Customer journey maps lucy freeborn


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Lucy Freeborn explains how Propeller,net applied customer analysis to deliver much greater marketing performance to Hi Tec

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Customer journey maps lucy freeborn

  1. 1. Strategic Planning ‐ The Key to Unlocking Brand Potential Lucy Freeborn – Creative Director
  2. 2. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away... Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away 30/04/2010
  3. 3. Jim Jack
  4. 4. Time for a fresh approach…
  5. 5. The media landscape p Internet advertising  Traditional media  spend has overtaken  dh t k and advertising  TV, Radio and print  models are  Customers have a  voice, and brands live  voice and brands live advertising g failing f ili or die by their  reputations All powerful Google Customers have  is the new high  is the new high greater choice & the  street, location is  tools to make  based on your  informed decisions informed decisions reputation
  6. 6. Working with Hi‐Tec  Background Objectives  Our Brief Insight •Online share of voice  Objectives • Customer surveys •Key influencers •Google insights Strategy ...But objectives, couldn’t be met without really  understanding the audience... d di h di
  7. 7. Understanding the customer Objectives  We developed a three tier insight project to get to grips  with their audience and benchmark the brand: with their audience and benchmark the brand: Insight  Examining where the brand sits in the online space •Online share of voice • Customer surveys •Key influencers •Google insoghts  Actually talking to their existing and non customers Strategy  Interviewing key media influencers 30/04/2010
  8. 8. Online share of voice Objectives  Our benchmark showed that Hi‐Tec do not currently Our benchmark showed that Hi Tec do not currently  rank in the top 100 positions in the UK or the US for  Insight any of our target keywords.. •Online share of voice • Customer surveys •Key influencers Hiking Boots •Google insights Walking Boots Walking Shoes Climbing Shoes •The total UK annual  Strategy Hiking Shoes search volume in this  Snow Boots sector is over Walking Sandals 1.5 million 1 5 illi Winter Boots Waterproof Boots Waterproof Shoes p
  9. 9. No one is being sociable Objectives Online Mentions of Hi‐Tec and competitor brands in UK 90 day period Oct Dec 2009 90 day period Oct‐Dec 2009 Insight •Online share of voice • Customer surveys •Key influencers •Google insights Strategy Key Insights Key Insights  Very low levels of activity across all brands  18 mentions of the Hi‐Tec brand, 17 were product overviews  relating to sale sites l ti t l it  No product reviews on media sites  No forum posts or replies
  10. 10. Customer surveys Objectives  In‐store and online questionnaire to establish behavioural  insight: – Advice from friends and influencers was key Insight – All enjoyed activities in groups or families – Internet is hugely important to our target audiences more than 70% Internet is hugely important to our target audiences, more than 70%  •Online share of voice • Customer surveys used Google at least once per week, search is pivotal •Key influencers •Google insights – We need to interrupt their online research journey to remind them  we exist with exciting and engaging content g g g g – All groups believe that more people in the UK should focus on their  Strategy health and recreation  Research enabled us to segment the audience into five main  ‘personas’  Guided creative execution of the strategy
  11. 11. The people who matter Objectives  Interviewed 20 key influencers  No other competitor brand had done that! No other competitor brand had done that! Insight  They had advice on how to improve perceptions of the brand: – “prove commitment to hardcore outdoor users” •Online share of voice – “don’t over promise” • Customer surveys •Key influencers – “make less but make them better” •Google insights – “involve the experts more”  – “healthiest outdoor market for years” Strategy What they said y What they didn t say What they didn’t say Trapped in  Immediately  Technical  Technical Expertise the middle Good  comfortable Commitment fit Quality Reliable value For gentler  Performance Exciting Hiking Performance walkers lk Daring        Daring Functional Well  (ION mask) Golf designed Advocacy No compromise TK Maxx Lightweight Underestimated Improving Technically  Aggressive  advanced marketing R&D Innovative
  12. 12. Millions of opportunities to engage consumers Initial Research Colour Objectives Ankle support Size Arch Support  High arches w Spikes Hiking i Rounded soles Rounded soles Mens, Boys Hill Walking t Velcro straps Ladies, Womens, Girls   Walking h Vibram soles Infants, Toddlers  Mountain motion control Quick Wins Babies, Childrens, Kids  Outdoor Springs  Trekking Boots Backpacking Shoes Wide, Flat, Narrow Feet ( (100%) Waterproof   ) p Climbing Sandals Insight I i h Overpronation  U d P O ti Under Pronation ti lightweight  light  ultra  Mountaineering Footwear Pronation  Pronators light Approach Knee, Back Pain Leather  Fabric Snow Bad feet Comfortable Winter f •Online share of voice morton's neuroma  (painful toes) Flexible 2,3/4 Season o • Customer surveys plantar fasciitis  shin splints Flat Adventure r Heavy Women  Obese y •Key influencers Cushioned Treadmill T d ill •Google insights Steel toe Arthritis Ion Mask Stress fractures Gortex Orthotics Strategy Help me Decide Best (2009) Hiking Which Hill Walking How to buy Walking How to choose Mountain Walking boots – 154,800 Review(s) Outdoor ChoosingChoose Trekking Boots Hiking boots – 112,680 Top Rated p Backpacking p g Shoes Waterproof boots – 9,360 Ratings Climbing Sandals Guide Mountaineering Footwear Mens hiking boots – 2,160 Recommended  Approach Buying Snow Top 10 (ten) Winter Compare 3/4 Season Good Adventure
  13. 13. Engage Hi Tec Consumers Engage Hi Tec Consumers Engage Target Consumers Engage Target Consumers Develop related interest  Harness advocacy to improve awareness  content for positive brand  The outdoor market is huge,  to commitment online journeys association , However, to ensure  Key messages in search  with hardcore elite users at the  Turn happy customers into influential  results – inspired by life focus and effective  advocates with user generated content. top of the audience pyramid  use of marketing  Develop decision support content  in  and the mainstream users  Use customer network as a  spend and resource,  key influencer networks springboard for “word of mouth”  tapping into brands as a fashion  campaigns p g Hi‐Tec needs to focus  Connect consumers with  key influencer content choice at the bottom...  on the most realistic  Create events for customers to  Create and promote Hi Tec  live the Hi‐Tec brand decision support content targets... Connect consumers with  Establish direct feedback loop from  Establish direct feedback loop from Hi Tec Content customers into product development Interrupt and intercept  competitor evaluation Start direct customer relationships  Connect consumers with  (Shoe Box insert – customer service)  points of purchase
  14. 14. We have broken free of silo  We have broken free of silo thinking and are joining the  dots for our clients – j i d f li join us! ! www propellernet co uk Twitter com/propellernet Rocket@propellernet co uk Lucy Freeborn Lucy‐Freeborn