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Starting the journey to World Class Manufacturing...

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Drurys Engineering Overview

  1. 1. Welcome to Drurys Engineering Limited
  2. 2. Mission Statement “Drurys Engineering Limited are committed to providing a competitively priced, high quality, manufacturing service. The combination of a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, and ongoing investment in leading-edge equipment, enables us to provide the quality and service required by all major manufacturing companies in today's increasingly competitive markets.”
  3. 3. AEROSPACE Efficient Manufacturing to High Standards The modern day battle for the skies relies on quality, delivery, and cost. Drurys continually perform well in all three areas, and have been repeatedly recognised by a leading Aerospace customer as a primary supplier within Europe. To remain competitive and continuously improve ourselves, Drurys are heavily involved in the SC21 initiative. Within the Aerospace industry, SC21 brings together all levels of the supply chain, promoting best practices and encouraging customers and suppliers to work together at all levels. As pioneers of E-Commerce systems, and committed participants in Lean Manufacturing initiatives, our aim is to continually improve and remain competitive in this challenging manufacturing arena.
  4. 4. DEFENCE Maintaining Quality and Consistency of Supply Supplying a variety of parts to a selection of 1st Tier defence contractors, Drurys strive to protect the timescales and reputations of those supplying the equipment to protect our nation. Flexibility is the key, and large or small batches can be supplied either to a schedule, or on a demand-pull basis. As a total engineering services provider, we manage a variety of treatments and specialist processes, and ensure the product in delivered the most timely and cost- effective manner. Part accuracy is maintained through the use of tool- and part-probing techniques within the machining cycle. The SC21 programme also operates prominently within the defence industry, and Drurys are actively working with a variety of the ‘prime’ contractors towards a solid manufacturing future for the UK.
  5. 5. OIL AND GAS Specialist Machining of Exotic Materials The extreme operating environments found within the Oil and Gas sector make the component requirements highly demanding. Specific materials must be sourced from around the world and are often difficult to machine to the required tolerances. High quality surface treatments are also critical, as toughness and durability are of paramount importance. Drurys are an AS/EN 9100 rev. B accredited supplier, and we regularly use our expertise and experience gained in the aerospace sector to effectively manage clients across a broad range of industries.
  6. 6. Machining Historically at the core of Drurys’ portfolio of services, machining still represents the largest part of our business. Utilising state-of-the-art machinery, and a team of highly trained and experienced engineers, the quality of our machined components is perhaps the clearest expression of our abilities. Our continuous investment in equipment ensures that we stay up to date with the latest in quality plant and manufacturing technology. With our 5-axis simultaneous milling capability, and twin-spindle live-tooling technology, we have the right equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Our main CNC machining disciplines can be categorised into three main sections: Milling – Utilising the latest machinery from Hardinge-Bridgeport, our milling section combines the engineering and programming skills of our machinists with the latest in cutting tool technology. The result is machined components of the highest quality, from small engine fittings to large enclosures. Our 4- and 5-axis capabilities ensure that our customers have very few limiting factors to consider when designing their components. Cont...
  7. 7. Machining Turning – From large batches to fine-tolerance 1 off parts, the turning section is flexible enough to meet the needs of our customers. Our experienced machinists use turning centres from Hardinge, Colchester and Cincinnati to produce the sort of quality components synonymous with Drurys. The latest addition is of course our Hardinge RS51, which has live-tooling and twin-spindles to produce turned and milled parts complete in a single cycle. This machine’s speed and accuracy makes for highly efficient and cost-effective manufacturing. Wire EDM – A versatile form of Electrical Discharge Machining using a fine brass wire to ‘slice’ through the component, submerged in an electrolytic solution. The wire can follow a different path at the top of the component from the bottom, allowing draft angles or leads to be created, or even different shapes entirely.
  8. 8. Services At Drurys, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of manufacturing services. From the simplest of machined parts, to project-managed assemblies, Drurys provides a total manufacturing service to a wide range of industries. By taking full control in this way, we aim to relieve our customers of the day-to-day pressures often associated with managing sub-contract operations. Machining is undertaken in-house, and our relationships with quality 2nd tier suppliers mean we are able to undertake specialist operations such as fine-limit grinding, spark erosion, honing or deep-hole drilling. The same applies to surface treatments, where your requirements for anodising, painting, polishing and many specialist finishes can be accommodated. Supply to our customers can be regimented, or flexible, as required. Our experience in Scheduled Supply, Demand Pull, Just In Time and Kanban reinforces our customer- focussed approach to delivering on-time. Our ongoing commitment to the SC21 programme ensures that both our Quality and Delivery performance are continually monitored and improved.
  9. 9. CAD/CAM We operate two systems for CAD/CAM purposes – Mastercam and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. Mastercam allows us to generate complex 3D toolpaths for machining custom shapes e.g. aerodynamic wing profiles for Formula 1 wind tunnel testing. This can be accomplished quickly, with the minimum of effort, thanks to the machinist-friendly interface. The software also allows us to interrogate our customer’s 3D models, which can be of use when working on prototypes or urgent work, relieving the customer of the need to produce a full technical drawing prior to us commencing manufacture. Our Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire software does all the above, but with finer controls for the most advanced machining. The Complete Machinist package allows us to drive our 5- axis machines with full simultaneous axis control. With today’s designers looking towards more complex geometry to fulfil increasingly demanding design briefs, the ability to machine almost any shape imaginable is proving invaluable to our customers.
  10. 10. SPONSORSHIP We currently sponsor Alec Wheeler, a young local archer heading for the 2012 Olympics, and Stevenage Youth Rugby. Alec Wheeler 17 years old from Bedfordshire, Alec is currently one of the country's top archers, representing Great Britain in his age group. He could be representing Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics as part of the archery team GB. At Drurys we are hoping that our support will help him achieve that place on the team. As part of our sponsorship, we have also developed a laser sight training aid for Alec. Stevenage Town Rugby Club Under 11s Drurys supplied the team with new kits, something the lads have never had before. We're really pleased to be giving something back to the community we work in. You can see how the team is doing by visiting their website www.stevenagerugby.co.uk or maybe even come along and support them at their next game.
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