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Requirements for Hazardous Waste Generators in Wisconsin
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Requirements for Hazardous Waste Generators in Wisconsin


An educational session I presented at the 2013 Plant and Facilities Maintenance Association (PFMA) Expo in Milwaukee, WI on February 27th. This information is necessary for any Wisconsin company that …

An educational session I presented at the 2013 Plant and Facilities Maintenance Association (PFMA) Expo in Milwaukee, WI on February 27th. This information is necessary for any Wisconsin company that generates any of the following: Hazardous Waste, Non-Hazardous Waste, Used Oil, & Universal Waste. After viewing the presentation you will know the most common hazardous waste violations cited by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and what you can do to avoid them. The presentation concludes with links to additional information.

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  • 1. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 1 REQUIREMENTS FOR HAZARDOUS WASTE GENERATORS IN WISCONSIN A very brief summary of the steps to identify and comply with the applicable regulations for the generation of hazardous waste in the State of Wisconsin. And how to avoid the WDNR’s Common Hazardous Waste Violations.
  • 2. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 2PRESENTED BY: Daniels Training Services 815.821.1550 A different kind of training.
  • 3. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 3 A LITTLE BACKGROUND It’s important to understand the basis for the regulations and what agency enforces them.
  • 4. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 4 Regulatory Agencies• USEPA regulates environmental protection nationwide.• Approved State programs may be more stringent and more broad.• In Wisconsin: The WI Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).
  • 5. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 5What is Cradle to Grave forHazardous Waste? • If you generate a hazardous waste, regulations are applicable throughout its lifecycle. FOREVER!!!
  • 6. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 6 HAZARDOUS WASTE DETERMINATION Required for all the waste you generate.
  • 7. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 7All Generators Must Complete aHazardous Waste Determination• Sole responsibility of the generator.• Must be documented.• Maintain records for 3 years.• Determination may be based on: 1. Analysis of samples. 2. Generator’s knowledge.
  • 8. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 8 Is it a Solid Waste?• Any discarded material.• Liquid, solid, semi- solid. • Garbage or trash. • Industrial waste. • Residential waste. • Food waste. • Containers & packaging.
  • 9. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 9Two Types of Hazardous Waste 1. Listed 2. Characteristic• Identified by: • Exhibits defined 1. Process of characteristics. generation • Usually determined by 2. Technical name sample analysis.• Usually knowledge- based.
  • 10. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 10Listed Hazardous Waste• F-Codes: • Non-specific sources. • Spent solvents, WWT sludge, more…• K-Codes: • Specific sources. • Petroleum refining, primary metal processing, more…
  • 11. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 11More Listed Hazardous Waste• P & U Codes: • Listed by technical name. • Must be virgin, unreacted material. • Unused product • Spill clean-up • Container residue
  • 12. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 13Characteristic Hazardous Waste• Ignitable (D001): • Liquid with flashpoint <140˚F. • Spontaneously combustible solid. • Oxidizer. • Flammable gas.• Corrosive (D002): • Aqueous with pH ≤2 or ≥12.5, and/or • Liquid that corrodes steel at defined rate. • Can’t be a solid.
  • 13. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 14More Characteristic Hazardous Waste• Reactive (D003): • Unstable under normal conditions. • Water reactive. • Explosive.• Toxic (D004 – D043): • Poisonous to living organisms. • Toxins will leach from waste above a threshold concentration.
  • 14. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 15Is it Excluded by Regulation?• Excluded by rule from definition of solid waste.• Excluded by rule from definition of hazardous waste.• Excluded from regulation due to recycling.• Excluded as material in an out-of-service process for ≤90 days.• Excluded as a waste determination or treatability study sample.
  • 15. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 16Common Hazardous Waste Violations • Misclassifying a hazardous waste as non- hazardous or vice-versa. • Incorrect application of generator knowledge where sample analysis would yield better used. • Use of a lab for sample analysis that is not certified by the WDNR.
  • 16. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 17 HAZARDOUS WASTE GENERATOR STATUS The requirements of regulatory compliance depends upon your hazardous waste generator status.
  • 17. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 18Large Quantity Generator• GENERATES: • ≥1,000 kg hazardous waste/calendar mo. • ≥1 kg acute hazardous waste/calendar mo.
  • 18. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 19Small Quantity Generator • GENERATES: • >100 kg <1,000 kg hazardous waste/calendar mo. • ACCUMULATES: • ≤6,000 kg hazardous waste.
  • 19. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 20Very Small Quantity Generator• GENERATES: • ≤100 kg hazardous waste/calendar mo. • ≤1 kg acute hazardous waste/calendar mo.• ACCUMULATES: • <1,000 kg hazardous waste.
  • 20. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 21 PREVENTING AND PREPARING FOR EMERGENCIES Your requirements for preparation and prevention of emergencies will differ based on your generator status.
  • 21. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 23Emergency Preparedness & Prevention• Attempt arrangements w/ local emergency services.• Internal & external emergency communication. • Personnel must have immediate access.• Fire suppression, spill control, & decontamination equipment. • Must be tested and maintained.
  • 22. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 24Small Quantity Generator Requirements: • Post emergency response information. • ID one employee available for coordinating emergency response.
  • 23. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 25Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan• Arrangements agreed to by local authorities, emergency response contractors, and equipment suppliers.• Phone numbers of local authorities & contractors.• Emergency coordinator’s address & phone (office and home).• Up to date list of emergency equipment & capabilities.• Evacuation plan and directions.
  • 24. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 26Common Hazardous Waste Violation• Failure to have or update the Contingency Plan.• Missing name & home address of emergency coordinators.• Inadequate description of all waste and hazards.• Missing description and location of emergency equipment & accumulation areas.
  • 25. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 27 HAZARDOUS WASTE CONTAINER MANAGEMENT Proper container management is the way to prevent spills, releases, and WDNR violations.
  • 26. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 28Hazardous Waste ContainerManagement • In good condition. • No residue on outside. • Compatible with waste. • Store in proper location: • Indoors • Controlled access
  • 27. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 29Common Hazardous Waste Violation• Using improper containers.• Containers in poor condition.• Storage in poor location.
  • 28. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 30Markings for Containers & Tanks “Hazardous Waste” Accumulation Start Date
  • 29. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 31Common Hazardous Waste Violation• Containers & tanks must be clearly marked as “Hazardous Waste”.• Accumulation containers must be marked with the date the first drop of hazardous waste is added. • Accumulation time limit begins on this date.
  • 30. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 32Keep Container Closed• Container must be closed except when adding or removing waste.• Intent is for container to be: • Vapor tight. • Spill proof.
  • 31. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 33Common Hazardous Waste Violation• Containers not kept closed except to add or remove waste.
  • 32. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 34Time Limit for Onsite Accumulation ofHazardous Waste Large Quantity Small Quantity Generator Generator• No more than 90 days • No more than 180 from date of initial days from date of accumulation. initial accumulation.
  • 33. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 35Time Limit for Onsite Accumulation ofHazardous Waste• Very Small Quantity Generator: • No onsite time limit for accumulation of hazardous waste.
  • 34. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 36Common Hazardous Waste Violation • Accumulate hazardous waste onsite for greater than 90 or 180 days without approval.
  • 35. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 37Weekly Inspections• Weekly inspections are required for LQG’s & SQG’s: • Hazardous waste containers. • Hazardous waste accumulation areas. • Must maintain a log of completed inspections.
  • 36. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 38Common Hazardous Waste Violation• Not maintaining records of waste container inspection logs.
  • 37. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 39 SATELLITE ACCUMULATION OF HAZARDOUS WASTE The satellite accumulation regulations give you a break from some of the requirements for hazardous waste.
  • 38. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 40Container Volume Restrictions in SAA’s • ≤55 gallons of hazardous waste. • ≤1 quart of acute hazardous waste.
  • 39. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 41Container Requirements in SAA’s• Label: “Hazardous Waste” • or chemical name.• Other “basic” container requirements.
  • 40. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 42The Tricky Part of SAA’s 1. At or near the point of generation. 2. Under the control of the operator of the process that generated the waste.
  • 41. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 43When Volume Limit is Met 1. Final closure. 2. Date container was full. 3. 3 days to move to Central Accumulation Area. 4. 90 or 180 day limit begins.
  • 42. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 44Common Hazardous Waste Violation • Accumulating >55 gallons of hazardous waste at a Satellite Accumulation Area.
  • 43. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 45 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Make sure you are in compliance with the WDNR reporting requirements.
  • 44. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 46Reporting Requirements Annual Hazardous EPA Form 8700-12 Waste Report• Must be used to • Due March 1st for document facility’s: previous year. • Generator status • LQG’s and SQG’s. • Wastes generated • Ownership
  • 45. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 47 TRAINING OF HAZARDOUS WASTE PERSONNEL WDNR and US EPA agree on this one: You must annually train all hazardous waste personnel at an LQG. Some training for SQG’s as well.
  • 46. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 48Training Requirements LQG SQG• Initial w/i 180 days of • “Ensure facility employment. personnel are• Annual review. thoroughly familiar• Program directed by with proper waste trained personnel. handling and• Trained to perform job emergency in compliance with procedures, relevant regulations. to their• Document correctly. responsibilities…”
  • 47. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 49Common Hazardous Waste Violation • Not providing annual training. • Not providing training in implementation of contingency plan. • Not maintaining training records.
  • 48. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 50 THE UNIFORM HAZARDOUS WASTE MANIFEST Required nationwide since 9.5.06. There are Federal and State requirements you must follow.
  • 49. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 51Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest• Must use for: • Hazardous waste from LQG & SQG. • Used Oil from all generators. • PCB’s from all generators.• Hazardous waste from VSQG does not require manifest.
  • 50. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 52Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest inWisconsin • For out-of-State TSDF, generator must submit final, signed copy to WDNR w/i 30 days of receiving. • Not required for in- state TSDF.
  • 51. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 53Common Hazardous Waste Violation • Not having all required manifests. • Improperly filling out manifests. • Not sending final signed copy to WDNR if TSDF out-of-State.
  • 52. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 54 LAND DISPOSAL RESTRICTIONS aka: LDR or Land Ban. Be aware of your requirements as a generator of hazardous waste.
  • 53. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 55 Land Disposal Restrictions for Hazardous Waste• Generator responsibility: 1. Determine applicable LDR’s for their waste. 2. Provide signed LDR Notice or Certification to TSDF. 3. Maintain signed copy of LDR Notice or Certification. 4. Update LDR if changes to waste.
  • 54. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 56Common Hazardous Waste Violation• Not having signed LDR notices or certifications.
  • 55. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 57 UNIVERSAL WASTE A “de-regulation” of some hazardous waste at the Federal level and in Wisconsin. Be aware of your requirements.
  • 56. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 58Federal Universal Wastes• Electric lamps.• Batteries.• Mercury-containing devices.• Recalled or cancelled pesticides.
  • 57. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 59 Wisconsin Universal Wastes • Federal UW’s and… • Antifreeze to be recycled • E-waste • Refer to my presentation: Universal Waste in Wisconsin.
  • 58. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 60Common Universal Waste Violation • Not closing and labeling container properly.
  • 59. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 61 USED OIL Another “de-regulation” of what might be a hazardous waste.
  • 60. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 62 Used Oil Management• Manage in tanks & containers only.• Label: “Used Oil”.• Practice good housekeeping.• Refer to my article: Used Oil Management in Wisconsin.
  • 61. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 63For More Information• Database of WDNR-Certified Labs• The ID and Management of Universal Waste in Wisconsin• Hazardous Waste Manifests – A Guide for Hazardous Waste Generators• WDNR’s Common Hazardous Waste Violations• Used Oil Management in Wisconsin• Is Your Waste Hazardous?
  • 62. Hazardous Waste in Wisconsin @DanielsTraining 64Got QuestionsAbout RCRA orHazMatTransportation?Annual HazardousWaste PersonnelTraining.andTriennial HazMatEmployee Training.PublicSeminars or Daniels Training ServicesOnsite. 815.821.1550