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EscConf Talk on filling the need for Self Service / Ad Hoc alerting.

EscConf Talk on filling the need for Self Service / Ad Hoc alerting.

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  • 1. 10/27/2011 Graphite-TattleSimple metric collection meets self-serve alerts By Dan Rowe
  • 2. Current Status of “things” Easy graphing with Graphite. Easy metric collection with StatsD. Easy metric alerting? : Not so easy, until now.
  • 3. Easy graphing with Graphite.• Graphite is graphing done right.• It lets the user design graphs easily.• It makes adding multiple data series to a graph simple.• It allows for on the fly data set manipulation while graphing.Thanks go out to the engineers at Orbitz!! 3
  • 4. Easy metric collection with StatsD.Are you using it yet? If not, start today!Its most likely already available for your language.Perl, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, Erlang, NodeJS, the list goes on…In most languages its as easy as a one liner:StatsD::increment(somecounter);If a module/class doesnt exist for your language, write it!Its also simple to use in any shell script:echo "somecounter:1|c" | nc -w 1 -u 8125Thanks go out to the engineers at Etsy!! 4
  • 5. Easy metric alerting? : Not so easy, yet.Once you get started with StatsD and Graphite it’s very addicting.The metrics start pouring in and before you know it, you have waymore metrics to look at then you have engineers to watch them, orTV screens to display them on.We have it good when it comes to the collection and displaying ofmetrics.Why isn’t there a simple way to alert on the wealth of informationwe are gathering?What happens when we aren’t watching the graphs? 5
  • 6. Give the user controlAn engineer can add 100 StatsD calls on a page.They can see those graphs start to fill in instantly with graphite.Why can’t they setup alerts as quickly?Things like nagios are good at alerting, but …They are not great for ad-hoc alerts.We need something to fill this gap and give the user control. 6
  • 7. Graphite-Tattle: What it’s not? What is it?Presenting Graphite-TattleWhat it’s not:• It isn’t the best thing since sliced bread.• It isn’t going to bring world piece.• It isn’t feature complete.What is it:• User defined alerts• Alerting based off of Graphite data.• Easy subscription based notifications.• Plugin based notification types.• A proof of concept and a seed… 7
  • 8. Graphite-Tattle : GoalsGoals of Graphite-Tattle• Self-serve interface.• So simple, anyone can use it.• Let the user define the thresholds and notification method.• Interface with the new Graphite event functionality• Utilize the new Graphite Flot Interface. 8
  • 9. Graphite-Tattle : Notification PluginsCurrent Plugins :• email : Can you call yourself an alert system without this?• UPD message : For IRC/XMPP Bots , like JSONBOT• StatsD : Alerts can be used as a data set on a graph.• notify-send : local development, desktop alerts.• silent : Allows you to track alerts, but not receive any. 9
  • 10. Graphite-Tattle: DashboardsDashboards as a bonus feature.We added dashboards to the Graphite-Tattle as a way to avoidhard coded dashboards for our TV monitors.We needed a couple of tweaks from the current Dashboards andwe wanted to give our non-tech users an easy way to setup theirown dashboard from within the same interface.Not nearly as cool as the current Graphite Dashboard system.If you haven’t used that you should check it out!Gdash is also a similar Ruby based dashboard using config filesto create dashboards. 10
  • 11. DEMO
  • 12. Graphite-Tattle : Open SourceGraphite-Tattle is Open Source and available on Github!It will be available under our github account: download, use, and enjoy!After that please fork, and help us improve it! 12