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This presentation is used to describe how Bright, Talented & Black can be used as a professional development tool for educators. For more details, contact me:

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Btb prf devtool2012

  2. 2. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012PURPOSE OF THE BOOK To empower parents, families & communities To enlighten & affirm educators To improve understandings of the unique intellectual and socio-emotional challenges faced by African American Learners in today’s schools To address the systemic issues surrounding underachievement of culturally diverse students To increase the rate of referrals and identification of African American & other culturally diverse students to Gifted Education & Other Advanced Learner Programs nationwide
  3. 3. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012GENIUS CHILD This is a song for the genius child Sing it softly for the song is wild Sing it softly as ever you can – Lest the song get out of hand Nobody loves a genius child Can you love an eagle, tame or wild? Wild or tame,Can you love a monster of frightening name? Nobody loves a genius child. Kill him and let his soul run wild -Langston Hughes, 1947
  4. 4. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012OVERVIEW Four optional strategies for Reading  Chapter by Chapter  Section by Section  Focused Discussion  Unique challenges of African American learners  Academic Needs of the Gifted  Parenting African American gifted learners  Review of Important Resources for all Gifted learners  Review& Discussion of ‘Advocates Vocabulary’ and Other Resources
  5. 5. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012BRIGHT, TALENTED & BLACK BOOK TRAILER- 45Y&
  6. 6. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING Perhaps the best part of this book is how refreshingly straightforward it is about so many difficult issues. This is not the kind of book that encourages you to long, thoughtful navel-gazing, but rather a matter of fact discussion of real life. Its a useful resource on giftedness for parents, teachers, administrators, relatives, and friends..
  7. 7. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012REVIEWER FEEDBACK~ Parents and families will benefit from this book by using it as an advocacy tool and a roadmap to navigate schools policies and procedures for gifted identification, culturally responsive educational programming, and much more. This book is a must have not only for families - but for teachers and district leaders concerned with making gifted education equitable for all.
  8. 8. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012REVIEWER FEEDBACK~ Challenges the reader to rethink their definitions and attitudes toward gifted children Among the many books Ive come across, in my efforts to find good resources for families of academically gifted children, Bright, Talented & Black… stands out as so clear, well-researched, accessible, and up-to-date.
  9. 9. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012USING BTB FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  Professional educators & families across the nation are finding that Bright, Talented & Black is an effective tool to address systemic underachievement of Black students in general education AND under-representation in gifted education and advanced learner programs
  10. 10. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012SECTION I- CHAPTERS 1 & 2 What it really means to be Gifted & African American Internal & External Challenges of being Young, Gifted & Black
  11. 11. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012SECTION II- CHAPTERS 3 & 4 The Immeasurable Value of Family Involvement A Parent’s Responsibility: Becoming your Child’s Best Advocate
  12. 12. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012SECTION III- CHAPTERS 5-8 GiftedEducation in Public Schools Teaching child to ‘Survive & Thrive’ Appendices & Resources
  13. 13. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012 SMALL GROUP ACTIVITIESRead assigned passagesWrite & discuss 3-4 key points about each passageShare w/ entire group
  14. 14. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012 EXAMINING KEY ISSUES Underrepresentation is a systemic problem  African American students make up 17-18% of general school aged population, yet only 8% identified/served in gifted programs (USDOE/OCR)  On the flip-side- nationally, there is an Overrepresentation of African American students in Special Education (USDOE/OCR)
  15. 15. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012 KEY ISSUES Expanded definition of giftedness – up to 10% of general population can be identified and served (NAGC, 2010) Talent development model suggests that more students should be exposed to gifted curriculum to enable gifts to be developed, make up for lack of resources and exposure (NAGC Convention, 2011, President’s address)
  16. 16. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012 KEY ISSUES Vestiges of discrimination in schools  Discrimination through low expectations Misunderstanding of culture, gender and class and the impact on learning  Lack of cultural responsiveness Recent Discipline Study reported that Black and Hispanic students are more subject to disciplinary action in schools than their White peers. (Losen & Skiba, 2011).
  17. 17. All Rights Reserved JLDavis 2012 ~KEY SOLUTIONS~Family EngagementProfessional Development (gifted education & diversity education)Programmatic Re-design