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Building IoT Apps in the Cloud Webinar
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Building IoT Apps in the Cloud Webinar


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Ben Busse of DreamFactory and Nat Frampton of FramTack talk about architecting IoT apps in the cloud, including: …

Ben Busse of DreamFactory and Nat Frampton of FramTack talk about architecting IoT apps in the cloud, including:

- How FramTack is architecting IoT apps for the cloud
- The importance of open standards for IoT
- How DreamFactory helps FramTack develop and deploy IoT apps in the cloud
- Demo of FramTack's Solution Family product for IoT

You can also view the webinar recording here

Published in: Software
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  • 1. dreamfactory Ben Busse Nat Frampton Architecting IoT for the Cloud – FramTack & DreamFactory
  • 2. Any Server, Any Data, Any Device Install Connect Develop DreamFactory provides REST API Services to your data Build apps for phone, tablet, desktop or device + = Install DreamFactory on cloud or server
  • 3. Install On Any Server Available in many cloud marketplaces Support for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux
  • 4. Connect To Any Database Connect to any local or remote data source SQL, NoSQL, and BLOB Storage
  • 5. Develop For Any Device Client SDK for HTML5 / JavaScript Code library for native mobile
  • 6. Native SDKs • User Management • Roles & Permissions • Enterprise Security • Application Hosting SQL PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL Automatically provide REST API Hook up any backend system NoSQL MongoDB, CouchDB DynamoDB, Azure Tables Files S3, Cloud Files, Azure Blob, Local DSP HTML5 SDKs
  • 7. Simple Development Paradigm Client Side DSP REST JSON
  • 8. Managing the Internet of Things Device Administration Smart Devices Alerts and Updates Platform Administration Service Platform Solution Family products DreamFactory running in the cloud or on premises Mobile app uses REST API for monitoring and controlling devices Device sensors provide data and receive information via REST API
  • 9. Overview The Solution Family team provides a Distributed Application Platform uniquely designed to deliver the flexibility and extensibility you need to solve your real world IoT applications all while reducing development costs and time by 80-90%.
  • 10. Edge Solution Engine® Data Model Clouds Storage Analytics Appliances What do we do? 2. Analyze Data Solution Builder® 1. Get Data 3. Send Data to/from Cloud 4. Control the Appliance 5. Build Dashboards
  • 11. Solution Family Suite 11
  • 12. Building Automation Pump Room Space Temps Intel Gateway Temperatures Pressures Intel Gateway + PLC Solution Engine® Steam Room Temperatures Pressures Intel Gateway + PLC APT1 Lobby Electric Meter Analytics
  • 13. Dashboard Builder 7/10/13 13
  • 14. Demo Time!
  • 15. Dashboard Builder Key Points In Development – User controlled and defined location graphical data map drilldown • Image based data mapping – New content and styling types – New cloud data source connections – Specific Vertical data visualization and styling
  • 16. Learn More Blog Posts mobile-users-to-industrial-assets Screencasts Docs Developer Forum
  • 17. DreamFactory Support Plans
  • 18. Q&A
  • 19. Thank You! QUESTIONS