Time management speeds up access to the afterlife


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Time management speeds up access to the afterlife

  1. 1. Intensive use of time management techniquesspeeds up access to the afterlife..You don’t manage time but it molds you!1
  2. 2. A very wise men inthe Himalayansonce said timemanagement isstupid because itmakes people runfaster towards thegrave and it’sdestroying all thefun in the process. 2
  3. 3. Man plansand Godlaughs!3
  4. 4. Time Management is always individual, but theeffectiveness depends on the work of colleagues,supervisors or circumstances.4
  5. 5. The organization is currently living inthe flow of constantly changing eventsand circumstances5
  6. 6. If you are the main boss, then you have onlya minor chance of being more effective,forcing subordinates to adjust to you.6
  7. 7. To really use the classic technique of Time Managementyou have to be a great pedant.If you are a pedant then it’s very unlikely that you are theBig Boss, it is more likely that you are like Bodo Schaefer.7
  8. 8. If you areunemployed,you can mosteffectivelymanage yourtime, but whydo you needto do that?8
  9. 9. To manageyour time - isn’tit an attempt tocontrolyourself? If you do notcontrol yourself,then who does itfor you?9
  10. 10. Nowadays, everything is designedto save time, but what turns out?10
  11. 11. Time management is often amechanism to get to work withoutstops.11
  12. 12. To continuously work is to be in constant stress.Wherefore they say, "all work and no plаy makesJosh a dull boy".12
  13. 13. If you do not getalong with yourtimemanagementplan, then thestress transformsfrom the acute tothe chronicstage.13
  14. 14. All chronic issues severely impact thequality of life.14
  15. 15. Stress hormones are only useful in time ofdanger, but life also requires hormones ofhappiness!15
  16. 16. StressHormones areproduced bydanger atonce, buthormones ofhappinessmustaccumulate16
  17. 17. Finnish scientists say Stress hormonesdisfigure a woman17
  18. 18. When you are tense, you are tend to attack,so you push people away, and they are notinclined to cooperate with you.18
  19. 19. Time - is a flow, to manage it is not evenin the power of the gods of Olympus ..It flows continuously from nowhere tonowhere.19
  20. 20. Fate is giving each of us a certainamount of time20
  21. 21. The end of the world for each is comingindividually but sometimes it’s coming togroups21
  22. 22. All who have saved time - died young22
  23. 23. From the individual tasks to manage the timeis necessary to ascend to the process level, butthen it at least, project management.23
  24. 24. To manage time on the level ofthe individual in anorganization is like trying towalk across the atlantic ocean.24
  25. 25. We cannot see our reflectionDo you want to live happy and long?Relax when once you see that the flow is toostrong and does not fit your plans - it is timeto accumulate hormones of happiness.25
  26. 26. But keep your eyes open to take advantageof the opportunities that will certainlyappear along the way.26
  27. 27. When you are relaxed and you are happy, youwill find that you attract people and they aredrawn to you, to offer new opportunities27
  28. 28. Lord, grant the serenity to accept what can not bechanged,give strength to change what is possible,and the wisdom to see the opportunities.28
  29. 29. Darius Radkevičius,author of the book "God, Quantumphysics, Organizational structure andManagement style."Systematic organizedhappinessOther knowledge, a differentapproach.darusinmac@mac.com+3706984102729