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Blended Learning Trends


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Trends come and go, but quality education will last a lifetime. In edWeb community, Blended Learning’s, latest webinar, attendees learned what best practice blended learning trends are, and how they …

Trends come and go, but quality education will last a lifetime. In edWeb community, Blended Learning’s, latest webinar, attendees learned what best practice blended learning trends are, and how they can help support personalization of learning for each unique student. Webinar presenters, Tom Vander Ark, author of “Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World” and CEO of Getting Smart, an education advocacy firm, and Tim Hudson, experienced educator and Senior Curriculum Designer for DreamBox Learning discussed effective blended learning approaches that benefit students and teachers. They shared ideas for how to use these strategies to support student engagement and achievement, particularly in elementary math.

Webinar attendees gained knowledge about many blended learning topics, including:
Emerging blended learning trends
Teaching and learning in an increasingly mobile world
How blended learning can boost elementary math achievement
The impact of blended learning on schools and the teaching profession
Watch the webinar recording to learn how you can integrate blended learning practices in your classroom!

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  • DreamBox provides Teachers with real-time academic progress reporting, reporting on student progress against the Common Core State Standards, as well as weekly and detailed reports for individual students. We also provide teacher notifications of students who are struggling with specific concepts, or working inefficiently in the program.
  • DreamBox Learning combines 3 essential elements in one mobile app:1) Mathematics- CCSSM & Standards for Mathematical Practice- unlike other programs that provide drill and practice DreamBox builds both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency2) Flexible & Motivating (persist and progress) – gaming fundamentals, cloud based. Mobile app allows same rich learning experience on a mobile device with ease of login, flexibility, convenience, interaction and accessibility for all users.3) Powerful intelligent adaptive learning engine providing millions of personalized learning paths—each one—tailored to a student’s unique needs.
  • NOTE: For each point try to use bullet to differentiate DBL as unique vs. “what else is on the market” e.g. Practice-only programs, one large static assessment, “predictive” not “intelligent adaptation”, etc.Online, supplemental K-6 math curriculum Over 1,300 rigorous adaptive lessons within two age-appropriate learning environments- primary and intermediate available within the same appRobust real-time reporting accessible via a desktop administrative dashboard for administrators, teachers and parents Aligned to the CCSS and Standards for Mathematical Practices--DreamBox was developed by a team of leading math educators including Dr. Cathy Fosnot and Dr. Skip Fennell and nationally board certified teachers who create, test and refine our lessons.Offers convenient, flexible and accessible learning any where at anytimeInnovative virtual manipulatives provide an engaging kinesthetic learning experience Supporting schools and districts in all 50 states and internationallyDreamBox on the iPad is user friendly, simple to access and easy to navigate with tools and contentthat support anytime/anywhere learning, project-based/authentic learning, competency-based progression, and/or student-driven learning paths for K-6 students.Beta tested in 5 rounds over 3 years ….
  • Transcript

    • 1. What’s Your Message? Blended Learning: Trends & Innovative Approaches Tom Vander Ark Tim Hudson, PhD CEO, Getting Smart Senior Director of Curriculum Design, DreamBox Learning
    • 2. Blended Learning • Christensen: Students learn at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of control over time, place, path, and/or pace. • Getting Smart: A shift to an online delivery for a portion of the day to make students, teachers and schools more productive.
    • 3. Trend #1 The deeply student-centered learning experience
    • 4. Key Questions • In what ways do your students control: – WHEN they learn (time of day) – WHERE they learn – HOW they engage learning – AT WHAT RATE they learn (pace)
    • 5. Trend #2 Soaring numbers of digital learners
    • 6. Key Question What is happening in your classroom that students cannot get on the Internet (or anywhere else)?
    • 7. Trend #3 Supporting standards and higher-order thinking skills
    • 8. Which model has more higher order thinking? FLIPPED-CLASSROOM ENRICHED-VIRTUAL Blending is a means to what ends? What is happening with the teacher? What is happening on the computers?
    • 9. Trend #4 Realizing benefits for both teachers and students
    • 10. Teaching Multiplication Today? © DreamBox Learning
    • 11. Trend #5 Data-driven instruction to personalize learning
    • 12. First Grade: Week 1 © DreamBox Learning
    • 13. Trend #6 Personalized learning accompanied by a lean, blended, iterative approach
    • 14. WHAT should this student be learning, doing, and thinking about tomorrow? WHERE could or should she be learning it? Personalized Approach
    • 15. Trend #7 Productive gamification
    • 16. Casual Game Design Principle Learning through safe exploration • Use trial and error/failure as a tool to lead to “aha” moment for the player. • If the player loses or performs below their expectations, make it clear why that happened and how they can do better. • Classroom application: Engage in Exploration First
    • 17. Trend #8 The mobile world is where learners live now
    • 18. Learning is the Goal. Not Tech use.
    • 19. Trend #9 BYOD is here and key to active three-screen days
    • 20. SAMR Model by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura,
    • 21. Trend #10 More broadband, please!
    • 22. Thank You! • @Getting_Smart • @DreamBox_Learn
    • 23. 3 Essential Elements Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ Engine • Millions of personalized learning paths • Tailored to each student’s unique needs Motivating Environment • Motivating and empowering environments • Gaming fundamentals, rewards Rigorous Mathematics • Common Core State Standards, Texas TEKS, Virginia SOL, Canada WNCP & Ontario Curriculum • Standards for Mathematical Practice © DreamBox Learning
    • 24. DreamBox Math on iPad® • 1,300 rigorous PreK – grade 5 adaptive lessons • Convenient, flexible and accessible • Current reporting for parents, teachers, and administrators • Supports CCSS and Standards for Mathematical Practice • Kinesthetic and accessible virtual manipulatives • Used by students in all 50 states and internationally • Lesson progress syncs seamlessly on tablet, laptop, or desktop © DreamBox Learning
    • 25. Robust Reporting © DreamBox Learning
    • 26. Strong Support for Differentiation © DreamBox Learning
    • 27. DreamBox supports small group and whole class instructional resources • Interactive white-board teacher lessons • • Tutorials for virtual manipulatives • Concept video introductions © DreamBox Learning
    • 28. Sign up for a FREE School-Wide Trial © DreamBox Learning