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Full session information and video available at

Full session information and video available at

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Where’s the Cash in your Lead to Cash Process? Kathleen Lord, VP Sales, Intacct Doug Harr, CIO, Ingres Best Financial Software Solution
    • 2. Agenda
      • Challenges with Typical Lead-Cash Processes
      • Lead-Cash Process with Intacct MAX TM for
      • Ingres Case Study
      • Live Demonstration
      • Q & A
    • 3. Challenges with Typical Lead-Cash Processes
      • Reps have no visibility into Customer/Inventory Info
        • AR Balance, Inventory levels, Shipment History
      • Orders require manual entry into Finance system
        • High-risk for data entry errors, delays
      • No visibility once orders are submitted to finance
        • Invoice/Payment/Shipment status
      Front Office Back Office
    • 4. Lead – Cash Process with Intacct MAX TM
        • Create a booked order from an opportunity in a single click
          • Customer, Product, Pricing, Fulfillment details
        • Automatically trigger back-office work flows
          • Accounting, Product & Services Fulfillment
        • View customer data traditionally hidden in the back-office
          • Payment History, Fulfillment Status, Sales Analysis
      Front Office Back Office
    • 5. Who’s Intacct?
      • The Company:
        • Leading On-Demand Financial Management
        • HQ in Silicon Valley with operations in India
      • Our Customers:
        • Over 2,200 customers, 11,000+ users
        • More than 99% retention rate
      • Financial Management Solutions:
        • Award-winning solutions
        • Industry leading services Platform
        • Proven Operations & Infrastructure
      • The Financial Backers:
        • Emergence Capital Partners
        • Sigma Partners
        • Sutter Hill Ventures
      Platform Partners Channel Partners Customers
    • 6. General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Cash Management Expense Management Revenue Recognition Order Management Inventory Management Procurement Management Project Management Time & Billing Client Expenses Executive Dashboards Reporting and Analytics Budgeting Events Management Integration Intacct Financial Management Solution
    • 7. Intacct MAX TM for
      • Intacct MAX™ lets users convert a SFDC opportunity into a booked sales order with a single click
        • Staff productivity is maximized using a single sign-on to a web-based interface for the combined system
        • Input product records once for sales and accounting needs. Intacct MAX™ automatically synchronizes Intacct account/product records with Salesforce
      • Intacct implements rules for billing, revenue recognition and contract renewals
        • Back-office work flows such as accounting, product and service fulfillment are triggered automatically from within Salesforce or Intacct
      • Inventory, Deferred Revenue and Accounts Receivable are updated automatically
      • All relevant customer and order data within Salesforce populates Intacct’s financial system of record automatically
        • Bi-directional flow of data gives Salesforce users visibility into customer data previously hidden in back office systems
    • 8. About Ingres
      • Leading provider of open source software solutions and services
        • Database, application development, BI, integration, middleware
      • Ingres database – 25+ years industry expertise
        • University Ingres & System R Create an Industry - 1976
        • First commercial relational database product – 1981
        • Acquired by CA – 1994
        • Released as open source – 2004
      • Ingres Corporation formed – 11/2005
      • Tripled to 270 employees across the world
      • Customers in 58 countries
    • 9. IT Delivery Strategy On Demand (SaaS) or Open Source (Ingres+) Intacct Financials/Distribution Financials Order Entry/Distribution Professional Services Co-Location Corporate Web Site & Community Customer Service Ticketing E-Mail ADP HRIS, Payroll Solutions Workforce management Benefits Payroll Salesforce CRM Applications Lead Management Sales Forecasting Sales Operations On Premise, On Ingres Intranet / Knowledge / Document / Content Management Workflow / Forms Management Integration / Reporting Hub Networking, Telephony
    • 10. Life Before Intacct
      • Some processing in Salesforce
        • Opportunity “Summary” with Product line item detail reflected the potential sale
        • Custom fields for Contract Start/End by line item were used to reflect duration of the subscription sale
        • More than 49 price lists were required to reflect combinations of currency and standard discount levels
        • Salesforce mail merge routines were used to print order forms in 4 languages and per legal entity (13 separate forms)
      • Orders, invoices and revenue management processed in other systems
        • AR customers and invoices were manually loaded into QuickBooks
        • Revenue Recognition schedules (majority spread over the 12 month contract period) kept in spreadsheets
      • Resulting Issues:
        • AR customer records in QuickBooks often did not match Salesforce accounts - Potential for error in Invoice information was high
        • Tracking recurring billing arrangements manual and prone to error
        • Revenue Recognition via spreadsheets prone to potential error
        • Sales had no visibility to Order/AR status of customers
    • 11. Solution Search – What we Needed
      • Ingres needed an integrated solution to the order to cash problem:
      • The IT Strategy for sourcing solutions at Ingres is “On Demand” or “Open Source”
      • Salesforce was a natural choice for a CRM solution
      • We needed a Financials/Distribution application which met our requirements and integrated to Salesforce
      • We also wanted to assure an integrated solution for Professional Services Automation (PSA) - our next project
      • Ingres is a subscription based software and services company, requiring advanced order-to-cash processes
      • We specifically did not want to go with heavyweight applications from Oracle or SAP
    • 12. Why we Selected Intacct
      • Intacct one of a few SaaS based solutions for Financials and Distribution
      • Intacct either already met all of our criteria or had a roadmap to getting there
      • Intacct provided integration to Salesforce and to OpenAir, a leading SaaS PSA solution
      • We liked what we heard from Intacct – in their personnel and management – and that they would be a good partner for us
      • We felt that we could help influence the direction of the product
    • 13. Salesforce CRM & Intacct ERP Opportunity Management Steps to Enter the Deal #1 Enter an Account; Push to Intacct #2 Enter an Opportunity Summary #3 Enter the Sales Order #4 Print the Order Form
    • 14. Create Customer Account Salesforce is the “Customer Master”
    • 15. Create Opportunity Summary Information only
    • 16. Create Sales Order Product Detail with contract terms
    • 17. Create Sales Order Form
        • Check Sales Order – check the box next to the sales order to print
        • Print Sales Order – select this – you will be asked for the language, then the form will display
      2. 1.
    • 18. Viewing Intacct AR Customer Ledger
    • 19. Integrated Dashboard
    • 20. Business Benefits of Salesforce + Intacct
      • Improved Sales Performance
        • Sales visibility to Order/AR status beneficial during sales cycle
          • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Communications
        • Integrity of customer/booking information improves sales execution
        • Sales Management has greater visibility into the drivers for their business
      • Stronger Financial Management
        • Audit cycles no longer require manual heavy lifting
        • Capture of revenue recognition eliminates the needs for spreadsheets
        • Reduced labor required for order processing/invoicing
        • Accurate invoicing improves collections, DSO
      • Complete visibility into the lead-cash process
        • Gained a 360 degree view of our customers to better manage our business
    • 21. Intacct MAX TM Live Demonstration
    • 22. Why Intacct MAX TM for
      • 360 degree view of customers. Integrate Salesforce with Intacct’s Accounting, Supply Chain, and Order Management applications.
      • One log-in for all your needs. Create Intacct Order Management Quotes or Orders from Salesforce Opportunities.
      • Increase visibility. View customer account history and other reports from within Salesforce.
      • Reduce user error for disparate applications. Automatically synchronize Salesforce account records to Intacct.
      • Input products one time for sales and accounting. Automatically synchronize Intacct product records to Salesforce.
      • Increase reporting visibility on custom fields. Map Salesforce standard and custom fields to Intacct standard or custom fields and vice versa. Process Link your Lead to Cash with a single click.
    • 23. Q & A Kathleen Lord, VP Sales, Intacct or 408-878-0960 Doug Harr, CIO, Ingres Come Visit us at Booth #703 Best Financial Software Solution