule festival greetings for your clients/contacts. 3. You can promote your brand name by sending automated greetings to your leads. 4. You can send automated Birthday Greetings to your clients.
  • 11. E. SMS Module 1. Our SMS module comprises of services that enable you to send SMS ’s to multiple recipients. 2. The recipients can be your staff, clients, friends or other important people with whom you constantly need to stay in touch. 3. These messages could be sent by your brand name.
  • 12. 4. You also have an option to add, edit, delete and segregate your clients or any individual functionary body by category. 5. You can customize your search to a specific desired category and send SMS to the desired person. 6. Most important you can schedule automated messages for birthdays, reminders, well wishes during festive occasions or any other events.
  • 13. F. Support Module 1. Users / Vendors / Clients could register their complaints / enquiry online and they would be automatically checked if registered or not. If not registered then they are asked to register. 2. Update and Close tickets. 3. White labeled Support Module.
  • 14. 4. Auto close of tickets & login for clients as well as email of ticket and its update. 5. Ability to make internal notes on action taken on those tickets. 6. Ability to search for tickets.
  • 15. Conclusion Identifying and defining processes for every function while also being nimble to change. Processes should be definite yet flexible. Additionally one should be obsessively compulsive when it comes to process automation. One should strive rigorously to automate all business functions and strive to operate in a totally paperless environment. This process orientation, agility and automation drive, will help to scale indefinitely. We are already doing our bit are you.
  • 16. You could reach our Sales Team at Email: Office Landline +91 - 0250 – 2393025 / 6451155 / 6451166 For Live Sales Chat visit