Dream Wars II: The Myths Return- Chapters I - VII


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Dream Wars II: The Myths Return- Chapters I - VII

  1. 1. The Myths Return By Adam Brunetti
  2. 2. The Myths Return © 2010 By Adam Brunetti
  3. 3. Dedicated to the memory of Claire Z. Cournoyer, 1929-2008. I love you, Mémére.
  4. 4. Chapter 1 The Second War Begins This was no longer a dream. The humans of Earth were involved in the war, not just the humans of the Dream World. And masterminding the defensive in the Dream World was the dynamic duo, King Richard Belisle, and High General Thomas Jamison. For the Myths had returned. It seems that Mighty- who was now dead (or so they thought) - did not send all of his troops onto Earth when he invaded it. Now, the remaining Myths had been attacking the Human’s Fortress relentlessly. However, each time they attacked, it seemed that their numbers increased. And every time they attacked, it seemed that the human’s numbers decreased! But how did this happen? When Tom was rescued from Mighty’s Fortress, he and the other soldiers had checked everywhere for other Myths, and there were none! But wait- there was one place that they did not check- the Human’s Fortress! The Myths must have been hiding out there!
  5. 5. The Myths must have left when they saw the humans coming back. Just then, about 400 Myths came running at them from all directions of the Human’s Fortress. They were surrounded! Thinking quickly, Belisle sent out a thought wave to Tom, asking for help. ******* In another universe, Thomas Jamison heard the cry for help. Quickly, he ran into his parent’s room, and told them what was going on. “Do you want some help, honey?” “I’m fine Mom. It is too dangerous for you anyway. I can take care of myself. Besides, I’m bringing my army.” Yes, Tom had his own private army, one that could mobilize at anytime. One that could go and help him kick some Mythical butt! Tom pressed a button on his watch, signaling his army to move out. They would meet him outside his house in five minutes. Five minutes later, Tom’s army of 100 men met him outside his house, and followed him into his room, through the portal, and into the Dream World. ******
  6. 6. The assault on the Human’s Fortress was going very smoothly. Just as the walls were about to be broken down though, the portal opened up, and the Myth’s worst enemy, Thomas Jamison, stepped out. ****** “Go, go, go!” yelled Tom, as his army ran out of the portal. Tom tried to think of some reinforcements, but nothing happened. Something was wrong… Chapter Two What Was Going On?
  7. 7. Something was going on. Tom had lost his power! But how? Could it be Mighty? When Mighty died, Tom didn’t need to create any more soldiers. But now, he did, and he couldn’t. It couldn’t have been McKay, because Tom was able to create more soldiers even after McKay died. And James, well, Tom didn’t want to even think about the death of his best friend. It had to be Mighty. Tom would have pondered this further, but he then heard an announcement over his wristwatch. “Tom, Tom, come in Tom!” “Mr. President?” “Yes, it’s me. Listen, we need you to create more soldiers for Earth.” The President paused for a second. “Mighty‘s back.” ****** “Crap!” Tom said. “There’s no way that Mighty can be back. I killed him!” “Well apparently you didn’t.” said The President. “He just attacked us at New Orleans and New York- at the same time! And he was at both cities- at the same time!” “Mr. President, can I call you Jim?” “No.” “Fine, Mr. President, but still, how could Mighty be in two places at once? And how could he even be alive? Unless… Of course!
  8. 8. How could I have been so stupid? He must have just been stunned! And… of course! By killing all of those who mean most to me, somehow, my emotions gave him my power! So now, he can not only create soldiers, by the can also duplicate himself! “But wait- how could I have given Mighty my powers through my emotions?” “Tom?” asked the President. “That’s it! It was through my emotions, which I channeled through my sword to strike him down. I must have transferred my power to him by mistake!” “As long as it was by mistake, Tom. We don’t wasn’t you as our enemy.” “Mr. President! I can’t believe that you would even think that I would do that to you. To America!” “I’m sorry, Tom,” The President apologized, “I didn’t mean it like that.” “It’s okay. I was just kidding with you- Holy crap! Sir, I have to go.” “But Tom,” said the President, but it was already too late. “Sir!” A secret Service Agent ran into the Oval Office. “You may want to look out of your window…” The President looked out the window, and saw his worst nightmare coming true, tens of thousands of Mythical Creatures were pouring
  9. 9. out onto the White House lawn, with twenty General Mighties leading the way. “Tom!” He called out in a desperate plea for help, but Tom had his own battle to fight. Or, be captured in for that matter. Chapter Three A New Ally and a New Problem “Great, just great!” Tom said, “How could this have happened to me? Oh, right, I’m the person who always gets captured!”
  10. 10. “Just shut up, okay? We want to help you, not destroy you!” “And another thing, who gave you the right to- wait, did you say, ‘help me’ I thought that you would want to destroy me, not help me.” “We don’t want to hurt you. We’ve grown tired of Mighty’s rants, and how he only cares about himself, and how he does this, that, and every other thing! I mean, we’re people too you know, well, I guess that we’re not really people, per say, but you know- you see?!? Now he’s got us doing it too! Oh, and you probably want us to take off the hood, right?” Tom hadn’t even noticed the hood. He had been too busy trying to comprehend what was being said to him. Did they actually want to help him? The hood was removed, and Tom saw who he was talking to. A giant ogre was staring down at him. Tom recognized him as the informant who saved him and his army those three long months ago. He looked up at the smiling ogre, and he thought, ‘could he actually help me?’ As if reading his mind, the ogre said, “Of course we can help you!” Tom decided not push the subject any farther. He just smiled back, and shook the ogre’s hand, or finger, because the hand was too big. But Tom had absolutely no idea what
  11. 11. was going on in Washington D.C. at that very moment… ****** President Jim Henderson swung away at a centaur with a golf club, while one of his S.S. agents felled another one with two bullet holes in the head. “Sir!” said the agent, “We have to get you out of here! It’s not safe for you-” The agent’s plea for Henderson to get out was cut short, as a sword went right through his heart. “Hello, Jim Henderson,” said a voice that Henderson had heard way too many times, “Glad to finally meet you.” And with that, General Zeus L. Mighty took the President, swung him over his shoulder, and ran to his hideout in the Washington Monument, which Mighty had fortified into a impenetrable fortress.
  12. 12. Chapter Four The Only Way “So, you want to help me?” Tom asked for about the thirtieth time. “Come on now, don’t you think that if we were your enemies, we would have killed you by now?” “True, but still-” Tom was interrupted by the sound of a battle going on. But the sound was coming from his wristwatch, which was hooked up to the White House! It was under attack! He had to go and help them! “Sir,” said an S.S. agent over his wristwatch, “This is Agent Johnson! The President has been captured! Wait, wait, they’re retreating back to their fortress, while about a thousand other reinforcements are coming out! It seems that Mighty has a new toy- a machine that creates his soldiers, and there are about a dozen of them all around the fortress! Oh, and just so you know, their fortress is the Washington Monument. But wait- it seems that our army is beating them back to the fortress. They’re not going to attack us for a while. What should we do?” Tom couldn’t believe what he was hearing; he had only one option to save the capital, and the world. “Agent Johnson,” he said, “What do you know about explosives?”
  13. 13. “Sir?”
  14. 14. Chapter Five The Plan of Attack A few days later, Tom found himself on a plane to Washington DC. There, he was given a military escort to the Pentagon, to discuss war plans with the Vice President, generals of the US Army, and leaders of other nations of the world. The object of interest to the council was the Washington Monument, where the Myths had taken up position. Vice President Jake Smith called the leaders to attention. “My friends, in this desperate hour, we must gather our forces, and plan the attack on the monument. However, we will not be able to destroy the Myth-Making Machines.” “Actually, we can… but at a price,” interjected Tom. “Then please… explain to us Mr. Jamison,” challenged Smith. “Gladly,” Tom said, as he stepped up to the head of the war table. He pressed a button on his wristwatch, and 3D hologram of the Washington Monument popped up. Tom maneuvered the hologram to show the basement of the monument; a large maze of hallways. Tom then pressed another button, and a red line started passing through the
  15. 15. “labyrinth”, coming to a stop near what looked like a large control room. “This, gentlemen, is how we will destroy the machines.” “What the heck are you going on about, Jamison?” asked a general from Britain. “What I am ‘going on about’, sir, is a large time bomb that has been under the Monument for decades,” Tom answered. “The CIA placed it there for use in an emergency… I would call this an emergency.” The room immediately went up in an uproar over Tom’s idea. There were cries of praise for the idea, but, at the same time, there were cries of outrage at the thought of blowing up a National Monument. Vice President Smith spoke up, saying: “Gentlemen, please, you must settle down. Tom’s idea may be bold, but it makes sense, and it may be our only hope.” “Thank you, Vice President Smith,” replied Tom. “But how will we get into the labyrinth? It is probably going to be very well-guarded!” asked the British general. “The answer is easy. The CIA put a secret passage behind the statue of Abraham Lincoln that goes under the reflecting pool, and into the basement of the Washington Monument. We just simply have to find the button that opens the passage, enter it, fight
  16. 16. our way through the labyrinth, rescue the President, and set the time bomb. If we succeed, we will have 1 hour to leave the area,” Tom explained. “Wait,” asked Vice President Smith, “doesn’t that mean that we will have to evacuate the city?” “Sadly, yes. We have quite a battle ahead of us. Let’s rest for now, and gather back here at 0900 tomorrow.” A silence hung about the room, as the generals took in what they were to do. “Well,” the Vice President finally said, “you heard Jamison. He will lead the assault. We attack at 0930 tomorrow. God Bless us all.”
  17. 17. Chapter Six 9:00 AM At 9:00 the next morning, the armies of the US, UK, and Italy all met at the Pentagon, and started to prepare for the attack. As the soldiers strapped on their bullet-proof vests, and loaded their guns, Tom spent his time putting on armor, and equipping swords, daggers, bows, and arrows. As Tom finished arming himself, he took a deep breath, and looked around the room at the men gathered there; knowing that at least half of them would not survive the battle. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t either… ********* Meanwhile, at the Myth’s Fortress at the Washington Monument, General Zeus L. Mighty was pacing about the encampment. The Humans had not attacked him AT ALL since he captured the President… “Sir, Sir,” shouted a messenger, as he sprinted over to Mighty. “What is it soldier?” “Sir, our spies in Jamison’s army say that they are moving out to attack us from the Lincoln Memorial! They say that there is a passage there that will allow them to get underground beneath our fortress!”
  18. 18. “Excellent. Have our engineers prepare to spring our trap.” “Of course sir. But there is something else that you should know… we are in danger here. Apparently there is a bomb underneath this monument, and that is where the humans are headed.” Mighty smiled, as he thought, ‘So, Jamison, it has come to this. Very well, I WILL crush you.’ ********* Tom looked at his watch. It read 9:20. The time had come. He took another deep breath, and stood up on a table to address his troops. As soon as he stood up, the room fell silent. Tom knew that he was ready. “Okay men. It’s time. Does everybody know the game plan?” “SIR YES SIR!” said everyone else. “Good,” Tom replied. “Then let’s go, and kick some Mythical Butt!” The entire room filled with cheers, as they all moved out. Little did they know, Mighty’s trap was about to be unleashed. Chapter Seven President Lincoln Awakes
  19. 19. As Tom and his army arrived at the Lincoln Memorial, it was already 9:29. Tom knew that the passage only opened at 9:30 AM every morning, for only 5 minutes. They had just made it. Tom anxiously waited as the second hand of his watch slowly ticked clockwise towards 9:30. Finally, the second hand finished its 60-second rotation, and Tom heard a rumble in the ground. His happiness soon turned to terror, as he realized that the passage was not opening, rather, it was the statue of Abraham Lincoln standing up, preparing to fight. “MIGHTY KNEW WE WERE COMING!” Tom exclaimed. He pulled out his sword- just in time I might add- as a sword materialized into Lincoln’s hand, and came down on Tom’s sword. Tom struggled, but threw away the heavy blade, and started to run towards the empty chair that Lincoln was once sitting. He started to climb up the chair, but as he was half-way up when Lincoln’s giant hand almost crushed him. But that was the idea. As the giant marble hand came crashing down, Tom jumped onto the hand, and ran up Lincoln’s arm, and onto the marble giant’s head.