Community works for business too - ZendCon 2013
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Community works for business too - ZendCon 2013



Being part of the community is not just great to support the open-source movement, but it also is great for business. ...

Being part of the community is not just great to support the open-source movement, but it also is great for business.

Why is it that big companies invest in open-source projects and how can your business benefit from participation?

In this talk I explain the reasons why companies like to be associated with the PHP community and how your business can benefit from it. Even if you're working for a company, this talk will give enough arguments to talk to your bosses and convince them to contribute to open-source.



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Community works for business too - ZendCon 2013 Community works for business too - ZendCon 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Community Works For business
  • Who uses open-source?
  • Who contributes back?
  • Business involvement?
  • PHP Community
  • Organizing events
  • Build projects
  • Volunteers
  • Pay themselves
  • Need support
  • Why participate?
  • Example • it's good for the health of the language • it's good for business • depends on the usage of language / technology • target the audience that become your promoters • good sentiment around the company and brand (brand awareness) • build relationships one-on-one and give demos • a great way to recruit for your company • community feedback about your company • keeping in touch with community Thanks to Elizabeth Naramore for providing feedback
  • Example • learn technology in an early stage • get in touch with people to provide support • follow up on technological evolutions and trends • easier finding partners, customers or new employees Thanks to Thijs Feryn for providing feedback
  • Example • visibility to potential employees and partners • giving something back to the community • building a business on top of quality open source projects • being part of a fun and engaging group Thanks to Wim Godden for providing feedback
  • Example • access to everyone’s best practices + innovation • share best technical solutions • cooperate on a technical level - compete on a business level • real multiplier (e.g. US Government) for reusable infrastructure • making the difference • buy once, get improvements back for free indefinitely • more secure products Thanks to Jeffrey McGuire for providing feedback
  • Example • learn internals of open-source projects • meeting experts for support and advice • finding new ways to offer better services • finding gratitude in “giving back”
  • Summary • keeping up-to-date on new technologies • establishing support and advice networks • feedback on your products / services • great for hiring new employees • great for finding new customers
  • How getting involved?
  • Report bugs
  • Fix issues or add features
  • Write documentation
  • Provide translations
  • Other ways to help
  • Room for user groups
  • Buy beer for events
  • Sponsor events
  • Provide hosting
  • Give us developers
  • What’s the ROI?
  • Long term investment
  • Create partnerships
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Brand awareness
  • Beta testing
  • Buy once, use forever
  • Hiring and recruitment
  • Support and assistance
  • Market leader
  • Community works!
  • Community feedback
  • Community Interactions
  • Improved products
  • Product Evangelists
  • Give little, get much
  • Beware of dangers!
  • Arrogance
  • High Expectations
  • Everything for granted
  • Don’t build on others’ rep
  • Earn the seat at the table
  • Summary
  • Invest in communities
  • Give because you want to
  • Earn respect
  • Do better business
  • Thank you
  • community works: 76029035@N02/6829419407 using open-source: 6775970225 wall street: phpnw11: 6231772651/ phpbenelux: 6774829421 joindin: volunteers: 6230059226 cash register: 4034636727/ support: questions: signup: goldendragon613/296795071 bugs: repairs: documentation: sixteenmilesofstring/2476311752 translations: 2175042537 red cross: server rack: rasmus: 5165138896 roi: long term investment: 6093690339 partnerships: boomerang: space: recruitment: 5743450139 lion: feedback: success: danger: arrogance: sagrada familia: money: 9731367@N02/6988272680 table: clue bat: 2509085987 investing: free will: beach: mountains: