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Drizzlin Media Team Profile
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Drizzlin Media Team Profile


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. click on our heads to know more about us
  • 2. Founder & CEO Deepak’s one of the most passionate evangelists for social media around, and we suspected he never really had an alternative career plan in place. The story, as it plays in our minds, would be something like this: Scene 1: (Twenty-odd years ago) Little Deepak and his assorted friend circle of other 7-year olds are having a serious- type discussion on career choices. While most of the kids had predictable answers, ‘Attorney-General of the country’, ‘Orthodontist’, ‘Investigative reporter’, little Deepak had his heart set on becoming one of the pioneers in the social media space in the country. The other children scoffed at him; back then the internet was only in its infancy. “Social media? Hahaha. Why don’t you just set up a search engine, called, uh, let’s see, Google – yeah, Google – and slowly monopolize the internet? Social media indeed!” Little Deepak was a little discouraged when he heard these words, but wasn’t going to lose hope, for sure. And so, he made a secret vow to set up his own agency when he was all grown-up. Scene 2: (The present) Deepak has his own agency. And we are it. Tada! Ok, so we just gave our collective imagination a little spin. But, to learn more about Deepak and what productive work he’s churned out so far, simply visit his LinkedIn profile here. And we promise you there won’t be jokes there – he personally wrote all the stuff there. :)
  • 3. Account Director Singapore Nina has approximately 5 years working experience in the insurance industry in financial reporting Analysis, compliance with GAAP reporting etc; all in all something that seems to be a boring profile right? Wrong actually. As boring as it may sound, coupled with the approximately 4 years as Public Relations and Account Executive for Couture Fashion Week Inc. , the same profile has given birth to something which can only be described as the Holy Grail of Profiles. To summarize her profile is to create a strong bond with luxury brands her experience being in the toughest testing ground in the world; New York and in building working relationships through high society magazine, the meeting place of the high movers.
  • 4. Product Architect In a classical ‘social media brought us together’ type moment, Robin and Deepak first connected with each other on LinkedIn – Robin was looking to connect with people who shared his passion for social media, while Deepak was being his usual networking self. Two things about Robin immediately become apparent if you’ve spent any length of time with him – his passion for the Indian Railways, and his extensive knowledge of the business world. The latter becomes even more obvious when Robin and Deepak (who is quite well-read himself) get into one of their routine arguments about a company’s origin / business / ownership – a Google search almost always favors Robin. Robin also worked with Oracle as a Business Development Consultant before his foray into online marketing. He has been involved in auditing and understanding the social media opportunities for many companies in India. To learn more about Robin, visit his Linked In profile here.
  • 5. Account Director Sasha started working at 17. The fact that the Indus Valley Civilisation wouldn’t get you a job was something she realised five years before her peers. Sasha likes DJ Tiesto. You probably won’t end up working in what you study was also something she found out – the hard way. Sasha’s iPod Nano is called Bloo. After working in marketing companies, counselling firms, production houses and at least four television channels, co-founding The Writing School, an e-learning company, she decided that life would probably be best lived in Chrome. Sasha earned USD 5,000 for that plug. So she started and maintains ‘Healthy Living India,’ a blog about everything from making martinis to kneading dough with her elbows to preserve all seven nutrients to working out. Sasha hates test cricket. But that (gasp!) still wasn’t enough. So she strapped on her climbing boots for her next challenge. On hindsight, a raincoat might have been a better idea. Get it? Get it? Sasha hid the fact that she used Orkut during her Drizzlin interview. Sasha had to give back the USD 5,000 to avoid a libel suit. She wants to add an extra dimension to her social media portfolio by learning how to develop Facebook apps – a task, if accomplished, will make her the only coder on the frikkin planet who doesn’t sweat profusely when talking to women.
  • 6. Account Manager We got Sharan to write this write-up, so it’s actually me, writing in third-person, pretending to be someone who’s officially appointed to write about me. Which is actually me, officially. Woah… my brain hurts. Starting his professional career at 17, Sharan ran his own business building and selling gaming computers at his own store. After completing his BMS in international finance (why finance?), Sharan went back to the gaming industry, and built some of the first and largest gaming communities in India for Level Up! Games and Kreeda Games. After dabbling around some more with both traditional and non-traditional marketing and mediums Sharan decided to make life a living hell (awesome living hell though) for a different group of people, and joined Drizzlin. We’re not sure what he does here. He can be found dancing around randomly humming Frank Sinatra, while wearing a Pac-man t-shirt and shadow boxing… usually during important client meetings. The office grapevine suggests that the boss keeps him around for his rugged good looks, charm, sense of humour and ability to write about himself in 3rd person.
  • 7. Research Analyst Sandeep’s the Delhi-Pune-Ahmedabad-Mumbai kid, the kind of hopping which made him cultureless. The nasty beginning, of course because he’s made the mistake of getting the meanest person in the company to write his ‘About’ section. Controlling the narcissist urges, we introduce you to Sandeep Malhotra, our research maestro, who has interned in more companies than are in Nifty and has blessed Drizzlin with the opportunity to become his first proper job. He graduated in business administration from the hunky Symbiosis and is a PGDM in Communications Management and Entrepreneurship from MICA. He’s been all over newspapers during his MICA times. Sandeep looks too young for his age and constantly jumps around when he’s hungry. He’s got a smokin’ buddy in Sabir, a research-shoulder-to-nag-on in Anagha, a colleague to look upto in Robin, a bully in Sharan, a bigger bully in Juhi, and a tiffin- mate in Rishabh. Deepak likes him a lot cuz he’s new. Sandeep’s life in Mumbai started with a bang when his roommate turned out to be the next big Director of Bollywood and now Sandeep looks for more and more things in the city to call his. He’s quite a guy when you learn to hang out with him. Has a story about everything!
  • 8. Account Director Singapore On a personal quest to work only for funny-sounding companies, Jenny’s resume includes The World Toilet Organization, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, WebChutney and Weight Watchers (where, for the record, she didn’t actually watch anyone’s weight). Jenny’s expertise lies in helping companies with their web presence; you may have seen her quoted in recent news articles about World Toilet Day which, thanks to her, was mentioned in 650 media outlets worldwide. Now based in Singapore, Jenny has lived in seven countries in her thirty-one years; yet she speaks only English fluently. (Although she is capable of asking someone in German how their elbow feels, should the subject come up.)
  • 9. Client Relations China Luke” has been a go getter from his childhood. Actually the word go-getter was used for the lack of a better option; he actually deserves more. Considering that he is one of the youngest awardees of a National patent at the age of 8 as also the fact that in high school he had opened a second hand auction house (which he later on build as a business connecting 16 universities) on the school intranet speaks volumes of him. An adventurer by spirit, travelling to unexplored territory is something of a passion only equalled by his love for live musical events. So when “Luke” talks; we (and we hope in the future you as our customer) listen. Simply because his insights on pulse of the market have been beating that of the big 4 since he was a kid and that’s consistency.
  • 10. Social Media Strategist The newest, youngest and (educationally)least qualified member of the Drizzlin team. Being the first to be placed from her batch is her biggest braggable achievement as of now. Having sworn to financial independence when she was 18, at 900 business reviews and going she’s the highest reviewer of one (secret) website. One summer morning Juhi just got up and went to Bhopal to research about the second generation victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. She came back a month later with 50 audio interviews and over 1500 photographs taken from her phone. Then interned under Raghu Rai and took up photography as a passion. What she has seen through the lens makes her a painfully idealist conversationalist. Juhi refuses to study more as the average IQ at her graduation college has scarred her for life. Her “mentors” claim she’s extremely bright but “pathbhrasht” (On the wrong path). She learnt bits of Psychology, International Relations, Film making, Media Law, Marketing, Advertising, Photography, Radio, and Website design as a part of her course. “Social-Media wise”, Juhi is a self proclaimed Facebook +Youtube guru and aims to be a power twitter user in the near future.
  • 11. Strategic Planner Folks…. We are proud to present… Rishabh. No, he’s no stand up comedian (but has a good sense of humour – or so he thinks). He’s no bodybuilder (far from it); no GPA "guru" etc. He’s a typical guy next door – cute, smart, generous, and caring, like in the movies. blah blah blah… P.S. the above was an advertorial sponsored by Rishabh Now to the “real” bit (After Matrix who knows what’s real anyways) : A passionate Japanese anime and manga fan, an avid reader, a movies and music buff, totally hooked on to web 3.0, sounds like a typical geek right? Well for starters, he’s a total extrovert, knows how to read write and speak 4 languages and a little bit of French. Also He is widely rumoured to embody the "Gujju" spirit (or whatever that means) in its entirety. An alumnus of MICA, his interests typically lie in the branding sphere though he keeps referring to it as "pfaff". A complete foodie, though his being a veggie doesn’t really give him too many options to experiment. Oddly enough with all his love for his laptop, he loves travelling and has travelled almost the entire length and breadth of the country. It’s no surprise then that his lifelong dream has been to take a trip around the world but at someone else’s expense. Enough said, lets end this with his favourite phrase, cool chhe!
  • 12. Social Media Strategist We consider it our duty to warn you that Sabir only looks innocent, but we can assure you he’s anything but. He also survives solely on a diet of instant noodles and sandwiches, and we are rooting for him as the next author of ‘101 Ways to Cook Noodles and Eat It Every Damn Day of Your Life’. After his graduation in Economics, Sabir started working with an online marketing firm in Mumbai where his role involved charting out marketing agendas, branding and web marketing strategies. He was also actively involved in devising Search Engine Optimization and PPC strategies. Sabir scours the web for meaningful conversations relating to brands. His methods involve both the use of manual and automated technologies.
  • 13. Social Media Strategist You’d be forgiven for thinking we work with the mafia bosses in Mumbai, when one of our team-members insists on going around town saying stuff like ‘gadda khod ke gad dalungi’ (which roughly translates to – I’ll dig a hole in the ground and shove your fat little ass in there – of course, we’ve used a little creative license here). But that’s just Anagha when she’s in one of her ‘bhai-giri’ moods – the rest of the time, she’s just this very sweet, quiet creature – among the few voices of reason in our eclectic team. Anagha completed her Masters in Computer Application from Pune University and this is her first job. A strictly no-nonsense person, she is also spared most of our bullying – no one wants to take ‘panga’ with a ‘bhai’ after all!
  • 14. Head Social Sector Communications Oh look at our new year resolution! We’re upto something good. :) Meet our CSR Expert Madhu! Working as a researcher for over four and a half years, Madhumanti has around 10 publications and a demonstrated ability to work with rights based people’s movements and campaigns. By holding public meetings and providing capacity building to activist groups, she has contributed significantly to the nationwide SEZ campaign. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma on Environmental Law from National Law School of India University, a MA in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and almost an in MA Economics from Pune University. She has worked with Greenpeace India as a campaigns researcher on the environmental aspects of agriculture and genetic engineering. Now THAT is something! She’s got just as much work to her credit as she’s got degrees! And that’s not all, she has created some amazingly creative videos and has also been a former All India Radio artiste in sitar and has given several concerts. All rounder yo!
  • 15. Account Manager Curious about web 2.0 and clueless about twitter, Nazia joined Drizzlin to try to understand what social media was all about. Social she knew she was, and she had been a part of mainstream media, but social media was a whole new world. Joining Drizzlin as their Asia-Pacific consultant, Nazia’s brain tried to digest the influence of QQ in China, tweets in Singapore and Mixi in Japan even as her brain wound its way around how starting a facebook page can help a client understand his core consumers better! Several brainstorming sessions, hours of googling social media in Asia and many many chats on social media later, Nazia can now claim to understand social media’s immense impact in Asia-Pacific. An economics graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Nazia worked as a financial correspondent at the Times of India, Mumbai. Bored of having to hob nob with CEO’s and managers twenty times her age, Nazia was lured to the Paris of the East – Shanghai, China. There she taught English, studied Mandarin at Fudan University, explored the length and breadth of the middle kingdom, mused over the similarities and differences between India and China, kung fu-ed with the locals, watched the country develop at a blazing rate, and worked as the head of the India desk at Dezan Shira & Associates, a legal and tax firm. Now, having returned home to India, we are proud to have this globe trotting, multi-lingual, extroverted, adventurous gal on our team!
  • 16. Campaign Strategist Saurabh isn’t your average 5 point someone from the IITs – no sir, he scored a decent 8.1 CGPA when he passed out of Vellore Institute of Technology with a B.Tech in IT. See, we told you – we always hire really intelligent folks! So, after his graduation, Saurabh spent a short time working on various technologies at IBM as an Application Manager, before he switched to Quasar Media, where he spent many months designing social media campaign strategies for clients. This was followed by a short stint as entrepreneur, where he tried to figure out digital solutions for the social development sector. However, that project hit a rough patch due to a shortage of funds. Saurabh also happens to be an ace face-reader and does some amazing character analysis and predictions. So next time you go a-visiting our Delhi offices, you know what to do!
  • 17. A Branding 2.0 Consultancy