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Starry night pro plus 5.0 astronomy software win mac [dvd]

Starry night pro plus 5.0 astronomy software win mac [dvd]






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    Starry night pro plus 5.0 astronomy software win mac [dvd] Starry night pro plus 5.0 astronomy software win mac [dvd] Document Transcript

    • Starry Night Pro Plus 5.0 Astronomy SoftwareWin/Mac [DVD]Starry Night Pro Plus lets stargazers ger moreout of their hobby. The comprehensiveastronomy software will help any lover of thenight sky explore the universe more effectivelyBreathtaking images and a powerful suite offeatures make this software the brightest star inthe world of astronomy! Read more
    • If youre looking for a complete desktopplanetarium solution, look no further than StarryNight Pro Plus 5.0. With this powerful softwareyou can see how the sky over your house looksright now, or use it to see how the sky will looktonight, tomorrow or far into the past or future.You can even change your position and see howthe heavens appear from the other side of theearth, or from other planets. From any place onEarth, see the real night sky in full-colorphotographic detail. Enhanced telescope controlon supported scopes makes Starry Night eveneasier-to-use for unsurpassed astronomicalobservations. SkyCalendar alerts you to andsimulates rare celestial events like this doubleshadow transit on Jupiter. Delve deeper into themysteries of the universe with the integratedSkyGuide. Stunning views from a variety ofcelestial bodies are just a few clicks away;witness a total eclipse from the Moon, watch theSun set from the surface of Mars, or even ride acomet. Starry Night Pro is also a valuableeducational tool with more than 100 interactive,multimedia tours that reveal the fascinatingscience and history of stars. An elegant,easy-to-use interface lets you quickly tap into a
    • new and improved suite of features. Key newfeatures of Starry Night Pro Plus includeintegration with jaw-dropping "AllSky" starphotograph imagery, connectivity with MaxIM DLtelescopic imaging software (Windows Only), andenhanced computerized telescope controls. Youllalso enjoy all the new features of Starry NightPro Plus companion product, Starry Night Pro,features like an enhanced SkyCalendar, a built-inEphemeris Generator, and advanced observationaids. You havent seen the heavens until youveseen the exclusive photographic imagery thatships with Starry Night Pro Plus. Take yourobservations to the next level with AllSky, thefirst-ever, full-color photograph of the entirenight sky viewable from Earth. Quickly and easilynavigate and zoom-in on the full-color CCD imagemosaic, which is comprised of about 20,000individual images taken with a 6 mega-pixel CCDcamera and a custom-built optical system. Thefull-color, photographic detail of these imageswill knock your socks off! The Windows version ofStarry Night Pro Plus also includes a plug-in forcompatibility with MaxIM DL (sold separately), acomplete CCD image-capture solution fortelescopes. Now you can capture images with
    • MaxIM DL and import them into Starry Night forviewing and navigation. With Starry Night ProPlus, you can take control of your computerizedtelescope like never before. This version featurescompatibility with these telescopes: OrionSkyQuest Intelliscope series (XT6, XT8, X10 andX12) Meade LX200 Meade LX200 GPS LX200Compatible Scope Meade ETX Autostar AutostarV2.2 or later (ETX, LX90, LXD55) CelestronNexStar 60, 80, 114 GT Celestron NexStar 5 or 8Celestron NexStar 8 GPS Celestron NexStar 11GPS Enhanced telescope control options are nowavailable, including "Home Scope" which movesyour scope to its home position for easiercomputer-to-star alignment. "Sync Gaze"synchronizes the scopes internal gaze directionwith Starry Night and "Park/Unpark" lets you setthe position of your scope when youre not usingit. This is ideal for scopes placed in a permanentlocation or in one position over several days.Simply unpark your scope and start observingimmediately without having to perform a staralignment again or recalibrating. Meanwhile,"Slew Limits" prevents the telescope frommoving outside a user-defined horizon in bothaltazimuth and equatorial configurations. This
    • helps to protect your valuable equipment bypreventing the telescope from hitting the mountor tripod. You can also display your slew horizonin the Starry Night sky. The "Quick Center"function immediately centers Starry Night on thetelescope position indicator. And for Macintoshusers, the "Telescope Handbox Simulator" allowsyou to push the direction arrows in the StarryNight interface to move your scope. Thetelescope controls also allow you to align yourcomputer star maps with your telescopesviewfinder. You can even customize StarryNights field-of-view indicators to match yourtelescopes eyepiece. A host of great activitiesawait you when you have such powerful softwareat your fingertips. For instance, you could plan anight under the stars with the observationalplanner, track the sky with your telescope, andstore comments and images on individual targetsin Starry Nights observation log. And when thesun comes up, you can still enjoy the heavens byprinting full sky (180-degree) star charts of anyarea in the sky. With access to 55 million starsand 1 million galaxies, an enhanced SkyCalendar,a built-in Ephemeris Generator, and advancedobservation aids, Starry Night Pro Plus is packed
    • with new features that make it a must-haveupgrade. The SkyCalendar is now seamlesslyintegrated with the observation planner and logsso you can more easily plan and record yourstargazing sessions and receive alerts aboutupcoming celestial events. High-precisionsatellite tracking makes it easy to identifyorbiting objects while the built-in EphemerisGenerator lets you calculate the position ofheavenly bodies at a time of your choosing.Meanwhile, high-resolution illustrations let youenjoy panaramic views of your favoriteconstellations. You can also choose horizonpanoramas to simulate surface conditions onearth or other planets and moons. Lastly, a newjoystick-supported spaceship mode lets youmaneuver around the Universe freely andexpansively. Use this tool to see the sky from anylocation in the universe up to 700 million lightyears away. If youre looking for valuableeducational tools Starry Night Pro Plus delivers.Call up more than 100 multimedia tours todeepen your exploration and understanding ofthe universe. Enjoy high resolution exclusiveconstellation illustrations and images from theHubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, as well as
    • the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Youll also get alibrary of imagery that lets you zoom in andexplore the surface of Mars and Earth inunprecedented detail with new higher resolutionsurface maps. Theres even a dictionary ofcommon astronomy terms, plus a Record Holdersdatabase of astronomy trivia. And with anInternet connection you can direct Starry Nightto send you automatic updates about newdiscoveries and orbital data of satellites, cometsand asteroids. Read moreProduct FeatureNew in-the-field features and equipmentqchecklists to help the serious stargazerGo online for up-to-date images of sunspots,qauroras and weather patterns around the globeUpgraded observation and planner logsqNavigate and open your saved Starry Night filesqmore easily, through the simple task panelPowerful search tools locate any mappedqplanets, satellites, comets and asteroids