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Tritonis presentation with pictures 140409

  1. 1. 1 3tonis solution - informational pathfinder throughout the ocean of changes Ocean of changes is very stormy; there lie’s a lot of obstacles, energy pits and submerged reefs. Many Companies have experienced or are experiencing heavy storms, when planned changes get stuck and results are nowhere in sight, when starting to doubt the professionalism of employees or consultants. Management specialists call this phenomenon “A global resistance to change “but Homer in „Odyssey“ depicted as Sirens. Their magical voice tempted sailors to stop and forget to seek their travel goals. It is obvious that from the ancient times, the energetic leaders searched for the golden key to overcome this irresistibly sweet voice, wich is lapping both body and soul in a fatal lethargy.
  2. 2. 2 We believe that Homer was right - this phenomenon - resistant to changes - is more related with deceiving voices of Sirens. “Sirens” of our days are the distortion of information and not the people who are resisting the change. Sirens tempted sailors to a fictional pleasure, relaxation and the oblivion embrace. However none of the ships that encountered them could resist the seduction and usually shattered on hidden reefs and rocks or even swash. Business is just like a journey across the seas, in both cases predominate three main processes: 1. Information (Wind and weather forecast) 2. Product/service (Operational process – Ship management), 3. Money (Finance process – Captain’s Logbook) Financial process is the most regulated and most computerised. Everyone focuses toward operational process, because it is in a free ocean, which needs to be managed. However most get stuck with informational flow. It is like wind, which is possible to curb only if the ship has the right management. Wind, while in our situation-Information is necessary, however not enough so that our ship and sailors would meet their goals. Almost all ships and manufacturing companies have these instruments that can help manage the process:  CRM program, just like compass showing direction towards the client;  Video monitoring cameras, just like binoculars, allowing to see everything that is far;  Manufacturing planning program, just like a map;  CAD/CAM software, just like detailed voyage rout;  CAQ automated quality control systems, just like direction finder;  Production flow controllers, just like a log instrument for measuring nautical miles;  Inventory management programs, just like lotus-fathometer;  CNC machinery, just like gear with a help of sails ship can sail faster, and also requires less rowers;  And let’s not forget ERP, just like sextant which allows to identify the whereabouts of the ship.
  3. 3. 3 However differently from experienced sea Wolfs, this company information is all over the place and it does a poor job to help Change Initiator to control the storm of orders or ship being squandered by standstill. Where are the Sirens? 1. All above mentioned IT programs adaptation in to the company requires from both sides (IT and Management) a very good business understanding, however that is a rear synergy. Homer calls it “Gods help” for an Odyssey. It is really hard to get, God attention, at the right time; therefore companies usually operate not on fully correct information. Homer Odyssey, and in our case - Change Initiator has to be content with current data, accepting them like „facts“, or he has to recheck them. Rechecking takes long time and requires competency in the IT area, but we all know that crew expect fast results, otherwise their enthusiasm at best falls. 2. Often planners plan just production process, and supply and sales planning usually is left to the Cyclops, where some of the Cyclops see only procurement budget frames and others see just clients requirements. They have only one eye and can only focus on one aspect. 3. With a wide or constantly changing assortment production „sailing“ routs are volatile, they depend on the order portfolio, therefore productivity become hard to guess, bottleneck migrates and product routs description looks like an impossible task. 4. Company usually hordes data for accounting management (raw materials write off, cost control, P&L reports and etc.). However, this data doesn’t allow to determine which process part, which reason creates the most concerns during the certain time period. Without such information it is hard to agree where the management should focus its efforts and to asses if the problem is solved or not. 5. All IT systems are based on formulas, which operate on certain data collection. Usually data collection meaning influence for the algorithm of an IT system is not supplied. Usually presented just generic description. Therefore users interpret this information as each see fit, usually on a basis to calculate „money“ and not to „control the process“. Thus IT Systems usually are missing essential data, which would allow to calculate not only „money“ but also to evaluate offered or current changes potential and not to forget future action affects for the final result.
  4. 4. 4 Typical information management example: - In pursuance to simplify accounting, a route described for the production is being renounced in the IT System - In this case the IT system starts missing data to create feasible plan. - Production supervisors, understanding that IT system generates impossible plan, takes on themselves to organize production sequences. However every production bar optimizes production task in such way that their expenses would be minimal. Because of this organizational measures distorts even more production plan. Thus production starts chaotically, on a basis of „black box“. - Change initiator, consultant or a manager has to regularly overlook key process places. However which one of them has „GODLY power” which would allow to be everywhere 24/7? Current information from different software’s and machinery is very hard to synchronize, because a rare person knows how to process it and translate it to a simple „sea man“ language so that the solution would be visible right away. Direct information control is a must (but not enough) condition for the implementation of changes. In order that information would give benefit, it has to show clear and LARGEST influence cause, which is usually, prevents to reach companies potential. Since clients IT systems do not collect required data for making solutions or they do not have prepared or required data collection procedures, and funnily enough computerised equipment between each other do not synchronize The Change Initiator, becomes a hostage because there is a lack of information. In Homer Odyssey Tritonis helped Odyssey not only to find a way from a complex lake toils but also they made such they made such loud shouts using shells that Titans run away. Our 3tonis solution is designed to sort out information for process management and based on it to identify reasons that distorts process and to inform online about disturbances in key places.
  5. 5. 5 3tonis solution includes: 1. We perform „ship management“ strategic flow analysis. 2. To help the Captain to choose journeys planning method. A ship stuffed into the bottle can spread its sails beautifully, but the journey will be experienced through the bottle and not through a beautiful sailboat journey. To identify external or internal, physical or resource bottleneck is one of the planning elements. 3. To help the Captain to assess the ships routes when having different cargo orders. After all you will all agree that to transport heavy cargo is easier and safer in deep waters rather than shallow. For this we use VSM, to divide products in to routes families and other methods. 4. To assess, if your compass really points to North, we check if your current IT systems, software and also data used to create production plan is reliable. 5. For a boson who always monitors critical places we offer to equip him with monitoring equipment and also surveillance cameras. 6. Gods sight power is achieved by integrating the existing IT system with a 3tons intelligence solution (procurement, sales, production planning, its execution, efficiency, systemic disturbance causes) which integrate all the information from the computerised equipment, different applications and also ERP.
  6. 6. 6 Odyssey or Change Initiator in the end gets: 1. Information about required data trustworthiness and also timely or not data entry. 2. Daily/weekly/monthly reports about disturbance that influence order fulfilment process, their reasons, adopted decision consequences and also economical result (POOGI). 3. Virtual process monitoring and instantaneous messages about befallen troubleshooting at a critical places for a fast reaction or an analytical video for a search of solution (Kaizen). 4. Analytical reports needed to make a verdict. Antoine de Saint Exupery once wrote - “If you want to build a ship, do not hire people, so that they would collect wood, to assign each other jobs and to give commands. Instead of that- teach them to desire wide and never ending sea”. In such way ship, its captain, crew and gods becomes one body, which can accept even the biggest challenges thrown by the TITANS themselves! Andrius Gudaitis, Darius Radkevičius, Link to presentation -> Click here