Kerala needs not new malls,mosques,churches and temples


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Kerala needs not new malls,mosques,churches and temples

  2. 2. KERALA ON A SLOW DEATH OR SUICIDE PATH • Kerala, the southern Indian State, is noted with 100 per cent literacy, high level news paper reading, television watching and IT penetration, affluent lifestyle, personal hygiene, neat and fashionable dressing and high level health consciousness. But it stands top in the poor and inefficient waste management so as to have a series of mounting garbage in almost all cities and villages, in polluting its lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and wells so as to spread contagious diseases both during rainy seasons and hot summer periods. • For developing cities, shopping malls, housing complexes, tourist resorts, amusement parks, religious centers, almost all important fertile paddy and vegetable fields and wet lands in Kerala have been destroyed. In spite of frequent rains for over six months and availability of several lakes, rivers and streams, Kerala is facing acute shortage of pure drinking water and everybody is paying a very high price for even contaminated drinking water. The entire Kerala is on a slow and steady path of death or suicide also for consuming poisonous food and drinks contaminated with over-dosage pesticides and hormones, preservatives besides highly adulterated cooking oil, curry or masala powders and artificially taste-adding deadly chemicals.
  3. 3. RELIGIONS AND POLITICAL PARTIES • Frequent religious pilgrimage and celebrations and political rallies and agitations conducted in Kerala result in adding garbage and polluting the streets, rivers, lakes and narrow payments. After the Sabrimala Hindu Pilgrimage, Maramon Christian Convention and Cherukolpuza Hindu convention, for the pollution of the Pamapa and Manimala Rivers, deadly and contagious diseases spread over one third part of Kerala. Muslims too have their role. After every major convention of political parties, cities in Kerala turned into garbage boxes. Every election in Kerala makes the nook and corner of Kerala dirty and ugly. • In polluting the environment and upsetting the ecology, Hindus, Muslims and Christians with their religious functions competing each other. In adding dirt and filth and polluting water, major political parties like the Indian National Congress, Communist Parties, Muslims League, Kerala Congress and etc. have played a crucial role. • Recently, Communist and Left Parties in Kerala launched a mass agitation against ‘Solar Scam’ bringing several thousand party workers to Trivandrum, the state capital. Within two days, they converted the capital city as a centre of filth, garbage and pollution, mainly the human waste. Had they not been suspended the agitation, thousands of people in Trivndrum would have been wiped out with deadly contagious diseases like cholera, dysentery, fever, jaundice , chicken guinea, and etc. The paradox is that in the name of 200 million rupee solar scam, the agitating political parties, the ruling political parties and the Kerala Government, besides the general public have spent more than 1000 million Indian rupees.
  4. 4. WEALTH AND POSH HOUSES OF GODS • In Kerala, every sect or cult of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity is eager to raise money and build posh houses for its God, spending millions or billions. In Kerala, all major political parties like Marxist Party, CPI, Congress, Muslim League and Kerala Congress have no problem in raising billions either for their political rallies or constructing party offices and study or research centers. • Every Religion or political party is competing each other in mobilizing hundred thousands people for their celebrations, conventions and rallies and also in polluting streets, rivers, beaches or even paddy fields without any concern for the damages that they are committed to the environment and the normal life of the common people. Recently, the Left Democratic Front(LDF) proves that it is capable of destroying any city in Kerala with their solar scam agitation. • Multi- millionaires have conquered Kerala with their Mega Malls, Posh Resorts, super-speciality hospitals, amusement parks and mega residential flats tapping up to 50% of the electricity and drinking water, causing ecological damages and keeping the entire city without water or electricity for their unimaginable power over the government machinery, religions, political parties and media. Ordinary or common people are always their victims. In Kerala anybody can do any harm to the Nature or ecology and upset the life and means of livelihood of the common people without making any compensation for the prevailing high level corruptions and inefficiency. As a result, life of over 85% people in Kerala is getting miserable.
  5. 5. THEIR WELATH AND THE PEOPLE’S WELFARE • The wealth and money accumulated or under the disposal of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Marxist Party (CPM), Communist Party of India (CPI), Indian National Congress, Muslim League and Kerala Congress in Kerala are in terms of several billions, capable of providing the best waste management, pure and clean drinking water and the best education and health care system for the entire Kerala. • By using a small fraction of the precious gold and stones under the disposal of Sri Padbhanabha Temple, Trivandrum City can be provided with the world class water purification system, waste management and infrastructure. Just like the old ghosts, religions and political parties in Kerala have been burying down their wealth and deny quality life to the people of Kerala. • The wealth under their disposal really belongs to the people for the public welfare and collective good. Instead, they are taxing the people and adding their miseries. How can they ensure Heaven or Paradise before or after death for their crimes against the Humanity?
  6. 6. METRO CITIES AND WORLD-CLASS SHOPPING MALLS • Without any vision or long term strategy, Kerala has been developing metro-cities, high ways and world class shopping malls, convention centers and hotels and resorts, for the mediocre and corrupt political leaderships and government officials coupled with indifferent religious leaders, academics or intellectuals and media or channel people. • Nobody is there in Kerala to set the priorities by taking into account the long term interest of the people. Now Kerala boasts of having the newspapers with highest circulation, highly watched TV channels, biggest jewelry or sari shops and the most modern shopping malls or religious retreat centers and wealthiest ‘god- men or women’. • Recently, the EMKE Group set up the biggest shopping mall in India, the Lulu Shopping and Entertainment Mall in the already congested Ernakulum City creating a lot of traffic problem besides forcing several other business concerns perish not only in Ernakulum but also in other cities. • Without ensuring pure drinking water, waste management, power supply, infrastructure development and quality education, it is foolish and suicidal for Kerala to go for metro cities and world class shopping malls.
  7. 7. COMPENSATE THE COMMON PEOPLE AND THE LAND • No religion- temple, church or mosque or political party or billionaire or shopping mall is above the land and the people. The land and the people have the right to get the compensation for every damage that they have incurred, done by the religions, political parties or developmental programs. Every thing must be in tune with the long term interest of the survival or growth of the land and the people, for the God is there not in the Heaven but within the land and the people. • Nobody has any right to deny the means of livelihood or to contaminate rivers or waters or streets in the name of any God or ideology. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and the leaders or workers of the political parties like the Marxist or Communist Party, Congress, Muslim League, Kerala Congress, BJP, or the multi-millionaire businessmen are to be made answerable or accountable for every damage that they are made to the people or environment with provision for compensation. It is time for enacting such a Social Accountable Act and implementing it for safeguarding the interest of the citizens and the land or environment.
  8. 8. IMMEDIATE AGENDA FOR ACTION • 1. Travancore Devsom Board is the agency in dealing with millions of the Sabarimala Pilgrims who are responsible for polluting or contaminating the Pampa River besides the Manimala River at Erumely; the Christians for contaminating the river Pampa for the Maramon convention; the Hindus and the Christians in polluting the Periyar either at Aluva or Malayatoor .Various warring Muslim groups or sects, including the Sunnies and the Mujahids, Jamayyete Islami and etc conduct conventions and rallies. These agencies must set up mega sewerage treatment plants , solar energy plants and water purification plants to protect the environments at least in these places. • 2. All major political parties in Kerala must be allotted at least one Municipal or Corporation area with regard to waste management, water purification and solar energy. The local administration must levy substantial fees from Political Parties for Conducting Rallies and Conventions at the rate of Rs 100 per person for a day and thereby using the public utilities and damaging the environment or infrastructure. • 3. Every temple, church or mosque and religious organization should have the responsibility in water conservation and purification, waste management and solar energy utilization within its jurisdiction.
  9. 9. IMMEDIATE AGENDA FOR ACTION • 4. Business enterprises like the Lulu Mall, the Veegaland and other big public or private enterprises must produce solar energy and conserve and purify water for their own requirements, besides developing infrastructure from their own account. • 5. Mega Projects under Public-Private Participation in Solar Energy, Water Purification, Waste Management and Infrastructure Development must be launched making use of international funding, expertise and technology of the European Union and other agencies. • 6. The Government of Kerala must setup the Forest, River and Environment Protection Authorities with judicial and executing powers in almost all important parts of Kerala. • 7. School curriculums must incorporate lessons on Solar Energy, Water Purification, Waste Management and Environment Protection, including land, water and forest protection. Mass Awareness Campaign must be launched for the interest of the General Public.
  10. 10. MAKE KERALA GOD’S OWN PARADISE • People in Kerala every year spend billions for religious functions, including pilgrimage, political parties and their rallies, drinking spirit or liquor and putting cosmetics. If they spend just 10 per cent of these expenses for water conservation and purification, waste management and generating solar energy besides infrastructure development, Kerala would have been turned ‘God’s Own Paradise’ in stead of Devil’s Own Hell created by the Hindus, Muslims and Christians besides the left and the right political parties, medias and channels and the corrupt and inefficient rulers and bureaucrats. The people of Kerala are entitled to live in the God’s Own Paradise.