DreamFactory Essentials Webinar


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This webinar deck provides a primer on DreamFactory's open source REST API platform, including:

- Cloud installation options
- Configuring an application
- Connecting to a SQL database
- Setting up role permissions
- Performing database queries with the REST API
- Making API calls to your database using DreamFactory's mobile SDKs

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DreamFactory Essentials Webinar

  1. 1. dreamfactory Ben Busse Todd Appleton DreamFactory Essentials
  2. 2. Mobilize Your Data DreamFactory provides REST API Services to your data Build apps for phone, tablet, desktop or device Install Connect Develop + = Install DreamFactory on cloud or server
  3. 3. Native SDKs • User Management • Roles & Permissions • Enterprise Security • Application Hosting SQL PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL Automatically provide REST API Hook up any backend system NoSQL MongoDB, CouchDB DynamoDB, Azure Tables Files S3, Cloud Files, Azure Blob, Local DSP HTML5 SDKs
  4. 4. Simple Development Paradigm Client Side REST JSON DSP
  5. 5. Step 1 – Get DreamFactory A few options… 1. DreamFactory Hosted Account (Free) 2. Bitnami Hosted Account 3. Bitnami Installers (Server, VM, or Cloud) 4. GitHub Package (Mac, Linux, Windows) Details at https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp- core/wiki/Usage-Options
  6. 6. Step 2 – Register Your App A few options… 1. App code resides in your DreamFactory instance 2. App code resides on desktop or mobile device 3. App code resides on your own server Note: App name is your API key
  7. 7. Step 3 – Connect to SQL Securely connect… • Select vendor (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server) • Specify database connection string • Specify database credentials Note 1: You can also connect to NoSQL, files, and external REST APIs Note 2: Oracle and DB2 on 2014 roadmap
  8. 8. Step 4 – Set up Roles Specify role permissions… • Which users belong to this role • Which apps can this role access • Which data can this role access Note: Users and roles have a REST API (e.g. self-register users from your app)
  9. 9. Step 5 – Use REST API for SQL Browse the live Swagger API docs… • REST API for both SQL records and schema • CRUD operations on single or multiple records • API returns SQL data in JSON or XML format • API supports query filters, limits, order by, related data, and more
  10. 10. Step 6 – Make API Calls with SDKs REST API is conveniently exposed with SDKs • Follow directions in Quickstart tab • Download SDKs in the Apps tab • SDKs for: iOS, Android, Windows, Titanium, Javascript, AngularJS Note: SDKs are not mandatory, but should make your life easier
  11. 11. Demo Time!
  12. 12. Install On Any Server Available in many cloud marketplaces Support for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux
  13. 13. Connect To Any Database Connect to any local or remote data source SQL, NoSQL, and BLOB Storage
  14. 14. Develop For Any Device Client SDK for HTML5 / JavaScript Code library for native mobile
  15. 15. Learn More Blog Posts https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki/Blogs http://blog.dreamfactory.com/add-a-rest-api-to-any-sql-db-in-minutes http://blog.dreamfactory.com/sql-and-rest-working-with-related-data http://blog.dreamfactory.com/blog/bid/316052/Demo-How-to-Make-Relationship- Queries-with-DreamFactory-s-REST-API Screencasts https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki/Screencasts Docs https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki Developer Forum http://community.dreamfactory.com/
  16. 16. DreamFactory Support Plans
  17. 17. Q&A
  18. 18. Thank You! QUESTIONS benbusse@dreamfactory.com toddappleton@dreamfactory.com