tooth brushing techniques

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Oral hygiene.....

Oral hygiene.....

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  • 1. Proper Toothbrushing Techniques Dr.Manjula Muthuraj. Dental surgeon
  • 2. Toothbrushing Techniques
    • The Bass Method
    • The Rolling Stroke
    • The Stillman Method
    • The Charters Method
  • 3. The Bass Method
    • Position the filaments up toward the root at a 45° angle to the teeth.
    • Place the brush with the filament tips directed into the gingival sulcus.
    Bass Method
  • 4. Bass Method cont.
    • Using a vibratory stroke brush back and forth with very short strokes for the count of ten.
    • Reposition the brush to the next group of teeth.
  • 5. The Roll Method
    • Direct the filaments toward the root of the tooth.
    • Place side of the brush on the gingiva and have the plastic part of the brush even with the tooth.
  • 6. Roll Method cont.
    • When the plastic portion is even with the tooth press the filaments against the gingiva and roll the brush over the teeth.
    • The wrist is turned slightly and the filaments follow the contours of the teeth.
  • 7. The Stillman’s Method
    • Like the Bass Method the filaments are placed at a 45 ° angle to the tooth.
    • Unlike the Bass Method the filaments are placed half in the sulcus and half on the gingiva.
    • The same stroke is used as the Bass.
  • 8. The Charter’s Method
    • Position the filaments toward the chewing surface of the tooth
    • Place the sides of the filaments against the enamel and angle them at a 45 ° to the tooth.
  • 9. Charter’s Method cont.
    • Vibrate the filaments gently but firmly, keeping the filaments against the tooth.
    • Reposition on the next set of teeth.
  • 10. Toothbrushing Techniques
    • There are several different acceptable tooth brushing methods because each patient has different needs.
    • Not one method is perfect for all patients. Some patients may use more than one method.
  • 11. Toothbrush Methods
    • The important thing is to brush thoroughly for at least two minutes each time and two times a day….
  • 12. Quote from Soupy Sales
      • “ Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you”
            • By:Dr.Manjula Muthuraj