Multi Soccer Experience


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The Place to be for Soccer Lovers!

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Multi Soccer Experience

  1. 1. Multi Soccer Xperience Turning Soccer into Art Concept
  2. 2. InitiatorsHennie de Ruiter Paul Ricken
  3. 3. Creator
  4. 4. Multi Soccer Experience Turning Soccer into ART
  5. 5. What’s the Multi Soccer Experience? An inspiring place for everyone to experience and learn soccer in many different and unique ways.
  6. 6. What is it? Video-Analysis Business (Inter)National Training and Tournaments Workshops Bossaball Soccer Matrix Keeper Heaven FastShooting Speedsoccer Shop;1000Company balls and Soccer Bowling Events 1000 shoes Tutoring After School Grand Clinics Coerver Magic Care MSE Cafe Meeting- Futsal rooms Locker- rooms Streetsoccer Panna Cage Chinlone SoccerDome Training for Schoolevents Ballritmics Soccer Coaches
  7. 7. What takes place?• Selling of soccerproducts.• Soccer tournaments, soccerclinics, playing of different kinds of soccergames (Bossaball, Streetsoccer, Futsal, Chinlone, Soccerbowling, Speedsoccer, Soccer Matrix, Pannacage, Keeperheaven, Coevermagic, Ballritmics, Soccerdome). Use of lockerrooms.• Meetingrooms, which will be redecorated bij artists and interial designers every 3 months.• Business training and workshops. How to use soccerlessons in making more business through teaming and leadership?• Training for Soccer Coaches/trainer. How to turn Soccer into Art? Including certificate.• Online Reservations for meetings, tournaments, clinics, workshops and so on.• Celebration of one succesfull soccerplayer/team, one soccerseller, one employee of MSE and so on.• Personal tutoring and a)er school care.• Drinking and eating in GrandCafe, playing on the Playstation.• Guidance and training by Professional and Positive Coaches and Trainers.
  8. 8. Earning Model • Entrance Fee. • Fee for tutoring and after school care. • Fee for school and company events. • Fee for training Soccer Coaches and Trainers. • Fee for clinics. • Fee for participating in Tournaments. • Selling shoes and balls (and other merchandise). • Drinks, beverages and sandwiches and so on.Because of the variation in what MSX offers the Place will be crowded during the whole day!
  9. 9. What do we want thevisitors to experience?
  10. 10. The Xperience.Reverse Thinking Experience is all Products Procedures, Behaviour and Desired logistic Serving of employees services in guest in line with leadership to deliver line with experience G experience experienceM experience US EX Guest- S Products T Procedures Behaviour experience and and Management of as services, logistic employees result. environment Process is all
  11. 11. Efficiënt Transparant Encourage Inviting Joyful Inspiring Clear Appreciate Happy Open Surprising Adaptable Love Greatful No limits GM US EX S T
  12. 12. Reverse Thinking (RT) Experience is all GM Efficiënt Transparant Encourage Inviting Joyful US Inspiring Clear Appreciate Happy Open E Surprising Adaptable Love Greatful No limitsX S T
  13. 13. Status?
  14. 14. Status• Working on making the concept concrete.• Making movies of the initiators.• Invitation for Kick Off for Stakeholders through Social Media.• Organising meet-ups with partners.• Investigating licenses and destinationplans with Gemeente Bussum and Gemeente Laren NH.• Possible Locations; CacaoFabric Bensdorp Bussum or AZC te Laren NH• Make a small leaflet to share and give away.• Preparing presentation to partners).• Connecting with NIKE, Adidas, ROC Hilversum, CIOS and so on.• Making the BusinessPlan.
  15. 15. Will you Turn Soccer into Art with us?Multi Soccer Xperience