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Full session information and video available on successforce.com.

Full session information and video available on successforce.com.

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  • 1. What’s Next: 21st Century Lead Cultivation Marketing II Steve Gershik, Eloqua Jason Hekl, InQuira Simon Peel, Cast Iron
  • 2. Agenda  Introduction  What is 21st Century Lead Cultivation?  How to score – Jason Hekl  Nurturing – Simon Peel  Q&A
  • 3. Why you should (not) hit the bar early Sales’ View of Marketing’s View of Sales Marketing “Marketing is… “Sales does… …out of touch with …not get the the customer.” importance of branding.” …not delivering enough ‘qualified’ …not work the leads leads.” we give them.” …not accountable for …focus too much on how dollars are spent” their own compensation.”
  • 4. Our Mission “Make Customers the most Effective Marketers on Earth” 1400% 1000% •1000 400% 200% SALES OPPORTUNITIES LEADS 100% 85% 100% 76% •100 EFFECTIVENESS 40% PRODUCTIVITY CONVERSION OPPORTUNITIES CAMPAIGN REDUCED 20% EMAIL COSTS RATE REVENUE 10% •10 •1 © 2007 ELOQUA CORPORATION
  • 5. 20th Century Lead “Cultivation” 20th Century Lead “Cultivation”
  • 6. Now that you have generated a lead, what next?
  • 7. Does this stuff work? After Before Lead Scoring Lead Scoring 1,372 1,058 Leads sent to sales Want a copy of the full report? Email me at 31.3% 40.9% score@eloqua.com Close ratio Revenue per deal $39.1k $45.9k TOTAL REVENUE $16.8mm $19.8mm Based on a Survey of 10 Customers doing Lead Scoring for 165 days (under 6 months)
  • 8. What is lead scoring? “Ranking one prospective buyer against another”
  • 9. How do you do it?  Explicit vs Implicit $  HAT vs Current Period Who benefits from it?  Marketing $  Inside Sales  Outside Sales $  Prospective Customers $ $ $ $ $
  • 10. Meeting Scheduled Rep Accepts Lead Project Defined Qualified Oppty (BANT) Fully Engaged Strategy Set Position of Strength Comp Eliminated Contracts Establishing Context – Enterprise Software
  • 11. Meeting Scheduled Rep Accepts Lead Project Defined Qualified Oppty (BANT) Fully Engaged Lead Management Challenges Strategy Set Position of Strength the RFP Prospects Comp Eliminated Positioned to Write Calling on the Right Contracts Reading Demand and Preventing Leakage
  • 12. Lead Scoring at InQuira There are three primary components to our lead scoring programs  Explicit Score and Lead Rating  Triggered by registration form data  Resets with each new registration  Implicit Score  Triggered by Prospect Behavior  Increments over time  Time  Current Score Resets in 6-month intervals
  • 13. Lead Scoring at InQuira Assign Numerical Values to Data Captured on Registration Forms Project Revenue Range Responsibility Timeline Company Size Industry
  • 14. Lead Scoring at InQuira Define an “A,B, or C” Rating from Explicit Score Thresholds
  • 15. Lead Scoring at InQuira We make a distinction between explicit and implicit scoring – the former can be manipulated and will never be 100% accurate; the latter is tied to discrete behaviors, but requires more interpretation  We evaluate:  Form submissions  Email clickthroughs  Visits to High Value Website Content (HVWC)  Search engine hits on InQuira and misspellings  Historical All-Time vs Current Period  Reset implicit score after set period of time  Allows you to distinguish current interest from historical
  • 16. Eloqua lead scoring allows us to mine our data and target integrated sales and marketing efforts
  • 17. Scoring provides a clear picture of who at each account is responding to our marketing programs
  • 18. Based on title alone, we would usually not call this individual. The consistent activity, however, causes the inside rep to dig into this account.
  • 19. Cold Calling, Hard Rock Mining, Dialing for Dollars… It’s about calling the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons
  • 20. Every salesperson can quickly see which prospects and customer are sending the most signals
  • 21. For outside reps, implicit scores provide a reality check on their pipelines
  • 22. For inside reps, tracking implicit scores helps identify opportunities we might otherwise miss
  • 23. Summary: Lead scoring is critical to both sales and marketing Marketing Inside Outside  Improved  Real-time alerts  Validates pipeline segmentation and when highly of existing targeting scored prospects opportunities are on the website  Reinforces target  More relevant  Call prioritization communications account selling processes  Improves nurture  Automated filtering  Identifies programs of unqualified leads opportunities that  Better campaign might otherwise be analysis missed
  • 24. What’s Next / Possible  Use lead scoring data to determine which qualified prospects will receive premium offers (this works especially well in our nurture programs)  Incorporate Target Account identification into the lead scoring programs  Incorporate lead scoring into lead assignment and workflow rules  Threshold-based communications  Very targeted micro-campaigns
  • 25. Imagine it. Learn it. Use it.  How to apply what you’ve learned when you get home • Automate • Centralize • Implement • Integrate
  • 26. Cast Iron Systems Integrate Salesforce.com In Days
  • 27. Why Nurture? Online Directories Telesales Google Search Whitepapers Webinars Public Relations Online Newsletters Executive Breakfasts Special Events Fall Out Tradeshows Online Visibility Website Product Other 6% 8% Project Fit Sales 31% Process 30% Project Not Budgeted Too 25% Expensive 10% 15%
  • 28. Why Nurture? Online Directories Telesales Google Search Whitepapers Webinars Public Relations Online Newsletters Executive Breakfasts Special Events Fall Out Tradeshows Online Visibility Website Nurture Bucket 73,585 leads/Opps
  • 29. Why Nurture? Within 24 months from Source: Sirius Decisions target company or competitor 29 Automating Demand Generation
  • 30. How We Nurture Google Search Whitepapers Tradeshows Email blasts Webinars Online Newsletters Public Relations Website Executive Breakfasts Fall Out Online Visibility Special Events 5,000/Qtr Nurture Bucket 73,585 leads/Opps
  • 31. How We Nurture Campaign Leads are automatically assigned to 5,000 New Leads per Qtr nurturing campaigns and contacted Trade Shows Whitepapers Website Google Search Webinars Call Score Hottest leads bubble to the top through lead scoring Top 300 leads go into automated calling system
  • 32. Campaign Email 1  Define campaign goals 7 days  Create messaging strategy  Develop campaign flow Email 2  Write copy & build microsite  Test Campaign and timelines 14 days  Watch for interest indicators  Tune Campaign Direct Mail 3  Continue to score until qualified
  • 33. Consistent The Basics Branding Clear Message Clear and compelling offer Clear & repeated call to action
  • 34. Score Lead calculated by Eloqua based on actions and behaviors listed below Lead Score 95 Nurturing Campaigns defined and emails are sent out via Eloqua Prospect views emails and visits site raising their lead score
  • 35. Call • Appliance synchronizes salesforce with automated calling system each night so the top 300 leads (by territory and lead score) are ready and waiting for the Telesales team each morning • Telesales calls only the hottest leads Dashboards show each Sales Rep their hottest leads each day
  • 36. Lead Nurturing Results No. of Nurturing % of Emails Click Through No. of Emails Sent Campaigns Viewed Percentage 110 53,633 23.60% 1.55% 47% : ing e rtur Lin Top Nurturing Campaigns: u tom yN t b Bo ted Avg. Click ac Through Rate Rank* Campaign Open Rate imp vely iti 1 Webinar: Thanks for Attending 15.45% 44.95% pos ls Sorry We Missed You 2 Event: Various Post Show Emails 3.25% 36.72% Dea 3 Webinar: 2.15% 26.02% 4 Partner Email 1.96% 9.97% 5 Event: Pre-Show Email 1.43% 29.49% 6 Webinar Invite 1.32% 22.90% * Based on click through rate
  • 37. How Do I Start Nurturing? 1. Define your Objectives 2. Identify Target Audience 3. Identify Content Assets and Tools Delivery Touch Points • E-Mails • Phone Scripts Content Assets • White papers • Analyst reports • Articles Interactive Media • Poll / survey • Benchmark Tool / ROI Calculator 4. Launch Campaign and Report 5. Ongoing Evaluation
  • 38. Other Reading Brian Carroll, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale Bob Schmonsees, Escaping the Black Hole The Innovative Marketer blog www.theinnovativemarketer.com
  • 39. What’s Next? 21st Century Lead Cultivation Steve Gershik Jason Hekl Simon Peel